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Some Teensy-Weensy Updates

Somehow, the last one month has changed the twins tremendously….its almost like how we used to prepare for exams, you know, idling away the whole year and then trying to mug up notes on the eve before the big paper. The twins, who were lagging awfully in many departments of growth have suddenly covered up for the lost time……right before their second birthday 😀

So we now have conversations like these :-

SS : (holding out a spoon) dadi, yeh lo.

MIL : yeh kya hai?

SS : chammach

MIL :  (laughing) Great!! You understand this. Do you understand when to go to the loo?

SS : (cocking head to one side) Haan. Bathroom.


I’m having dinner and RS, who has had her dinner sits besides me, playing with some food on her plate.

RS : (mixing the food vigorously with her fingers and scooping it in her hand) Mamma, khao

Me : Thanks betu, but I’m having my dinner.

RS : Khao, achcha hai achcha hai .

Me : I know dear, but I don’t want it.

RS : (looking towards the window)  Budda-baba (old-man) Aa!! Mumma ko lo!

Me : 😐

(the story here is that when she doesn’t have her meals, I tell her that the old-man outside the window will take her away. I know, its horrid. But she’ll never have her meals otherwise 😦  . But looks like she’s giving me a taste of my own medicine 😀 )


At a relative’s place, SS is running around the house with his milk bottle hanging from his teeth.

Me : Shobby. Stop it. You are not drinking the milk. Give me the bottle.

SS : (stops running, looks at me, raises a palm) Arre Ruko !! Peetaaaaa.

Me : (stumped!) 😐


SS’ hair have grown long enough to need a cut. And RS is yet to sprout hair which can hold a tiny butterfly clip together!! It’s just a week to their Birthday now and I’m hoping she grows enough of them !!


RS is 3 ft tall.

SS is 2 ft 9 in tall.


Rs has 12 teeth.

SS has 16 . And still doesn’t chew much. Simply swallows the food 😦


RS didn’t wake up in the night for the last 2 days.

SS woke up only once .

(fervently praying) Ameen.


RS pees standing up.

SS pees sitting down.



SS stomps his right foot and hops, when angry.

RS jumps and throws herself on her butt when she’s angry.


RS sleeps on her tummy. Always.

SS sleeps on his back. Always.


It’s a week till their B’day and I’m so totally kicked about it 😀

And No. I’m not having a party.But more on it later.

Till then….looking forward to more new developments from the twins 🙂

Watch this space!

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