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Of movies, friends and kids

When I ranted about Action Replayy recently, good friend Sheets suggested that I watch “Jhootha hi Sahi”. I wasn’t keen on it, mostly because I have a very low opinion of a certain Mr. Abraham . I agree he’s rather dishy and pleasing to the eye, but that’s just about it! Mr.Wooden Face gives fierce competition to the study table that I have back home.

As the fierce lover in Jism, he had The Smirk in place.

As the righteous police officer in Paap, he had The Smirk in place.

As the clever villian in Dhoom, he had The Smirk in place.

As the acting-gay buffoon in Dostana, he had The Smirk in place.

I tell you, I was so SICK of the same slightly-bowed head-half-smile/smirk -raised eyebrow look, I almost felt like feeding him a plateful of bhut-jolokia, just to see if it could dislodge The Smirk!!


This weekend, I watched “Jhootha hi sahi”.

And I take back every rotten thing I’ve ever said about him 😦


I had no idea he had it in him!! How did he do it??

For people wondering what I’m raving about, do take some time to watch this film. Its a rather sweet movie and I don’t know how I’m ever going to overcome the John-crush I’m going through right now!! He is simply irresistible 🙂

And oh, my favourite scene is the one in the video store where he goes to meet the female lead. And the scene right after that when he takes her for coffee.

The scenes by themselves are rather short, but you seriously feel for this guy folks!! He’s SO DAMN CUTE!!!

Ok, I gotta stop all this gushing…and I need to start praying that he does the same magic in his other movies 🙂 . And for the record, I didn’t much like the female lead, but the BF found her cute!!

(I married this guy, so I better not judge his taste 😐 )

And oh, Sheets. Thanks a lot sweetheart! I wouldn’t have bothered to watch it if you hadn’t suggested it . Mmuaahh!! 🙂


Good friend (and cubicle mate) SK  is BACK!!!

She was in Obama-land for the last two months and I was really bored with her absence! I had planned a nice welcome set-up for her for which I wrapped up household chores early, shopped for colourful streamers and balloons and then dashed to office to decorate her desk. And being the good friend that she is, she ruined it all by turning up early!! And this is the same girl who used to arrive as late as 11 am to work!!

Sheesh!! Either she’s changed for the better or I’ve lost my touch for better planning!

Whatever the case, am glad she’s back 😀

And ohh, she brought us loads of chocolates (but obviously) and also some Victoria’s Secret cosmetics!. I tell you, girls know how to gift girls 😀

Take a tip guys!!


Talking of chocolates, there were nearly 10-12 people who’d gone on-site for their project. There were 4 girls in that group (SK was one of them).

All the people returned in phases, some before the others . SK was the last to come back.

All the guys who came back, brought large bags of chocolates (for the uninitiated, it is an unwritten rule in IT companies that anyone coming from on-site HAS to come back bearing chocolates. Or don’t turn up to work at all!! You may change any IT company, but this unwritten rule is all omnipresent).

We were rather surprised to note that the none of the other three girls brought back anything for the rest of the team. It was all the more noticeable because the guys at work mentioned this fact. And some friendly sorts didn’t back off from saying that girls are born “kanjoos”!!

Aah Well. I’m glad SK proved them wrong.

Auratoen ki laaj bacha li 😀


So we were all sitting around having dinner. Lui was on her father’s lap and he was busy nuzzling her. At one time, the BF gently bit into her cheek. Lui howled dramatically and wriggled out of his lap. She went running to the GMIL and pointed at her father,

Lui : dadi……abba…kaata.

BF : (mock angry) Lui, did I bite you??

Lui : (ponders over this, looks at he BF, looks at me and says confidently) Mamma!!

GMIL : who bit you Lui?

Lui : Mamma 🙂

Me : Grrrr……!!!

Anyhow, I wasn’t gonna take this lying down. So in order to drive in the lesson of honesty and truthfulness, I sat down my daughter post dinner for a heart-to-heart mother-daughter talk. The BF sidled up to me to find out what was up.

Me : (holding her hands) Lui, tell me now, WHO bit you?

Lui : (bows her head, peeks at her father, peeks at me, raises her head and says confidently) Dadi!

(The BF was in guffaws at this point)

Me : No Lui, tell me honestly, who bit you?

Lui : (totally confident) Dadi!!

Now if this girl doesn’t have the makings of a politician, I don’t know who does 😐


I’m in a rush to leave for work. I pick up my purse,helmet and lunch bag and head towards the shoe stand near the front door. At the door, I place my stuff on the table and bend down to search for my sandals. Little Shobby comes running up to me.

Shobs : Mamma….oppice…jaata?

Me : Yes baby.

Shobs : Mamma…shoes. (so saying, he dives to the shoe rack and retrieves my sandals in seconds)

Me : (blowing him a kiss) Thanks a lot betu 🙂

Shobs : Mamma…helmet lo.

Me : Haan beta.

Shobs : Mamma ….dabba lo.

Me : (totally worked up because of the delay but not wanting to be rude to my boy) Haan betu. I’m leaving now.

Just as I open the door, my little boy stands and stares at me.

Shobs : Mamma!!

Me : (turning back ) Now what baby??

Shobs : (with a straight face) Mamma…..mat jao.

I nearly drop my stuff!!

When did my itsy-bitsy little boy learn to talk so much?? When did he learn to use just a few words to render me speechless?? When did he learn to use his emotions against mine?!

When did my kids grow up to give me my first heartache?!!

I’m thinking this year’s going to be tough. Life is not just going to be about food,sleep and play. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to handle my children’s emotions. How well I’ll manage to keep their fragile selves intact, to not cause any damage!


Who said motherhood was easy?

And like I said before….the one who said that must have been the father !!


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