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Apologies :(

I’ve been away for long.

lekin kya karein?

Angrez chutti manane chale gaye, aur hum desiyon par kaam chhod gaye 😦

Yep people! Its that time of the year when there is a compulsory ‘shut-down’ in the USofA, which translates to all the Americans taking a ‘forced’ leave, which yet again translates to us Indians working our asses off overtime, double-shift !!

And these are the same people who ask us if it is necessary for us to take a leave during Diwali!!!

Hmph!! The injustice of it all!!!

Anyhow, I have LOADS to share, so much to talk about, movies reviews to do, and the latest updates on the potty training and the bottle-weaning (Thanks AA_Mom, Lavs,RRMom and HC. Your suggestions are working BIG time. A BIG Thank You and ((Hugs)) directed your way 🙂 )

Gotta get back to work, but I promise I’ll be back soon with all the masala and patakha of the last weekend 🙂

Bye !


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