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Another reason….

……..why we don’t watch television.

For once, me and the BF, both were at home over the weekend, the twins were asleep and the rest of the family was  taking their afternoon siesta. Instead of catching up on the lost sleep ourselves, we indulged ourselves by settling in front of the new TV and having a never-before fight over the remote.

Now, the issue is, there was nothing in particular that I wanted to watch. There was nothing that the BF wanted to. But we definitely didn’t want to watch what the other wanted to. Am not making much sense here, but to clear the picture a bit, we were at sea as to what we should watch!! So we let the TV run whatever channel it was at and dug into the newspapers in search of TV programs (I tell you, being out of touch with the Telly-land has made us really incompetent at such activities 😦 ) .

While we were busy hunting, an ad came on screen. Picture this :-

A winter bon-fire merrily warms everyone, when a snooty stud thinks he knows better and blows at the bon-fire. The super-cool stud’s super chilly breath kills the fire. So obviously, all the pretty damsels, who were around the bon-fire a minute ago, decide that they are distressed enough to flock over to the super-cool guy. Now frankly, if I find a guy blowing fire-outing breath, he’d be the LAST person on earth whom I’d look to for warmth, but the damsels, they thought otherwise. They cuddle up to the cool guy who has the cheapest smirk this side of the Atlantic (the guy on the other side would be Bruce Willis!).

Anyhow, as the babes were trying their best to get warmth out of the freezer they were cuddling, a young woman in hot-pants and a thermal top catwalks to the bonfire and directs a nasty gaze at it. The bon-fire lights up merrily, the death-by-cold-breath now relegated to a distant memory.

Obviously, the cool-breath guy and hot-gaze woman cozy up to each other.

A voice-over wraps it all by saying, ” Jitna kam pehnoge, utna hot dikhoge/rahoge“. (the BF says it was ‘dikhoge’, I heard ‘rahoge’. But whatever the case, it still doesn’t make sense!!)

Me and the BF are still cock-eyed with the amount of eye-rolling we did in those few seconds!!


What was the ad all about??

Was it about the mean-guy who thought his thermals were so warm, he didn’t need a bonfire….never mind that there were other mortals out there who were seeking warmth!!

Or was it about the hot chica in hot-pants and thermal top? If she was hot enough, why did she need a bon-fire?? Or they wanted to say that she was SO HOT, the fire lit up by itself? If that is true, why didn’t the other damsels cuddle up to the hot one??


We were so guilty of using our brains on that one!

I looked at the BF, he looked at me. I got up, he switched off the TV. I took my forty winks and he finished reading the paper.

We are back to our normal lifestyle once again, though I’m still rubbing my eyes to get them aligned once again !

(that explains the delayed post :D)

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Monday Laughs :)

Please don’t kill me for this 🙂


A man limps into a doctor’s office and asks the doctor to inspect his leg. The man says, “Doc, my leg’s feeling funny. Here, put your ear to my knee.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s knee and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I have five bucks, just five bucks?”

The doctor steps back in horror, and the man says, “I know, but it gets worse. Put your ear to my shin.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s shin and hears very faintly, “Come on, can I have ten bucks, just ten bucks?”

Once again, the doctor stands up, very perplexed. The man then says, “If that surprises you, put your ear to my ankle.”

The doctor puts his ear to the man’s ankle and hears oh so faintly, “Come on, can I have twenty bucks, just twenty bucks?”

The doctor then stands up and says, “Well, I can I make just one conclusion. Your leg is broke in three places.”



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