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The Weekend Update

A Very Good Morning people 🙂

So what if it is raining cats and dogs in November, at least the day is clear and sunny 😀 .The mood is bright and peppy (although the hyper rates of onions is such a dampener 😦 ) and I’m all upbeat and raring to share my weekend activities (For the naughty ones thinking on the gutter lines, let me state clearly, the BF wasn’t in town this weekend 😀 ! That explains the good mood. Hah!! I kid, of course 😀 ).

Saturday was spent in shopping ……of the Trivial kind. You know, the one where there is no ONE particular big thing you want, but zillions of little things which you’ve been meaning to buy since ages . That includes stuff like hair-scrunchies, clips, safety pins, winter socks, cotton scarves, soap cases, etc. Thankfully, most of this stuff was available at a single store and I was done rather early.

Some more loitering around the market place tempted me to buy some more ….but……some self-preservation instinct kicked in and I returned home with only stuff that I needed. Mean feat, that 😀 . The BF would have been awfully proud of me , if he was in town. But he wasn’t. What a shame 😦


I had chinese for dinner  after what seemed like decades!

The BIL and me are fans of chinese cuisine. Unfortunately, the rest of the people at home not only HATE the food, they also turn up their noses at the mere mention of the word 😦 (that includes the BF too. Which means, he doesn’t like going to chinese food speciality restaurants. Mainland China , Haka, how I miss thee 😦 ). So when Saturday night was free of the BF, the FIL and MIL , we (me and BIL) took the opportunity of ordering Chinese takeaway. Some delicious Schezwan fried rice, noodles and chicken manchurian later, I reiterated that Chinese food is THE BEST cuisine ever 😀 . The BIL hailed my comment and we made sure to finish the entire contents of the boxes and leave not a morsel of the undeserving lot (read, other-members-of-the-family. Yes, that includes the twins too!!) .




Had to get up early on Sunday morning (story of my life 😦 ) . The MIL was staying over at a relative’s place on Sunday. The rest of the family would be home for lunch and I had to attend a friend’s child’s naming ceremony.

Needless to say, I had to get up early, make breakfast, make lunch, wake up the twins, brush their teeth, feed them, bathe them, dress them, repeat the same for self and then take the kids and the nanny to the other end of the city where the function was. By the time I landed there, I was sooo hungry (obviously, because in my hurry to leave, I’d forgotten to eat breakfast)!

Once inside, I was glad to see my good friends Vishal and his lovely wife Anu and also, their most adorable son Nanhu. Shortly, Srihari (one of my most loyal blog reader) walked in with his beautiful wife Shubha and their four-month-old angel daughter. And oh, the function was Shripad’s. If only Sallu was here, it would be like the old times…..but alas, Sallu was in far-off Obama-land and couldn’t make it . Never mind…the rest of the guys made up for it 🙂

It’s funny you know…there are some friends with whom you don’t really have to call up or mail or chat with each time to keep up ‘friendship’. You can be away for ages  and when you do get together, you start off your conversation from where you had stopped last time. It’s almost as if the months and years haven’t passed by since our last meet. It was something similar on Sunday. There was loads of back-slapping, loads of friendly jibes, jokes, and baby-talk. Yes, the guys were actively involved in baby-talk as were the women 🙂 . We welcomed Shripad into the world of fatherhood and started advising him on the do’s and don’ts of looking after a baby. By the way, Shripad’s daughter is SUCH a munchkin, all twinkling eyes and shy smiles 🙂 . God bless this little angel. Ameen.

Nanhu, the shy, quiet kid that I last met is turning into one handsome brat 🙂 . He talks nineteen to a dozen now and was last seen imparting the importance of brushing teeth  to RS, who was quite in awe of the ‘big bhaiya’. He described in detail how the worms grow big in the mouth and eat up the teeth (not that it made an iota of difference to my girl) and sounded so grown-up (he is not yet 4 year’s old 🙂 )

The twins lived up to their reputation. At least RS did 🙂 . She was soon making friends with my friends and their kids, cooing over the babies and trying to feed them papad 🙄 . SS was surprisingly shy in the crowd. He was clingy and would not let go of me. Eventually he did, but would not leave the nanny’s side. He was friendly enough to wave goodbye while we were leaving though 🙂


From the function, I made a trip to my SIL’s (the BF’s younger sister) place. It’s been some time since I visited them and it was good to drop in and let the twins spend some time with their cousins. BIL(SIL’s husband) entertained the kids with firecrackers (only phooljhadis). It was nice, relaxed hour that we spent there…with BIL looking after the kids, me and SIL could chat and catch up with each other’s life. She’s a very sweet person and so mature, it’s always a pleasure to talk to her. I feel blessed to have her as a part of family 🙂 . I know of friends who dread having their SIL’s come over to their place. But not in my case. My SIL’s presence is always welcome 🙂 . She is the most non-interfering person I’ve ever known and I guess it is this trait which helps me get along with her 😀 .


We took an auto from SIL’s place and headed home. All in good time, because the minute we stepped inside, the heavens opened up and we received another lashing of rain. Its been pouring EVERYDAY since Diwali and I wonder at the extent to which our environmental cycles have been disturbed!! If this isn’t an eye-opener, I’m not sure what is?!!

I called the BF (who was in B’lore) who reported (yes, thats the right word 😀 )that he was at my parent’s place. He had dinner there with parents and Bag’s family. How I envy him 😦



Someone please hang Mr.Vipul Shah upside down, turn off the AC, and make him watch “RGV ki Aag”. On repeat mode!! And while we do that, hang Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai too (and I dont CARE if she’s a Bachchan!!)

Arrghh!! I’m so MAD, I’m seething. And though its already three days since I saw Action Replay (Pray, What is the logic behind naming it Replayy?!!) I’m still fuming at the memory!!!

They committed sacrilege. A Blasphemy. An impious reviling of a movie held close to the heart for decades!!


I’m so rushing and grabbing a DVD of “Back to the future” to cleanse me of the filth I just saw!

Oh Marty……!! Where art thou?!! Thou hast magic…..and these infidels hast nothing. NOTHING!!

I can list a hundred points where the film falters, but I guess it would be a waste of time. People who’ve seen it may know what I’m talking about and those who haven’t, for heaven’s sake, stay away. Miles away!!!  Save yourself the agony and torture!


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