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The Nemesis

Me : ( returning from the kitchen, blowing on my right thumb) Oooh…this hurts

BF : what happened?

Me :  Got a  steam burn while I was making rotis.

BF : Hmmm…it was obviously your carelessness.

Me : Huh?? It could have happened to anyone!!

BF : But not if you were a regular at making rotis. Just shows how out-of-practise you are.

Me : Grrr…..



Me : (at bedtime) Gosh, my back hurts real bad.

BF : What happened??

Me : I dunno….when I picked up RS this evening, I guess I pulled a muscle. It hurts like hell now.

BF : It’s all because of lack of exercise. Your muscles have become stiff. You need to start at least some basic work if you don’t want to be bed-ridden with back ache all your life.

Me : THANKS for the sympathy 😐



Me : (Returning home limping after a small incident of bike-skid) Oh God…my knee!!

BF : What happened??

Me : Had a bike skid at the big bazaar parking lot…there was water spilled there…apparently, three more bikes before me had skidded at the same place….

BF : Well, good thing it happened?

Me : What?? You’re glad that I hurt myself?

BF : Why not?? At least you’ll stop feeling that you are infallible…that you can never have an accident. At least you’ll stop gloating now.

Me : Hello!!! In all my years of driving, I’ve never collided with anyone…for a simple reason that I drive carefully.

BF : But you did skid, didn’t you?

Me : Thats because there was water there.

BF : Thats not the point. The point is that you fell. The bike fell and you hurt yourself. So it qualifies as an accident.

Me : No seriously, don’t bother about me. I’m FINE!! Thanks for asking.



Someone please bonk me on the head and remind me once again why I married this man 😦

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