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………was awfully BORING!!

By which, I mean that my blog must surely score the highest on having posts with the blandest, most-boring opening one-liners!!

The realization dawned when I read a post on Swaram ‘s blog which asked bloggers to list down the 1st line of the 1st post of each month. I was pretty perked at this idea and immediately jumped over to my blog to do the needful.

Alas, I’m sorely disappointed 😦

Either I need to come up with more wittier one-liners or just start a post with a proverb/quote (by much more intelligent human beings than me) or an image. I was in a quandary, whether to take up this meme or not!! Common sense demanded that I give up the idea. Why wash dirty laundry in public?!

But then, it’s already been exposed already, isn’t it? Anyone can simply scroll down to the archives and check out my follies !!

So forget about the archives, check out my openers here (my current comments in red) :-

Jan ’10
Happy New Year (totally innovative!)

Feb ’10
My newfound respect for Uday Chopra. (Ugggh!! What was I smoking?!!)

Mar ’10
The BF’s been suffering a sore throat for the last few days. (Ummm…..really? I started with the BF’s tonsil woes??)

Apr ’10
Thank you all for your good wishes for my baby. (And I mean it 🙂 )

May ’10
Good Morning People 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend. (Tra la la la la la)

Jun ’10
Laughed out REAL loud at this piece of news. (I really did!!)

Jul ’10
An email forward this morning (Yaaawwwn)

Aug ’10
“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”- Bernard Meltzer (Couldn’t agree more. Probably the ONLY opening line that makes sense. Notice, it isn’t by me 😀 )

Sep ’10
This obituary appeared in the TOI Sunday edition. ( 😦  )

Oct ’10
Hiya folks. I’m back. (Duh?!! Really now?!)

Nov ’10
I’ve been a rather boring mama lately, what with complaining about you two non-stop all the time 😦 (What else is new 😐 ?)

Dec ’10
….have been awfully hectic!! (Is that really an opening line?? )

If you find this meme interesting, do take it up. Will then hop over to check if anyone can beat me in the boring-ness factor 😀

(Naah…just kidding!! I beat all competition 😀 . Seriously, I do!!)



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Apologies :(

I’ve been away for long.

lekin kya karein?

Angrez chutti manane chale gaye, aur hum desiyon par kaam chhod gaye 😦

Yep people! Its that time of the year when there is a compulsory ‘shut-down’ in the USofA, which translates to all the Americans taking a ‘forced’ leave, which yet again translates to us Indians working our asses off overtime, double-shift !!

And these are the same people who ask us if it is necessary for us to take a leave during Diwali!!!

Hmph!! The injustice of it all!!!

Anyhow, I have LOADS to share, so much to talk about, movies reviews to do, and the latest updates on the potty training and the bottle-weaning (Thanks AA_Mom, Lavs,RRMom and HC. Your suggestions are working BIG time. A BIG Thank You and ((Hugs)) directed your way 🙂 )

Gotta get back to work, but I promise I’ll be back soon with all the masala and patakha of the last weekend 🙂

Bye !


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I started writing this post yesterday. Instead of Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to write about “W”s of the other kind (seeing that I’m flooded with them this season 😦 ) . There’s so much happening around me and so much that I’m into right now, that I’m losing track of everything miserably (total failure there !)

Anyhow, let’s have a look at a few of them :-

I] Work

I like my work. Which doesn’t really translate into me liking my job. The work is related to the domain, there is knowledge involved, a lot of learning and sometimes, even a little bit of un-learning. The job is related to where I work, whom I work for.

The last few days have been hectic. I’ve ranted about it enough. There is a lot of unplanned activity taking place (along with the planned one) and there are bound to be goof-ups. I made one such goof-up. And was strong enough to admit it. But what irked me to no end was that the other people involved (read, the seniors) backed out totally. They were happy that I was taking the blame and simply distanced themselves from the issue. SO NOT DONE!!!

I can rave and rant about how the clients treated me like a puppet and swung me from one field of action to another to such an extent that at one point of time, I had no idea what I was doing! But its of no use now. The damage is done. I’m guilty, and ready to take the flak for my mistakes. But, I refuse to take the blame for everyone!! Specially, when the fault left their hands and came to mine. I wasn’t the ONLY one involved, for God’s sake!!

Anyhow, along with this issue, there is another small one of working at a client side. I’ve made some really good friends and if there will be any regret on leaving this place, it would be that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with my friends here. But the larger issue is that my case is one of dhobi ka kutta. The one that belongs neither to the ghar nor the ghat 😦 . I cannot take part in any activities related to my company and I’m a forever outsider at the client side.

Take a small instance. The last quarter was profitable for the department. All employees were gifted with gift cheques for their efforts. Except us contract employees. It did make me rue the fact that I had put in as much effort and time as the rest, but I’m not eligible for the recognition or remuneration. My company would at most get a feedback mail and it may/may not affect the appraisals. Thats it.

The indignity of it all makes me want to quit real bad and get back to someplace where I’m not treated like a second-class citizen!! And to clear the record, it is NOT about the gift. It is about being accepted as a member of the team who contributed as much as the others, if not more. To be left out blatantly like this hurts bad 😦

I guess I really MUST focus on a job change soon. If only, to retain my sanity and keep my fury in check!

II] Worries

The twins are 2-years-plus. We’ve started hunting for schools/play-groups around the house, but haven’t found one to our liking. The hunt is still on. At times, I’m not very sure I’m ready to let the kids ot…its a jungle out there after all 😐 .And oh!! Tell me, is it true that the starting rate for play-group admissions start at 30,000/- ?? Per child??

I’m rather flummoxed by the prospectus spread across my bed. Me and the BF have been trying to figure out what exactly is the pricing all about. We don’t mind shelling out the dough, but it just doesn’t seem justified. It’s a play-group , for Gosh’s sake!! Not a PhD thesis training (which surprisingly, costs far less) .

Anyhow, there are a few things plaguing my mind before I send the twins to school.

1) They refuse to part with their bottles.

2) Toilet training.

Now both the issues are immensely worrying. The twins refuse to drink milk out of cups/glasses. They would rather go without it than to drink from a cup. Moreover, now that I’ve brought down their nightly feeds, they crave a bottle as soon as they get up. If I don’t give them their milk, they’ll howl and be miserable throughout the day!! We’ve tried hiding the bottles, making up stories of the fairy coming and taking it away and all such tricks. Nothing works. We only have to deal with mammoth tantrums multiplied by two!!

I know its high time since they quit the bottle. Most kids learn to live without it. But my kids were surviving on bottle feed since the time they were born (don’t ask why!! There’s a long painful back-story that I don’t want to get into now). Suffice to say, they don’t know any other way or are reluctant to let go of the bottle. Suggestions to help them quit would be most appreciated .

What am I saying?!

I’ll fall at your feet and thank you if your tip works 😀 . So help me please !!

About the toilet training……phew!! Everyone at home is trying their best. But I guess the weather is just not conducive to our plans 😦 . The twins balk at the idea of stepping into a cold bathroom. They’d rather pee in their pants than get out of it and walk to the loo 😦

Can’t blame them…..but seeing that admission time is around the corner, its high time they learnt to use the loo. Hell, I’ll be immensely grateful to the almighty is they at least inform us before taking a leak!!  Right now, they first do their job and then come up and say that they’ve done it!!

Where did we go wrong 😐 !!

III] Woes

I drive a two-wheeler to office everyday. Seeing that I use the highway, the in-laws (AND parents 😀 ) insisted that I use a helmet. It was a reasonable demand and I bought one. Problem is, since the time I’ve started using it, I’ve seen a drastic increase in hair-fall. Given that I already have very scanty tresses, this is a distressing sign indeed 😦

I’m not really sure if the hair-fall is the helmet’s fault or because of the recent mind-numbing work in office.But I’m losing hair fast and I need a cure asap.

Any ideas, people??

Another thing that’s driving me crazy these days – cracked heels.

Go on, laugh at me. But it isn’t funny when I drag my feet across the bed-sheet and half the threads are caught between the cracks! There’s also this funny ‘charrrrrrr’ sound that totally grates on the nerves!!

And you know the worst part??

Due to some cosmic interference, only women are subjected to the pains of winter heels. The men are blissfully unscathed!! Hell, the BF’s heels look as round and smooth as a baby’s bottom! So unfair, I tell you!!! Wonder why we women are cursed with all these woes!! I agree winter’s here, but why is it only me who needs to apply the  moisturizers, lip-balms and foot creams?? The BF is sinfully untouched by winter, almost as if he has an invisible shield around him!!


I guess I’m done for now.

Feels a little good to vent it all out at one go 🙂

And if you’re reading this , I thank you for spending time with me, lending me a patience hearing (err….reading 😀 ) .

I’ll be away for a long weekend….not sure if I’ll be able to post until next Tuesday. But I think I might make some time for an Anniversary post!

Yep. Me and the BF complete 4 years of marital bliss and 12 years of being the best of friends tomorrow !!

(This is where the Wishes part comes in 😀  . C’mon, send them across !!)

What else could I possibly ask for 😉 ?!!

(Except maybe a few tips on the kid’s bottle-weaning and toilet training)

(And also, maybe pointers to good references for a new job).

Till then, Ciao 🙂

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The FIAT Family

I guess we qualify as one, now that Dad, Bro and Bags, all three of them bought FIAT cars 🙂

Bro has a Palio (the silver one) , Bags has a Punto (in red) and Dad has a Stile (in Blue).

All of them are now trying their best to convince the BF to switch to a FIAT car. The BF has agreed only on the condition that he get a heavy discount on it , seeing that we have a loyal following back home 😀

So, what do you guys say, should we go for a FIAT too??

PS: That’s Dad with Baby SA and Bags near the gate.

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This week is going to be worse than the last one 😦 .

Right now, I’m once again loaded with work right up to my eye-balls!! But that’s not the point of concern here. The concern is in keeping a cool head while I go about my work, because you see, right now I’m seething with anger from every pore. I want to blast out at some people , but I won’t do it now because it won’t serve my purpose. I have to first do what I have to do. The venting will have to wait.

In the meanwhile, try and see if you can crack this (and no googling please 😀 ):-


Fill in the answers to the clues by selecting the correct syllables from the list below. Each syllable can only be used once and the number of syllables to be used is shown in brackets. When the correct words are filled in, the first and last letters reading down will reveal a proverb.


1. Disregard __ __ __ __ __ __ (2)

2. Third sign of the zodiac __ __ __ __ __ __ (3)

3. Bane __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (3)

4. Globe __ __ __ (1)

5. Performance __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (3)

6. Legal excuse __ __ __ __ __ (3)

7. Lacking in definition __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (3)

8. Navigational instrument __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (2)


 Good luck 🙂

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Another reason….

……..why we don’t watch television.

For once, me and the BF, both were at home over the weekend, the twins were asleep and the rest of the family was  taking their afternoon siesta. Instead of catching up on the lost sleep ourselves, we indulged ourselves by settling in front of the new TV and having a never-before fight over the remote.

Now, the issue is, there was nothing in particular that I wanted to watch. There was nothing that the BF wanted to. But we definitely didn’t want to watch what the other wanted to. Am not making much sense here, but to clear the picture a bit, we were at sea as to what we should watch!! So we let the TV run whatever channel it was at and dug into the newspapers in search of TV programs (I tell you, being out of touch with the Telly-land has made us really incompetent at such activities 😦 ) .

While we were busy hunting, an ad came on screen. Picture this :-

A winter bon-fire merrily warms everyone, when a snooty stud thinks he knows better and blows at the bon-fire. The super-cool stud’s super chilly breath kills the fire. So obviously, all the pretty damsels, who were around the bon-fire a minute ago, decide that they are distressed enough to flock over to the super-cool guy. Now frankly, if I find a guy blowing fire-outing breath, he’d be the LAST person on earth whom I’d look to for warmth, but the damsels, they thought otherwise. They cuddle up to the cool guy who has the cheapest smirk this side of the Atlantic (the guy on the other side would be Bruce Willis!).

Anyhow, as the babes were trying their best to get warmth out of the freezer they were cuddling, a young woman in hot-pants and a thermal top catwalks to the bonfire and directs a nasty gaze at it. The bon-fire lights up merrily, the death-by-cold-breath now relegated to a distant memory.

Obviously, the cool-breath guy and hot-gaze woman cozy up to each other.

A voice-over wraps it all by saying, ” Jitna kam pehnoge, utna hot dikhoge/rahoge“. (the BF says it was ‘dikhoge’, I heard ‘rahoge’. But whatever the case, it still doesn’t make sense!!)

Me and the BF are still cock-eyed with the amount of eye-rolling we did in those few seconds!!


What was the ad all about??

Was it about the mean-guy who thought his thermals were so warm, he didn’t need a bonfire….never mind that there were other mortals out there who were seeking warmth!!

Or was it about the hot chica in hot-pants and thermal top? If she was hot enough, why did she need a bon-fire?? Or they wanted to say that she was SO HOT, the fire lit up by itself? If that is true, why didn’t the other damsels cuddle up to the hot one??


We were so guilty of using our brains on that one!

I looked at the BF, he looked at me. I got up, he switched off the TV. I took my forty winks and he finished reading the paper.

We are back to our normal lifestyle once again, though I’m still rubbing my eyes to get them aligned once again !

(that explains the delayed post :D)

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Monday Laughs :)

Please don’t kill me for this 🙂


A man limps into a doctor’s office and asks the doctor to inspect his leg. The man says, “Doc, my leg’s feeling funny. Here, put your ear to my knee.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s knee and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I have five bucks, just five bucks?”

The doctor steps back in horror, and the man says, “I know, but it gets worse. Put your ear to my shin.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s shin and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I have ten bucks, just ten bucks?”

Once again, the doctor stands up, very perplexed. The man then says, “If that surprises you, put your ear to my ankle.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s ankle and hears oh so faintly, “Come on, can I have twenty bucks, just twenty bucks?”

The doctor then stands up and says, “Well, I can I make just one conclusion. Your leg is broke in three places.”



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Its been a tough week.

There is loads of work in office and the twins are becoming more demanding by the day. The BF is not having it easy at work either. The major part of his day is spent in meetings and by the time he gets to his desk to work, it is already time for half of his team to leave.  By the time he gets back home, I’m already in la-la land. And when I’m up and about the next morning, he’s busy catching his million winks.

Needless to say, there’s been something missing between us….no time for hugs and kisses, heck, no time for talk!! The twins, on their part, are not helping our cause either.

Well, we were warned of this beforehand. All parents with little kids know how difficult it is to make time for a little intimacy. To have some *ahem* time with each other without the interference of the children 😉 .It is not a big deal when the children are a little grown up, have their own rooms and sleep through the night.

But, when you have two brats who insist on sleeping next to their mamma and no one else, who insist on getting up a hundred times in the night, either for milk or just to check on their mother, who cry out for their next-door friend in the wee hours of the morning, then you know you have a long way to go before you can get cozy with your loved one 😐 !!

Here’s a small sampler of what my life looks like right now –

The BF is back home from a short trip. I’ve tucked in the kids for the night and await his arrival. Somewhere late into the night, he turns up. I’m almost dozing off, but just seeing him peps me up. After the unpacking (empty the bag, put it in its place), sorting (separate the clothes that need to be sent for a wash from those that don’t) and putting stuff back in its place, its time to get under the covers.

We are all tingling with excitement, and almost ready to hop in, when a tinny voice calls out, “Mumma……aa jao“.

Groan….. 🙄 !

“Ummm….sleep baby, I’ll come in a minute”.

Another voice demands, “Mummmmaaaaaa…abhi aao!!”.

“Go on, check on them first”, advises the BF.

So I crawl over to the kid’s bedding. Shobby gets up and pats the place next to him. “Iddar so“, he demands. I say OK and snuggle up next to him.

Lui checks up on me, “Mumma…..thoya?”.

Haan betu. Aap bhi so jao“, so saying I keep mum hoping the two will drift into sleep. Just when I hear the first gentle snores, I sneak away and try to distract the BF from his laptop (obviously, he needs to do something while wifey is busy with the kids!!).

Anyhow, just when we think we are ready for some action, a whiney voice yells, “Mummaaa!!! Doooooodoooooo.MUMMMMMMHHHHHAAAAAAAA……DOOOOOO DOOOOO“.

So mumma hops out again and quickly prepares a bottle for her daughter. And for good measure, makes one for the son too. After handing them the bottles, I switch off the light and wait for them to doze off again. The twins take their own sweet time in guzzling up and by the time they are done and I wash the bottles,  I swear, I’m quite out of the mood for action. I give the twins a few more minutes to make sure they’re settled and then make my way to the hubby, who by this time can be found hibernating under the covers. One can make out from the snores that its been some time since he dozed off.


So I snuggle in with him and turn to cuddle up. And just as I’m drifting off, I find someone patting my back. I turn to  find Shobby standing next to the bed, directing a petulant gaze at me. “Mammaa mere paas“, he orders, struggling to keep his eyes open. “Go and sleep in your bed. This is mamma’s bed”, I try to reason with him. “Mamma mere paas“, he repeats but doesn’t budge from his place.

*Sigh Sigh*

I give up and get out from the bed. Little shobby takes hold of my dress and leads me to his bed, patting the place where he wants me to sleep.

Michelle Pfeiffer, at least you were lucky enough to just cuddle up with a prone form. Alas, I’m yet to get that option 😀

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The problem of plenty :)

Should have posted this under Monday Laughs……but was caught up with loads of work.

Anyhow, here’s another mail forward  :-


[scene] Mukesh Ambani in his 27 storied home.

Mukeshbhai gets up from his bedroom on 15th floor, takes a swim in the swimming pool on 17th floor, has breakfast on the 19th floor, dresses up for office on 14th floor, collects his files and office bag from his personal office on 21st floor, wishes bye to Nitaben on 16th floor, says ‘see you’to his children on 13th floor, and goes down on 3rd floor to self drive his 2.5 crore Mercedes to office, but then, he finds out that he has forgotten the car keys upstairs.

But on which floor?

15th, 17th, 19th, 14th, 21st, 16th or 13th ?

He phones all his servants, cooks,maids, secretaries, pool attendants, gym trainers, lift attendants etc. on all the floors. There is a hectic search and a lot of running around on all the floors, but the key is not traceable . Fed up, after half an hour of frantic search, Mukeshbhai leaves in a huff in a chauffeur driven Ikon car.

At 3.30 P.M. late in the afternoon it is discovered that 4 days back , a temporary replacement maid had washed Mukeshbhai’s pant and hung it to dry on a string in the balcony of 16th floor, with car keys in the pant pocket. The key had blown away somewhere in the high winds at 16th floor level and was never found. This was detected because of Nitaben’s habit of personally checking clothes given for ironing . Meanwhile, after 3 days of the incident, Nitaben with irritation writ large on her face, complained to Mukeshbhai asking him where he was roaming till 3 A.M. last night . Mukesh replied that he was at home all night.

“Then why did the helicopter land in the terrace at 3 A.M? I was so worried…I could’t sleep the whole night,” quizzed Nitaben.

“Oh that helicopter….That helicopter came from Germany , sent by Mercedes people to deliver the duplicate car key”, …….mumbled Mukesh.


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The Father-Daughter Act!

What is it about tiny little wriggly bundles wrapped in pink that send their fathers into bouts of rapturous insanity?

What makes a strapping worldly-wise executive turn into puddle of mush when a tiny hand grips his pinky?

What makes a little girl confident that the man she calls “Abba” will bend over backwards for her every little whim?

What makes her sure that come what may, there is one person in this world who’ll NEVER raise his voice at her?!!

Seriously, the more I look at the BF and Lui together, the more I marvel at this bond! For the record, we also have a son, a fact which the BF is reminded of when he’s too busy cuddling up with his daughter or playing peek-a-boo with!

For the last few months, I’ve had a distinct suspicion that these two have been teaming up against me and little Shobs. Not that I mind 😀 . Little Shobs is the MOST loyal team-mate one could ever ask for and its a pity when he directs his loyalty at his Sis, and she all but shows him the cold shoulder  😦 .

Anyhow, back to the father daughter thing. These are a few instances of the BF going gooey-eyed at his daughter and throwing reason and practicality out to the dogs :-


This happened shortly after the twins were born.

The BF gazes lovingly at his daughter while she’s sleeping. There’s a wistful look on his face as he caresses her cheek with a finger. I’m busy folding laundry and look up only when he lets out a loud sigh.

Me : Whats up? What happened?

BF : Ummm…nothing really….am just wondering….

Me : about what?

BF : you know…..I’ll miss her like crazy.

Me : ( Totally bewildered) Miss whom??

BF : Her (pointing to Lui)

Me : But why would you miss her?

BF :  *Sigh* She’ll be there with us only for a short while, maybe another 20 years…then she’ll find a job, maybe find some one , get married and move away.

Me : WHAT?!!!!  😐 She’s only TWO MONTHS old!!! There’s plenty of time for her marriage.

BF : *double Sigh* then she’ll be with us for only another 19 years and 10 months 😦

Me : Great!! And what about poor Shobby?

BF : What about him?

Me : Aren’t you going to miss him too?

BF : Umm…no idea… 😦  .With him, there is at least the consolation of a chance that he might want to stay with us. But with her, whether she wants to or not, one day she’ll have to leave us 😦

Me : Seriously now, are we really having a conversation about our children’s marriage ?!!

BF : You are so mean!!

Me : Yeah right!! Me, the one whose tummy was sliced with a meat cleaver to give your daughter, is the mean one!!

BF : (going back to gazing lovingly at his daughter) Shhhh…..don’t yell. She might wake up.

Me : 🙄


2) I’m playing with the kids while we set their bed for the night. Shobby clambers on my back to play ‘horsh-horsh’ while Lui does a wriggly act on the mattress as I pretend to mock-eat her cheeks.

Me : Shobby is good boy?

Shobs : Haan!

Me : Shobby kiska beta hai??

Shobs : Mumma ka.

Me : Lui is a good girl?

Lui : Haan.

Me : Lui kiska beta hai?

Lui : Abba ka.

Me : 😐


3) It is late at night and Lui refuses to go to sleep. Little Shobs dozed off about an hour back and I’m too tired to rock Lui to sleep. So the BF takes over. He starts off narrating some jungle story and Lui intersperses with her questions. I don’t realize when I go off to sleep, but sometime later, I wake up and find that the father and his daughter are still deep in discussion. She is as bright as morning and at 12 in the night, in spite of a rough day at work, the BF is just as fresh. I have no idea what they’ve been talking about , since Lui’s vocabulary is rather limited and her pronunciation of the words she does know, is very bad. But it is evident that these two perfectly understand each other 😀

I smile to myself and cuddle up with Shobs.


4) A few nights back, we had a similar case as one mentioned above. Lui refused to sleep and Shobs was out like a lamp. But Lui was definitely sleepy. it was one of those days when she fights her sleep, refusing to lie down even when she’s struggling to keep her eye-lids open. When I try to force her, she yells for her abba, who immediately hops over and takes control. By which, I mean that he lies down next to her and starts his story.

Lui lies down next to him and rolls about for a while, not finding any position/location comfortable enough. After a few minutes of rolling around, she clambers up on her father’s tummy and lays down her head on his chest. Within seconds, she’s in la-la land 🙂

Me : She’s sleeping now. You can put her down.

BF : Shhh….

Me : (to self) for God’s sake….!!

After some time, I find the BF still lying prone in the same position and Lui busy snoring.

Me : Put her down will you.

BF : No. I don’t want to.

Me : Huh?! You intend sleeping like that the whole night?

BF : Sure…..that is if she lieks it like that.

Me : 🙄


There are many such instances, like the time when we are out late at night and the kids drift off to sleep in the car. It’s always Lui that the BF picks up to bring home. And I bring in Shobs. When out shopping, it is she who sits high on his arms and it is towards him that she runs to when we (me and the BF) step into the house together.

On his part, the BF is not voluntarily partial towards Lui. He does play a lot with Shobs too, but there is something which always drags him towards Lui frist. No idea what that invisible rope is, but I must say, it is rather strong 😀

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