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Another moment in motherhood

I come back to my bed after everyone has gone to sleep. The last-minute wrapping up, cleaning the kitchen and chopping vegetables for the next day took longer than I had anticipated.

Tired and sleepy, I drop myself on the bed, between my two munchkins. As my head hits the pillow, I feel weariness engulfing me and I just want to drop into oblivion.

“Mammaa…”, a tinny voice calls out.

I groan inwards. Not now, I think. Don’t make me get up now for your milk.¬† I know it’ll be some time before I can make myself get up. But I don’t say it out loud . I make an effort to turn towards the voice.

Haan¬†betu“, I ask softly.

Mammaaa…..aaja“, says the voice, while two tiny arms are outstretched to hug the mamma.

What could the mamma do?

She humbly let the arms encircle her, feeling the warmth of the tiny bundle so close , the heartbeats a natural rhythm to mirror her own.

A chubby palm starts patting my back. “Mammaa…..thoya?”

Haan beta….mamma soya“, is all I can say before I crumble with emotion at the love given so easily.

Sigh. Daughters!!

What would we do without them?!!


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