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Mixed Emotions

I guess it started last night when me and the BF had one of our squabbles and went to sleep without making up.

I had to leave early for work today because there was a lot that needed to be done before the weekend.

I had a lunch appointment with a cousin sister whom I had last seen 12 years back.

One of my team mates did not turn up for work.

Our application behaved erratically and caused more delay.

I’m still hungry because the lunch was not good.

Was away from office for nearly 3 hours…..need to stay back and cover up for the lost time.

I forgot my cellphone at home.

I haven’t spoken civilly to the BF the whole day.

Met Aapa and Baby Simu at lunch.

Saw younger cousin brother M on the way to meet cousin sister.

One of my plants in office is not doing well.

Tomorrow is the last day of investment submissions and I come to know of it now!!

Got two days’ leave approved for the Christmas weekend.

Have a half-day tomorrow for quarterly team party.


I really don’t know whether I’m happy or sad, irritated or stable, upset or guilt-free!!

I guess going back home to the babies will put things in perspective.

That is, IF I manage to reach home before they go off to sleep!!


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