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There’s an absolutely wonderful update in BFG’s life. Yeah, I know, I’ve been rather lax in updating about her for some time, but seriously, this girl has done something that makes me SO proud 🙂

My friend has started a company of her own!!


Called Technology Consultant Group.


For the last few years she was working with a consulting firm and now, taking a BIG leap of faith she has floated her own company!! It takes a lot of patience and hard work to take this first step and then take it forward. And my heart swells with pride when I see my friend taking  infant steps in this direction. I wish her ALL the very best , for today and each day of her life. May her business be profitable and give her all the happiness she rightly deserves 🙂 .

And yeah, we are meeting up this weekend (me, BF, BFC,BFG and BFS,  you know,the usual  BFF gang 🙂 ) for lunch as well as a dekko at the new office. Gosh, I’m so happy 😀


BFC is leaving.

She’ll be back shortly, but after that, around December, she’s finally leaving Pune. For Delhi.

After 13 long years!!

We’ve been together so long….*Sigh*. I’m gonna miss her terribly.

(We still have plans of convincing her hubby to settle in Pune…..lets see how that turns out 😀 )


I saw Do Dooni Char.

(Confession time. I saw it on a pirated CD. GUILTY. But how else is a working-mother-of-twins to watch a movie?!! There’s no time for theatre, and if you tell me that it’ll come on TV shortly, a reminder here. We don’t watch TV. So, cut me some slack, pretty please 🙂 ).

Anyhow, back to the movie. It scores. BIG TIME.

Firstly, it is short. I guess not more than 90 minutes (though I seriously wished it was longer…!)

Secondly, it has Rishi and Neetu, who are very far from the ‘Ek main aur ek tu’ pair, but share the same on-screen rapport they did decades ago. Looking at Neetu, its tough to remember she was away from the screen for so long. Sure, there are wrinkles and dark-circles, but her acting is flawless 🙂

And Rishi, in all his pot-bellied,monkey-capped,half-sweater glory steals the show 🙂 . Some people are never meant to stay away fromt he limelight and I guess he’s one of them.

The kids in the movie are good too, very natural.

I’m not very good at reviews, since I tend to give away spoilers. Its best that you make time for this movie…..its really cute, brings back memories of Hrishikesh Mukherjee films (and for that, we surely must be grateful 😀 ).

And oh, don’t forget to listen to the title-track “Maange ki ghodi”.  Its really cute 🙂


Its the BIL’s B’day today. YAY!!!

Many Happy Returns of the Day, dear BIL 🙂

Anyhow, since he isn’t aware of the existence of this blog, I may use it to a better purpose 😀 .

Folks, what does one gift a guy turning 27??

I’m running out of ideas (please cancel out laptop, i-pod, mobile, etc. Its all there at home!)

Asking the BF is a BIG joke. He has no sense of gifting (going by the stuff he gifts me!!). I make his life easier by simply taking away his card and shopping for what I want.

For the record *looking around* the BF sucks at gifting. Awfully.

When he got back from his Mahabaleshwar trip, he gifted me this :-

Wooden back massager

It was within our first year of marriage.

There were no kids then.

I was still ‘young’.

What made him think I needed that?!!

In  the second year of marriage, he had gone on an official trip to Matheran, from where he brought me this :-


I guess he was expecting me to sit in my balcony and take pot-shots at every passing vehicle below 😐

But the question remains, WHY?!!!

So the BF is definitely ruled out when it comes to gifts. For sure 😐

So help me out please……you have time till 6pm to respond.

Hurry 😀

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