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….have been awfully hectic!!

I’m up to my eye-balls in work 🙄 .This entire month we are busy with a critical client release (what’s new anyway?!) and the work hours are crazy!! Though, truth be told, I’m not putting in as many hours as I would usually have. Blame it on the kids , the family, whatever! In some ways, maybe that’s why companies are a wee bit reluctant to hire married women with kids. Our dedication level might be high, but we really can’t put in the hours when required 😦

Anyhow, the entire work-overload saga begun from last weekend itself!

It is an established fact now. Written down in stone somewhere , on the monument dedicated to house-helps.

“Thou shalt take unannounced leave just when your employer needs your help the most”.

And somehow, this one rule is not only memorized by heart, it is also hard-coded in the motherboard of the brain, so that come what may, the house-help doesn’t miss out on that leave!

Is it any wonder then, that for the thousandth time, I find myself at home, with guests and no help around? The regular maid bunks, the nanny bunks and so does the cook .

So the plans for a romantic lunch with the BF followed by a movie, go down the drain for , you got it, the thousandth time!! We are just not destined to spend a few hours together….far away from the madding crowd 😦 . Alas !

*Wringing hands in despair*

Anyhow, the one good thing that happened was that Aapa dropped by with my two darling munchkins, Bojo and baby Simu. For the record, Bojo was the first kid in our family (Aapa’s first-born) and so, come what may, he holds the most special place in our hearts 🙂 . And Simu is the latest entrant 🙂

Obviously, the twins went crazy over baby Simu.Lui did not leave her side for a minute and Shobby took furtive kisses at her head 😀 .Aapa left in the evening , after which we took the kids to a nearby photo studio to get their passport size snaps.


Two cheerful kids, who don’t waste a minute showing their teeth, will turn into two of the most sad and morose humanoids when placed on a stool and faced with a camera. If the cameraman is someone they don’t know, then their countenance is just shy of the big bawling phase.

Solution : Click their snap at home with a plain background (preferably red) and submit the soft copy to the studio for printing. This might seem like an odd activity , but it saves you the trouble of doing monkey antics to make your child smile, which by the way, is an impossible task when your child is in unfamiliar surroundings 😦


The nanny had shared a DVD with me a few days back. On Sunday night, after a day of hard work and running around the kids, not to mention, all the utensil washing, laundry, sweeping, mopping and the works, I settled down to watch a movie, to take my mind away from my sore back. All the movies in the DVD were one’s which I’d already seen. There was only one which I hadn’t.

I had a BIG tussle in my head, on whether to watch it or not. For the record, the movie was “Kajarare” starring Himessss Reshammmmmmiya and some hitherto unknown actress (who, I swear, was carved out of rock!!). After the day’s fatigue, even my mind gave up the fight and I hit the play button.

The movie started. A song.

Hit FFwd.After some time, hit Play.

5 mins into the movie…another song.

Hit FFwd. After sometime, hit Play.

2 mins into the movie……another song.

Hit FFwd.After sometime….

You get the drift.

Within 15 mins, I was done with the movie.

Serves me right for not listening to the brain!!


The BF had bought a holiday package plan and in return, we got a free Samsung LCD flat screen TV.

With 3 months of Airtel cable subscription.

The guy who had come to make the connections, asked the in-laws (once everything was set-up) if they would like him to set the channels. The conversation went something like this :-

Cable guy (CG) : Shall I set the channels in sequence for you?

FIL :  Yes, yes. Please do.

CG : So, what channels do you want first?

FIL looks at MIL. MIL looks at GMIL. GMIL looks at FIL.

FIL : Err….anything.

CG : (looking at MIL) Do you want the entertainment channels in the first ten? Your favourite serials, heh heh?

MIL looks totally bewildered. Looks at FIL for help. FIL looks as if he’s in the South Pole. All emptiness around!

CG : (trying to be helpful) Err…..I’ll do one thing. Let me put the news channels first.

FIL : (with relief) Sure, why not.

CG : So, which channels do you want to list?

FIL looks at MIL. MIL looks at GMIL. GMIL stares at CG. Finally, FIL replies

FIL : *cough* We’d like Doordarshan.

CG : 😐

I LOL when the BF narrated this incident. I can SO imagine the cable guy doing a head-slap! I’m sure he must never have come across a family as ours, who aren’t aware of any serial or any news channel (other than DD) 😀

Anyway, we’ve got the TV wall-mounted, no point in letting the twins have a go at it, and for the last few days, its gathering dust, just like its older sibling 😦

The only good part is that it looks good on the wall.

But it’s just another piece of furniture to dust everyday 😦


December is here (YAY!!) but the weather is still alternating between hot and warm 😦

I bought two jackets for the twins, but they’re still not out of the shopping bag. Good friend and cubicle-mate Aishu bought sweaters for the twins, but they too are lying unused. The twins need the fan at night and refuse to get under the covers! The MIL’s brother went to Ajmer and even he purchased warm woolies for the twins. I’m flooded with warm clothing, but I ask you, where’s the COLD??

Where’s that early morning chill that goes right into your depths? Where’s that trepidation when you approach a tap to brush your teeth. Where’s that sting when you splash water on your face? Where’s that milky white fog when you step out of the house? Where are the smoke clouds you blow into the crisp morning air? Where are the heaters and the woolen socks? The piles of blankets and Bikaneri-razai??

All gone 😦

The winters have left us cold!

Aarghh….BAD pun. scratch it out.


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