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Smoochikins :)

I was going through a few B’day snaps of the twins last night.

Wonder how I missed out on this one!! Escape is NOT an option for poor Shobs 😀  :-

Being generous


The attack of the Serial Kisser 😀

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There’s this horrible hoax email doing the rounds these days. It’s from some virus application called Fanbox. It sends out mailers to all the people in your contacts list and asks them to view your photos at some fake site.

A few days back, a similar mail was sent to all the contacts on my list from my mail id. Most people recognised it for what it was and deleted it. Some simply ignored it, because we keep receiving such mailers from most gmail user ids.

But Dad……not being one to take things lying down, HAD to reply 😀

Oh Dad!!

I wish these Fanbox people take a panga with you.

I would SO love to read your reply to them 😀

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