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A Manner Of Speech

Little Shobby pushes his little chair on the floor, making a loud scraping noise in the bargain. The BIL returned late from work the previous night and was trying his best to sleep. I yelled at Shobs to stop pushing the chair. He didn’t listen.

So I gave him one tight spank on his bum.

He immediately runs to his sister.

Shobs : (rubbing his bum) Mumma….maara….dukhta!! (Mumma hit me. It hurts).

Lui promptly bends down and kisses his bum 🙄 !!

Serves me right for teaching her that kisses cure hurts !


The FIL wanted a T-shirt for sports day in his office. He couldn’t find one, so he asked me if he could borrow one of the BF’s. I selected a few from the BF’s cupboard and showed them to the FIL . There was one that the FIL liked. “I’ll take this one”, he said. Little Shobs immediately comes up and says,

Shobs : Dada…yeh achcha nahi, achcha naiiiii !! (Grandfather, this is not good)

FIL : (showing him all the T-shirts) Phir kaunsa achcha hai? (Then which one is good?)

Shobs : Yeh Abba ka hai. Dada ka nahin hai!! (These are Dad’s . Not grandfather’s)

FIL : 😐


I’m trying to make Lui have her dinner and she refuses to co-operate. After a lot of cajoling, I give up and threaten to send her to the Scary Monster if she doesn’t obey. Lui doesn’t like my tone and in turn ,threatens me,

Lui : (wagging a finger at me and glaring menacingly) Nooooool……..nai!!! (looking out of the window) cary monther, aa…mumma ko le ja (Scary Monster, come and take Mumma).

Me :  *Shudder* 😐


I come back home from office and am immediately tugged at by two pairs of chubby hands to come inside the bedroom. The twins practically drag me inside and hand me a book.

Lui : Mamma….tholibuk.Padho.(Mumma, read storybook).

Shobs : mai bhi,mai bhi tholibuk padhta. (me too, me too will read storybook).

Me : Which story?

Lui : yeh. Baby tholi (pointing to Beauty from Beauty and the Beast) (Baby story)

Shobs : Nai, yeh (No, this one) (pointing to Beast from Beauty and the Beast)

Lui : Nai, baby(No, baby).

Lui : Nai, yeh!! (No, this one).

Me :  oh ho!! Same story hai (Its the same story!))

Lui :  (defiantly) NAIIIIII!!!!! (NO!)

Shobs : (sidling up to me and almost purrs) Mummmaaaa……yeh tholi padho (Mumma, read this story) (pointing to the Beast)

Me : 😐


I’m putting the kids to sleep and it is turning into one major fiasco. Simply because I was bushed to the gills ,where as the tiny-tots were as bright as summer.

Me : (feebly) hush…go to sleep both of you.

(And I almost dozed off…..but not before I caught this conversation between the two)

Lui : thoby nindu aya? (Shobby, did sleep come?)

Shobs : Nai aya. (No, it hasn’t)

Lui : aya. Nindu aya. Thoby thotha ? Mumma piti-piti karta (Its come. Sleep has come. Did Shobby sleep? Mumma will beat us).

(she emphasizes her point by slapping her cheeks)

Shobs : piti-piti kartaaaa? (she hits?)

Lui : Haaaaaaaan!! Mumma martha.(Yes.Mumma beats).

Me :   WHAT ?!!! 😐

When did my kids learn to accuse me falsely?!! I’m innocent, I swear 😐


Shobby had a ring-worm infection a month back. Luckily, it appeared under his knee and was rather mild. A little ointment applied for three days cured him of it. There still remains a faint mark on his skin, but it is mostly receeding.

But little Shobs refuses to part with the sympathy that little wound garners for him. So everytime I scold him, or someone else scold him , or we yell at him for something, or we pay more attention to Lui, little Shobby pipes up with this line :-

“Mujhe baoo hua. Dukhta. Mai dikhaoon??”  (I got hurt. It hurts. Shall I show it?) and he promptly pulls up the leg of his trousers to reveal the now-barely visible wound.

The statement is accompanied with the most mournful face ever (read, pout in place) where as his eyes glimmer with mischief 🙂


I give Shobby two biscuits and instruct him to hand over one to Lui.

Little shobby bounds off to hunt Lui.


RS : (holding a finger to her lips) Chupp!!!! Didi bolo! (Silence! Call me ‘didi’, elder sister).

Shobs :  😐


The chatter, has just begun 😀

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