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Yep, you heard that right.

I’m looking for new names for the twins. And that doesn’t mean I’m going to change their real names 😀 .

I’m just tired of calling them RS and SS and would prefer to give them both a new blog-name instead.  So folks, you, who are privy to all the doings of the twins in the last one year, have the choice of giving the twins their blog-name 🙂

(I’m really not able to come up with anything original and seriously need your help in this) 

And oh, for the record, the twin’s B’day comes up next month and I’d be really, REALLY grateful if you guys could send in your entries before that. I do so want to use the new names on their B’day 🙂

Errmmm….there are no perks attached to this request, but I sure would declare your name in bold+Caps+Italics+underlined if your’s is the winning entry 😀

So guys, do me this favour.

Give my kids names that YOU would like to read on this blog.

Thanks a million in advance 🙂

Much love to all,

A grateful,

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Feeling low today…..

………. so I feel like doing something batty 😐

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