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“Even though we’ve changed and we’re all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we’re not all still friends.” – Anonymous

So true, isn’t it? That in spite of our differences, our distances and our demeanour, we can never change to an extent that it becomes impossible to be friends .

And that is how, after months of blogging , I came face to face with G. And then Pallu. And finally, Unmana (of “The voices in my head” fame). It is such a privilege to meet new people….specially those whose ideas and thoughts you concur, who say what you wanted to, but only better 🙂 .

G invited us over to her place for Diwali this year (and she said I’m not permitted to enter her home unless I get the twins along. * Sigh*. She asked for it 😀 !!) .  So after a hectic morning of cooking, cleaning, washing, running after the twins, their meal, bath, dressing up, packing their bag , I was almost ready to call it quits. But NO. I’d promised I would come and so I shall be there. The BF got a hundred calls from office (yep…he works in the ONLY company in this country that works full time on Diwali!) and was yelling at me to hurry up. At the door, while putting on the twin’s shoes, we realized that something smelt funny. Oh right. The twins had pooped. BOTH of them. Great timing, as usual!! The BF was turning shades bordering on red-maroon-purple and slowly proceeding towards doing the hopping act. I worked as fast as I could to change the twins, pull up their pants, put on their shoes and shoo them out of the house. In time. The BF was almost apoplectic. But the day was saved 😀 . We took a longer (but traffic-free) highway route to G’s place (which is in one of the most awesome locations ever!!). The BF dropped me till the doorway and in spite of the repeated requests to come in from G, could not ignore the frantic calls on his blackberry. He bid us goodbye and left.

G looked great! She had a fabulous new hair-cut in place which totally brought out her impish smile 🙂 . She and the Boy were perfect hosts, making us feel all welcome and homely. As soon as they were inside, the kids made a beeline for everything that was within their reach ! So my first reaction on entering was , ” No SS NO!! Don’t run. Hi, you must be Ritesh. Happy Diwa- RS Stop that. Don’t pull that cushion. Sorry G, the kids are pretty chirpy today. Hi Ritesh, sorry about – SS. No!! Don’t pull those flowers. Come here . Sit next to me. He he. Happy Diwali guys. RS!!!NOOOOOOO!! You’ll break that glass….”. You get the drift 😦

My kids attacked the snack table as soon as they laid their eyes on it 😦 ….I could’ve melted into a puddle of embarrassment if it wasn’t for G playfully feeding the twins more stuff!! Not only that, she also cleaned up the mess. FOUR times!! Thats immense patience, I tell you 🙂 (G has the makings of a “Good Momma” . Not that I’m hinting or anything. Just saying :D) . Though she kept prodding me to have some more stuff, keeping an eye on the twins severely affected my appetite. I couldn’t really sit and eat while they wreaked havoc at poor G’s place!! By the way, check out the beautiful Diwali evening pics she posted here (if you haven’t already 😀 ).

 But hog I did , once the kids got used to the new environment and new people.  G had some guests at her place and RS didn’t mind walking off into the sunset with them. G had to go down and retrieve the little monster! We spent some time in the adjacent garden (which again had the most gorgeous view of the neighbouring hill-side). The twins had fun running around, chasing each other, gazing at the little plants and colourful flowers. I thought the kids would have tired out by now and would like a snooze.

How wrong could I, their mother, be?!!

The twins refused to sleep. RS was eyes G’s bangle/bracelet stand, and if it wasn’t for me warning her of the ‘old-man-who-kidnaps-kids-who-touch-other-people’s-stuff’ , she would have helped herself to the entire collection! But since I wouldn’t let her, she decided to make my life miserable and pooped again.

Groan 😦

Just when I was busy changing her diaper, in comes Unmana.

I heard her before I saw her. And like they say, first impressions always stay with you. So I heard a lightly husky voice, the timbre rich and a laugh full of grace (NO ONE would EVER make the mistake of associating such terms with my hyena-ish laugh. Gloom 😥  ) . Once I was done with RS, I turned to meet my new blog-friend.

Unmana is just as lovely as I’d assumed. In fact, even more. And the Guy is a cheerfully shy person (the BF, for the record is just plain shy. Period. I call him glum-chum  😀 ). We had a nice one hour chatting up on this and that and you won’t believe it, we never brought up the topic of ‘blogging’. We never referred to each other’s blog or any particular post. We just chatted, catching up with each other’s life, the work, the city,etc. It was fun 🙂

And then we had lunch. G had made some really good Misal-paav and I demolished quite a few paavs. As did the twins (except for the fact that SS was busy trying to cut into it with a spoon and RS was busy yanking smaller bits of it and feeding her brother!). Somehow, having an audience always stimulates the twins into acting like energizer bunnies. So the more we laughed at their antics, the more they worked on them 😀 .

Since it was Aapa’s and cousin L’s birthday that day, I had promised them that I would be dropping by. Unmana was kind enough to offer a ride halfway through to my destination .The twins didn’t behave all that well this time 😦 . RS spent a major chunk of time just staring at poor Unmana and SS kept busy by jumping on the rear seat and refusing to sit in one place for more than a second. As usual, I had a tough time stopping him from disturbing The Guy and wanting to sit in the driver’s seat!

It had started raining hard by the time we reached Camp and in my hurry to get the twins out of the car and into a waiting auto before they get soaked, I didn’t get the time to say a proper Thank You to the lovely couple or even a “Happy Diwali”!! I didn’t have the foresight to get Unmana’s number and even G’s phone was out of reach. Great!!

But the good part is that we got together. To spend time in each other’s company. And like G says, it has to do with bonhomie. And I can see her point. This is what  festivity feels like….to be with friends around whom you can be yourself 🙂

The only sad part was that Pallu couldn’t make it. We SO missed her 😦 . Her lovely presence and ebullience would have added to the charm of the day. Alas, some other time.

The twins were so kicked about the visit, they were on an adrenalin rush throughout the day! So much so that once back home (before the firecrackers started), RS was bouncing around and banged her head against a table corner, barely missing her eye. The poor thing had a black eye for the next three days. Though the swelling came down, the nick which she got has left a scar. My poor baby 😦


I’m on the mommy tangent again! Sorry about that folks. It happens quite often with me these days…I start talking about something and suddenly, I end up talking about the twins.

Anyhow, I’m just glad that I got to spend time with two lovely, wonderful people and look forward to more such time together.

Thanks for having us over G. It was totally worth travelling all that way 🙂


PS: I had a camera with me throughout the day.

PPS : I never took a single snap 😦

*Sigh* What a failure *Sigh*

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Well well well…….

Reality strikes hard I say.

I had put up a post a few weeks back. Since the twin’s birthday is coming up, I was planning on giving them new blog names (since most of you complained about the RS/SS ones :D). The post was a request to send in your names for the twins.

Alas 😦

Except for an entry by kind-hearted Jeanne, I have no other inputs.

*Sigh* Such is life, I guess 😥

Anyhow, on the brighter side, I do have a few names up my sleeve. So see if you can vote for any one of them for each 🙂

So here goes my list :-


1) Laddoo (ermm…I do call her that. At times 😀 )

2) Boki (umm..its actually ‘boka’ or ‘fat-cat’ in marathi…but a boka is a male, so we call her boki 😀 ).

3) Lui (that’s how most kids call her)

4) Limma (Please dont ask. I’m a horrid mom who gives her kids such names!! Now you know why I’d put that request in the first place?)


1) Shobby (I call him that most of the times)

2) Saba (*Sigh once again* dont ask)

3) Chhabli (Okie okie…I’m treading a thin rope here….)

4) Shobs (as the BIL calls him)

Believe me, these names are nowhere close to their real names. But if they sound funny (huh?!Who am I kidding here?! Of course they sound funny!!)  then why don’t you good people out there chip in with your entries?

C’mon guys….the twin’s Birthday is just 9 days away.

Help me out 🙂

PS : Could you please send in names which ensure that my kids won’t sue me for libel?!

Thanks once again 🙂

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