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Its been a tough week.

There is loads of work in office and the twins are becoming more demanding by the day. The BF is not having it easy at work either. The major part of his day is spent in meetings and by the time he gets to his desk to work, it is already time for half of his team to leave.¬† By the time he gets back home, I’m already in la-la land. And when I’m up and about the next morning, he’s busy catching his million winks.

Needless to say, there’s been something missing between us….no time for hugs and kisses, heck, no time for talk!! The twins, on their part, are not helping our cause either.

Well, we were warned of this beforehand. All parents with little kids know how difficult it is to make time for a little intimacy. To have some *ahem* time with each other without the interference of the children ūüėČ .It is not a big deal when the children are a little grown up, have their own rooms and sleep through the night.

But, when you have two brats who insist on sleeping next to their mamma and no one else, who insist on getting up a hundred times in the night, either for milk or just to check on their mother, who cry out for their next-door friend in the wee hours of the morning, then you know you have a long way to go before you can get cozy with your loved one ūüėź !!

Here’s a small sampler of what my life looks like right now –

The BF¬†is back home from a short trip. I’ve tucked in the kids for the night and await his arrival. Somewhere late into the night, he turns up. I’m almost dozing off, but just seeing him peps¬†me up. After the unpacking (empty the bag, put it in its place), sorting (separate the clothes that need to be sent for a wash from those that don’t) and putting stuff back in its place, its time to get under the covers.

We are all tingling with excitement, and almost ready to hop in, when a tinny voice calls out, “Mumma……aa jao“.

Groan….. ūüôĄ !

“Ummm….sleep baby, I’ll come in a minute”.

Another voice demands, “Mummmmaaaaaa…abhi aao!!”.

“Go on, check on them first”, advises the BF.

So I crawl over to the kid’s bedding. Shobby¬†gets up and pats the place next to him. “Iddar so“, he demands. I say OK and snuggle up next to him.

Lui checks up on me, “Mumma…..thoya?”.

Haan¬†betu. Aap¬†bhi¬†so jao“, so saying I keep mum hoping the two will drift into sleep. Just when I hear the first gentle snores, I sneak away and try to distract the BF from his laptop (obviously, he needs to do something while wifey is busy with the kids!!).

Anyhow, just when we think we are ready for some action, a whiney voice yells, “Mummaaa!!! Doooooodoooooo.MUMMMMMMHHHHHAAAAAAAA……DOOOOOO DOOOOO“.

So mumma¬†hops out again and quickly prepares a bottle for her daughter. And for good measure, makes one for the son too. After handing them the bottles, I¬†switch¬†off the light and wait for them to doze off again. The twins take their own sweet time in guzzling up and by the time they are done¬†and I wash the bottles,¬† I swear, I’m quite¬†out of the mood for action. I give the twins a few more minutes to make sure they’re settled and then make my way to the hubby, who by this time can be found hibernating under the covers. One can make out from the snores that its been some time since he dozed off.


So I snuggle in with him and turn to cuddle up. And just as I’m drifting off, I find someone patting my back. I turn to¬† find Shobby¬†standing next to the bed,¬†directing a petulant gaze¬†at me. “Mammaa¬†mere paas“, he orders, struggling to keep his eyes open. “Go and sleep in your bed. This is mamma’s bed”, I try to reason with him. “Mamma mere paas“, he repeats but doesn’t budge from his place.

*Sigh Sigh*

I give up and get out from the bed. Little shobby takes hold of my dress and leads me to his bed, patting the place where he wants me to sleep.

Michelle Pfeiffer,¬†at least you were lucky enough to¬†just cuddle up with a prone form. Alas, I’m yet to get that option ūüėÄ

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The problem of plenty :)

Should have posted this under Monday Laughs……but was caught up with loads of work.

Anyhow, here’s another mail¬†forward¬†¬†:-


[scene] Mukesh Ambani in his 27 storied home.

Mukeshbhai¬†gets up from his bedroom on 15th floor, takes a swim in the swimming pool on 17th floor, has breakfast on the 19th floor, dresses up for office on 14th floor, collects his files and office bag from his personal office on 21st floor, wishes bye¬†to Nitaben on 16th floor, says ‚Äėsee you‚Äôto his children on 13th floor, and goes down on 3rd floor to self drive his 2.5 crore Mercedes to office, but then, he finds out that he has forgotten the car keys upstairs.

But on which floor?

15th, 17th, 19th, 14th, 21st, 16th or 13th ?

He phones all his servants, cooks,maids, secretaries, pool attendants, gym trainers, lift attendants etc. on all the floors. There is a hectic search and a lot of running around on all the floors, but the key is not traceable . Fed up, after half an hour of frantic search, Mukeshbhai leaves in a huff in a chauffeur driven Ikon car.

At 3.30 P.M. late in the afternoon it is discovered¬†that 4 days back , a temporary replacement maid had washed Mukeshbhai’s¬†pant and hung it to dry on a string in the balcony of 16th floor, with car keys in the pant pocket. The key had blown away somewhere in the high winds at 16th floor level and was never found. This was detected¬†because of Nitaben’s¬†habit of personally checking clothes given for ironing . Meanwhile, after 3 days of the incident, Nitaben¬†with irritation writ large on her face, complained to Mukeshbhai¬†asking him where he was roaming till 3 A.M. last night . Mukesh replied that he was at home all night.

“Then why did the helicopter land in the terrace at 3 A.M? I was so worried‚ĶI could’t sleep the whole¬†night,” quizzed Nitaben.

“Oh that helicopter‚Ķ.That helicopter came from Germany , sent by Mercedes people to deliver the duplicate car key”, …….mumbled Mukesh.


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The Father-Daughter Act!

What is it about tiny little wriggly bundles wrapped in pink that send their fathers into bouts of rapturous insanity?

What makes a strapping worldly-wise executive turn into puddle of mush when a tiny hand grips his pinky?

What makes a little girl confident that the man she calls “Abba” will bend over backwards for her every little whim?

What makes her sure that come what may, there is one person in this world who’ll NEVER raise his voice at her?!!

Seriously, the more I look at the BF and Lui¬†together, the more I marvel at this bond! For the record, we also have a son, a fact which¬†the BF is reminded of when he’s too busy cuddling up with his daughter or playing peek-a-boo with!

For the last few months, I’ve had a distinct suspicion that these two have been teaming¬†up against me and little Shobs. Not that I mind ūüėÄ . Little Shobs¬†is the MOST loyal team-mate one could ever ask for and its a pity when he directs his loyalty at his Sis, and she all but shows him the cold shoulder¬† ūüė¶ .

Anyhow, back to the father daughter thing. These are a few instances of the BF going gooey-eyed at his daughter and throwing reason and practicality out to the dogs :-


This happened shortly after the twins were born.

The BF gazes lovingly at his daughter while she’s sleeping. There’s a wistful look on his face as he caresses her cheek with a finger. I’m busy folding laundry and look up only when he lets out a loud sigh.

Me : Whats up? What happened?

BF : Ummm…nothing really….am just wondering….

Me : about what?

BF : you know…..I’ll miss her like crazy.

Me : ( Totally bewildered) Miss whom??

BF : Her (pointing to Lui)

Me : But why would you miss her?

BF :¬† *Sigh* She’ll be there with us only for a short while, maybe another 20 years…then she’ll find a job, maybe find some one , get married and move away.

Me : WHAT?!!!!¬† ūüėź She’s only TWO MONTHS old!!! There’s plenty of time for her marriage.

BF : *double Sigh* then she’ll be with us for only another 19 years and 10 months ūüė¶

Me : Great!! And what about poor Shobby?

BF : What about him?

Me : Aren’t you going to miss him too?

BF : Umm…no idea… ūüė¶¬† .With him, there is at least¬†the consolation of a chance that he might want to stay with us. But with her, whether she wants to or not, one day she’ll have to leave us ūüė¶

Me : Seriously¬†now, are we really having a conversation about our children’s marriage ?!!

BF : You are so mean!!

Me : Yeah right!! Me, the one whose tummy was sliced with a meat cleaver to give your daughter, is the mean one!!

BF : (going back to gazing lovingly at his daughter) Shhhh…..don’t yell. She might wake up.

Me : ūüôĄ


2) I’m playing with the kids while we set their bed for the night. Shobby¬†clambers¬†on my back to play ‘horsh-horsh’ while Lui¬†does¬†a wriggly act on the mattress as I pretend to mock-eat her cheeks.

Me : Shobby is good boy?

Shobs : Haan!

Me : Shobby kiska beta hai??

Shobs : Mumma ka.

Me : Lui is a good girl?

Lui : Haan.

Me : Lui kiska beta hai?

Lui : Abba ka.

Me : ūüėź


3) It is late at night and Lui¬†refuses to go to sleep. Little Shobs¬†dozed off about an hour back and I’m too tired to rock Lui¬†to sleep. So the BF takes over. He starts off narrating some jungle story and Lui¬†intersperses¬†with her questions. I don’t realize when I go off to sleep, but sometime later, I wake up and find that the father and his daughter are still deep in discussion. She is as bright as morning and at 12 in the night, in spite of a rough day at work, the BF is just as fresh. I have no idea what they’ve been talking about , since Lui’s¬†vocabulary is rather limited and her pronunciation of the words she does know, is very bad. But it is evident that these two perfectly understand each other ūüėÄ

I smile to myself and cuddle up with Shobs.


4) A few nights back, we had a similar case as one mentioned above. Lui¬†refused to sleep and Shobs¬†was out like a lamp. But Lui¬†was definitely sleepy. it was one of those days when she fights her sleep, refusing to lie down even when she’s struggling to keep her eye-lids open. When I try to force her, she yells for her abba, who immediately hops over and takes control. By which, I mean that he lies down next to her and starts his story.

Lui¬†lies down next to him and rolls about for a while, not finding any position/location¬†comfortable enough. After a few minutes of rolling around, she clambers up on her father’s tummy and lays down her head on his chest. Within seconds, she’s in la-la land ūüôā

Me : She’s sleeping now. You can put her down.

BF : Shhh….

Me : (to self) for God’s sake….!!

After some time, I find the BF still lying prone in the same position and Lui busy snoring.

Me : Put her down will you.

BF : No. I don’t want to.

Me : Huh?! You intend sleeping like that the whole night?

BF : Sure…..that is if she lieks it like that.

Me : ūüôĄ


There are many such instances, like the time when we are out late at night and the kids drift off to sleep in the car. It’s always¬†Lui¬†that the BF picks up to bring home. And I bring in Shobs. When out shopping, it is she who sits high on his arms and it is towards him that she runs to when we (me and the BF) step into the house together.

On his part, the BF is not voluntarily partial towards Lui. He does play a lot with Shobs¬†too, but there is something which always drags him towards Lui frist. No idea what that invisible rope is, but¬†I must say, it is rather strong ūüėÄ

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On being 30+

No, this post isn’t about me.

(although I agree I’m on the other side of 30 ūüôā !)

This is about my friends who are 30 plus and what they are facing in life today.

For the record, my BFF group has two members who are 30+ and still single. Which isn’t really something bad. Both my friends are strong independent women who have made a life for themselves and their families. BFG has set up her own business¬†and BFS¬†just bought a house for her parents. In fact, for the last few years, BFS¬†has not only run her household, she has also supported her younger sister’s education and its related expenses. Slowly, but surely, she has now bought a vehicle and also¬†booked a house. I know I’m immensely proud of my friend for doing all that she has, because somewhere deep inside, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the hardships that she has!! She not only has my unbound love, but also deep admiration. The same goes for BFG.

I met them both yesterday when I attended BFG’s¬†sister’s wedding. Since no good proposals were turning up for BFG¬†, she gave the green signal for her younger sister to get married. I believe her parents were in a quandary, but it was rather generous of BFG¬†to take this decision. And oh, a few years back, even BFC took the same decision. Her younger sister got married much before her. I know it is a taboo in our society if a younger one gets married before the elder one, and I know how much flak these two and their parents must have received! But these girls were ready to brave society for the sake of their sibling’s happiness.

Anyhow, so there I was at the wedding, waiting for the baraat¬†to come, when me and BFS¬†got talking about her single status. During the course of conversation, I found out some really startling facts. BFS explained how difficult it gets each day when she has to thwart attempts by lecherous men who think she is ‘desperate’ to get married. Even the flirting is not harmless anymore as more and more men claim themselves available for her. What’s worse is that most of these guys are husbands of her friends. Some guys are her childhood friends. She thought they would know her better. But alas. Just because she is still single, they shower her with their sympathy and boldly claim that they will find a suitable guy for her, if not then they are ready to present themselves!!

Thank you, but NO THANKS!!

BFS¬†had a bad experience in love and I’m not surprised that she is playing her cards rather carefully. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice and doesn’t mind waiting till the right man comes along. Heck, she’s not even keen to find a man anymore. I don’t blame her. The cad who left her was a stink-worm from the word go. While BFS¬†was struggling and fighting with her family for this guy, he was busy planning on relocating to Australia where his fianc√©e¬†was a resident! Yeah, that’s right. He had a fianc√©e¬†tucked in one corner of the world and was busy cozying¬†up with another here! Thankfully, BFS¬†found out about him before she took the final step of leaving behind her family for him. It was a shock, a brutal one at that, but the way my friend came out of it is remarkable. She is now so much stronger and wiser, a new confidence brimming from every pore, something which totally defies her tiny petite frame!

As for BFG, she’s rather reserved in matters of the heart. Though she did come close to nearly accepting a proposal from a guy, who also turned out to be¬†a rotten deal. Luckily, BFG¬†was not deeply involved with him and she could back-out in time with minimal heartbreak. But the scars are there. It’s not so easy to give oneself up for love when one suffers such setbacks.

Apart from the love-lives, my friends are a huge success in all other aspects. They are financially independent women, decision makers, responsible elders in their families, whom other members look up to. Whom even friends like me look up to. I envy them their success, their rock-solid foundation. It is only a matter of time before they too settle into matrimony or motherhood. I don’t wonder when, because I’m sure they are meant¬†to have a family of their own. And more than anything else, I’m glad they have supportive families, loving parents and siblings who come what may, stand behind them. I know BFG¬†and BFS¬†have to face¬† a lot of ‘well-meaning’ relatives who question them on their single status. Though frankly, it is none of their business! One guy, who is a friend of BFS’ elder sister, even had the audacity¬†to preach BFS on how she’s in denial mode and how she’s taking her family on a wild goose chase (groom-hunting) and how she should just confront her parents and accept that she’s not interested in marriage!!¬† It was a total WTF moment when I heard this. Who the hell is this guy to decide whether BFS wants to get married or not. Who the hell is he anyway? The interfering busybody!!! If it was me, he would have received an earful by now and if he ever had the guts to face me, I’d go straight for the jugular!!


I’ve been rather disturbed by the talk I had yesterday.

Why can’t people leave girls alone? Why is their existence defined by their marital status? I know my friends want a husband (and children too) , but why should they agree to marry the first lout who comes along? Is growing older synonymous with being choice-less? What if they are waiting for the right guy? Who are we to decide when the wait should stop?

There is so much that needs to change……but isn’t it high time we directed some respect towards women?! Specially ones who have proven themselves in every possible aspect, except marriage! Why term them failures just because they don’t have another surname appended to their own? Why be judgemental of them or think of them as ‘loose’ or ‘available’?!

My heart went out to BFS¬†when she admitted that more men ‘proposed’ to her now than before and that most of these guys are married men!! What were they thinking?!! That just because she isn’t married, she’d be willing to hop into their beds?!! Eat crap guys!! Because that’s all you deserve!!

There’s not much I can do for my friends, except maybe pray for them to be stronger and ride this wave, to not let ugly words and attitude ruin¬†the good that is today. I know they will ultimately get what they deserve, both of them being gentle, loving girls who will never hurt an ant!

But seriously, is it a crime to be 30+ and single??

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Relatively speaking!

I met a cousin sister last week. She is working as Spice Jet cabin crew and is currently living in Delhi. But that is not what is remarkable about meeting her. What is of note is that I met her after¬†a gap of 11 years. And what took us so long, you might wonder. Nothing unusual, except that for some reason, her parents thought of disconnecting her (an only child) from the rest of the family. They broke off relations and disappeared into oblivion, happy to be¬†by themselves in their own world, not bothered by pesky relatives and extended family. Dad, not being the kinds who would let things continue like this, made sure he kept a track of his brother’s whereabouts and the progress of his niece.¬† He managed to break the ice finally when he invited the uncle for my wedding. The uncle came alone, not that we minded it much. Frankly, after so many years, I didn’t really think that anyone would be fawning over him and his family (except Dad maybe, because of all that blood is thicker than water thingy).

Anyhow, back to the sister. The last I saw her, she was a wee little thing, in standard 6 (I was in my second year of graduation), her hair tied in pigtails¬†and a permanent frown on her face. She didn’t smile much and had a tendency to glare at people. I had a pleasant¬†shock when she called me up last Wednesday and said she will be in town on Thursday and if we could meet up please. Though I was excited at meeting her, I didn’t really know what we could talk about!! She was as good as an unknown to me , not to mention, we also had a huge generation gap between us. Anyhow, I made some time from work and went to meet her for lunch. After hunting left-right-centre, I finally located her hotel and called her out. And out she came.


Thats¬†all I could think when I saw her. This itsy-bitsy little thing had grown into a wowza¬†woman! When did that happen?? Here was a slip of a girl, bangs in place, her once thick curly hair now straightened into a sleek pony, a petite frame hugged by a pair of jeans and a halter-neck top showing off her slim shoulders! The best part? A big warm smile in place which totally lit up her face ūüôā Whew!! She’d grown up for sure, and HOW!!!

I couldn’t help but hug her (realizing that in spite of the years and the distances, blood is indeed¬†thicker than water!!). I had already called up Aapa¬†and asked her to meet us at a restaurant close to the hotel. And oh, before I proceed¬†further, one more example of my goofiness for you all to laugh at –

I turned many a corner of this locality called Viman¬†Nagar¬†and asked a lot of people about a society called Clover Park (which was supposed¬†to be¬†Opposite to the hotel, as per Google Maps!). Apart from the route , I also kept an eye for near-by restaurants where I could take her for lunch. She is a vegetarian and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable in a restaurant which served non-veg food. I saw a restaurant called Shree¬†Krishna on the way and reminded myself that I must take her there. All the while, I was still figuring out how to locate¬†her hotel, as none of the¬†people I’d spoken to till then¬† had heard of the hotel name. A bunch of oldies sitting outside a small mandir¬†came to the rescue and pointed out the hotel which was right behind me. Thanking them profusely, I made my way to the opposite side, noticed that there was no¬†CLOVER¬†PARK anywhere nearby, parked my bike and called the Sis. Once the meeting and hugging was over, I told her that I saw a restaurant a small distance away and we could sit there and wait for Aapa¬†to come. She agreed and we started on foot. A little further, we¬†made a turn and seriously, I saw no sign of the restaurant. Drat it!! So I suggested that we go back, collect my bike and then hunt for the place. Sis agreed and we went back to get my bike. She hopped on and off we went. It took a few more twists and turns and enquiring before we finally saw the restaurant at a corner. Thanking God that it didn’t take me that long to search for it, I hunted for a parking spot, found one between two cars and wedged my bike in between. Sis hopped off, I put the bike on its stand and turned around.¬† To find myself staring at the cousins’ hotel entrance!!!


Yep, that’s right!!

I went an entire circular route to hunt for a restaurant that was right opposite the hotel all this while ūüėź

The cousin was in splits throughout the day¬†, not to mention, everyone else who heard of my fiasco ūüėÄ (I tell you, I attract these situations like a parwana¬†to a shama!!)

Anyhow, we spent a good time at lunch, chatted up on each other’s job, enquired about the love-lives (mine, since she hasn’t found anyone yet!) and also¬†munched on some lovely paneer¬†starters. Aapa joined us shortly and we had lunch (the food wasn’t as good as the starters ūüė¶ ) .But we had a wonderful time reminiscing over the past. We didn’t bring up the topic of why her parents kept her away all these years. She didn’t bring it up either. Frankly, it doesn’t matter anymore now ūüôā ,

Aapa¬†wanted to take Sis to her home and since I had to return to office, I hugged them both goodbye and went my way. Aapa¬†took Sis home, introduced her to everyone then brother-in-law took her shopping where she spent a good 2-3 hours ūüėÄ .Towards 9 pm, Aapa and brother-in-law dropped her back to her hotel and came back to their home.

Late at night, as I was trying to make the twins sleep,I got a call from Bro, from B’lore. He said that Sis had taken a fall on the hotel stairs and hurt her back real bad. He wasn’t sure how bad it was, but she was in no condition to talk or move. I assured him that I will look into it and bade him good night. The Sis’s roomies had called her father, who in turn had called Bro , who in turn called me.

Surprising, isn’t it?! Sometimes, you have a wonderful day, just for it to end on a nasty note like this!! I hastily called Aapa¬†and updated her on Sis’ status. Aapa¬†was equally shocked! But she agreed to go and check up on Sis. I couldn’t make it, because firstly, everyone at home was already asleep and I didn’t want to wake up anyone to mind the twins. Secondly, the BF was yet to return from office. Aapa¬†was my best bet and being the responsible elder sister she is, she immediately went back to check on Sis.

What happened was, after Aapa¬†dropped Sis to her hotel, she got ready to join her friends for dinner in the restaurant below. Since it was dinner time, she skipped her shoes for flip-flops and took the stairs (since her room was on the first floor). The marble staircase did not have friction strips because of which she slipped and bumped her way till the ground floor. By the time her fall came to an end, she had bumped her back real bad resulting in a hairline fracture on the spine. Her fellow crew mates rushed her to a nearby clinic (which was thankfully an orthopaedic one) and got an X-ray done. The doctor suggested an MRI and also¬†explicitly stated that Sis is in no condition to travel back the next day. The doc needn’t have bothered. It was quite apparent that the girl was in no condition to move!

I have a VERY important production release this week for which¬†I had to put in extra hours last week. On Thursday, I missed on 3 working hours for lunch. I had to leave early in the evening too as the MIL had a tiring day at work and the nanny had left early. I was planning on covering up the extra work on Friday, but as luck would have it, it wasn’t meant to be. There were two important things coming up that day. Firstly, I had to wrap up a LOT of work. Secondly, after a loooong time, I had a chance to attend an office party. I hadn’t attended one since I got married (loads of minor issues there) and this one time, the MIL agreed to mind the twins till I returned. Even the BF was kind enough to suggest that he would pick me up after the party. Suffice to say, for once, I didn’t want to back out on this plan.

But the Sis is important too. I had a major tussle as to whether¬†I should let Aapa¬†handle taking Sis to the hospital or whether to apply for leave and tend to her. Frankly, with so much on my head, I couldn’t think clearly. There were responsibilities at work, stuff that I had committed to completing, the MUCH-needed party break I was craving since the time MIL gave me the green signal and also¬†the call of duty. Finally, I decided to let time decide it for me. Like the BF said, what if one of my kids were in the same position¬†as Sis, wouldn’t I be glad that there were her cousins around to look after her??!! That thought was the clincher. I headed to Aapa’s¬†place and from there, we went to Viman¬†Nagar together.

Thankfully, the Sis was up and about and not bed-ridden as we were fearing ūüôā . Though she could move about, she was in a lot of pain and it took some time for her to settle down, have breakfast and then take a bath and get ready to go. We took one of the pillows from her room to support her back in the car. I suggested one big hospital which was nearest to her hotel and we headed there. Each bump brought out a yelp of pain from the poor girl, but she braved it and tried to divert her mind with idle chit-chat!

At the hospital, I had another Shree Krishna moment ūüėź

Apparently, the hospital did not have an MRI machine and the receptionist asked us to move to another hospital. Aapa¬†had to frantically call the driver back (who had to leave for some other work) and ask him to take us to the other hospital. Once more, we laughed at my faux pas and Aapa asked me who told me that the first hospital conducted MRI’s. I mumbled about being directed by a friend, where as the truth was that I had assumed that since it was big hospital, it would obviously also cater to orthopaedic needs !! Oh woe me ūüė¶

At the second hospital, we got an appointment but had to wait for nearly an hour. By this¬†time, I had already received many calls from work. Sis took a look at the wall-clock and told me that I should go back to work . I insisted on staying back, but Aapa¬†suggested that since Sis was able to walk around, she would make sure that after the MRI they both went back to the hotel and stayed there. The Sis would leave for Delhi the next morning. I wasn’t so sure, but Sis reassured me and confessed that she felt guilty of ruining my day. It was my turn to reassure her to the contrary and then to confirm with Aapa¬†if she could handle everything. Then Aapa reassured me that she was quite capable and told me that she would give me the boot if I didn’t trust her. Alas, I had no choice but to bid goodbye and make my way back to office…….

….where I was just in time to join my colleagues to the buses waiting to take us to the venue. I protested weakly, knowing that I had a lot to work on, but luckily, my manager ‘ordered’ me to march out with the rest ūüėÄ . He was kind enough to suggest that I could put in extra time this week, but I shouldn’t miss the party.

And you know what?

I did just that. I attended the party, had a blast. The BF came to pick me up at 10:30 in the night. Had a nice romantic drive back home. The twins were still up , so I played with them till they finally fell asleep.

Somehow, I felt satisfied. I did all I could and yet had a good time. Sis is back in Jaipur with her mother and resting at home. We’ve spoken/messaged each other everyday since we met. It feels good to reconnect after all this time.

And if you are wondering what the purpose of this entire post was, then I can just say that I took a “Shree Krishna” route in telling you that I’m happy I met my cousin after such a long time.

That’s all I wanted to say. Seriously ūüėÄ

*ouch!! Stop throwing those shoes, will you!!! *

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Mixed Emotions

I guess it started last night when me and the BF had one of our squabbles and went to sleep without making up.

I had to leave early for work today because there was a lot that needed to be done before the weekend.

I had a lunch appointment with a cousin sister whom I had last seen 12 years back.

One of my team mates did not turn up for work.

Our application behaved erratically and caused more delay.

I’m still hungry because the lunch was not good.

Was away from office for nearly 3 hours…..need to stay back and cover up for the lost¬†time.

I forgot my cellphone at home.

I haven’t spoken civilly to the BF the whole day.

Met Aapa and Baby Simu at lunch.

Saw younger cousin brother M on the way to meet cousin sister.

One of my plants in office is not doing well.

Tomorrow is the last day of investment submissions and I come to know of it now!!

Got two days’ leave approved for the Christmas weekend.

Have a half-day tomorrow for quarterly team party.


I really don’t know whether I’m happy or sad, irritated or stable, upset or guilt-free!!

I guess going back home to the babies will put things in perspective.

That is, IF I manage to reach home before they go off to sleep!!


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Wordless Wednesday

Image Source : Big Brother ūüėÄ

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