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From the news

So much is happening these days, that I dread to pick up a newspaper,lest I hear of yet another scam or maybe another eye-opener that we sincere tax-payers have been taken for a not-so-enjoyable joy-ride! Once again!!

These days I focus on the smaller news items, the ones hidden somewhere between pages 7 and 8. The kind of items one would otherwise simply skip by on a regular day. I’m amazed I never gave these itsy-bitsy news snippets their due! I mean, here was wholesome news presented with the relevant R&D in place which made me think. Isn’t that awesome in itself??

Anyhow, I was skimming through the week’s papers yesterday and came across some really interesting stuff. Check these out :-


1) Good-looking couples more likely to have girls

Oh yeah baby!!

That’s rather nice! My poor SIL will go and hide under a rock when she finds out that the whole world thinks she’s ugly 😐 . The SIL, by the way, has two sons!!

And I’m having serious doubts about having one son and daughter.

Where do I stand exactly??!!

2) Gay India is in the pink of health

Nothing wrong with this one, except, maybe the colour-coding part!! Peeves me out completely 😐

And ohh….do note the number of times the word “queer” is used in context of LGBT, and that too, by ‘supporters’.

Some pride, this!!

3) Sonia’s faith is her private matter: HC

I’m really, really impressed by the amount of dedication required to garner this information. Possibly, the applicant is digging for some USA/Italian conspiracy link if Ms.Gandhi said she was a Christian.

I’m wondering….if she says that she’s a practising hindu, would they get off her back??

Or maybe , file another RTI to find out if she knows the Gayatri Mantra by heart!

Sheesh!! Some people have all the time in this world!!

And here’s poor me…..struggling to wrangle a few minutes for my blog 😦

4) In Norway, women officegoers told to wear red bracelets during periods

The news goes something like this :-

“Women staff in offices in Norway have been asked to wear red bracelets when they are on their periods – so that no one would inquire why they were using the toilet more often, a media report here has said. ”


To think that anyone, anyone would be bothered with how many times I use the toilet is ridiculous!! Get a life men!! Don’t you have work to do??

Arrghh….I’m mad just thinking about the humiliation!!

5) ‘Every fifth divorce in US involves Facebook’

Facebook ,Twitter, Orkut, High5,Myspace  and many more.

Does divorce really need such reasons?? I mean, if a couple have differences, they are bound to separate any day. If a man carries on with his ex on FB, then there must be something lacking in his relationship with his wife. The same goes for women too. And if a crack exists, then why blame an online application for it?! The worst that FB must have done is, maybe accelerate the process a bit.

Anyhow, blaming someone else is a sign of weakness. The fault lies within us and the sooner we accept it, the easier it becomes to come out of the denial mode! Articles such as these are simply misleading!

6) Now, a chic airbag for cyclists’ heads


Just what I needed the most. A collar which costs more than twice the cost of my cycle. Because I don’t like the way a cycle-helmet looks 😐

These people are so bang on target!


There are so many more bizarre things happening around us…..and I don’t have the time to take them all down 😦

For the record, there are a lot more gruesome things happening out there, but I’d rather not link to those. It spoils the mood and the day. And I’m not referring to Adarsh or housing loan or land-scams. These, we have become immune to. I swear I don’t even bat an eye-lid when I see such stuff in the papers!

More’s the pity 😦

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