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The last few weeks have been so hectic that I didn’t get a chance to put down the AMAZING developments taking place with my kids. These two are really blowing us away with their antics, to the extent that we barely get a chance to recuperate from one shock when we are bombarded with the next!!

 And I really HAVE to put it all down before old-age attacks and I err……forget !

Check these out :-

1) I get back home one day, all tired and exhausted. Little Shobs greets me at the door, fetches my chappals and takes over my lunchbox (he likes to carry it till the kitchen 🙂 ).

While I’m dragging myself to the bedroom, Shobby hops along besides me, singing, “Dabangg, dabangg, dabangg….”.

Wait an effing minute!!!!


My son??


Goodness’ sake!! When did this happen?? Where did he hear the song?? Given that we never play songs on the radio OR the TV, I was stunned to hear him singing…in tune!! And this is the same guy who asks me to stop when I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle”!!

(Ok, so are you suggesting I’m a bad singer 😡 ??)

2) Lui was up to her antics one day and nearly swallowed a bottle of Crocin syrup. The GMIL was livid and lashed out verbally at the nanny. The girl, a meek little thing, immediately burst out sobbing.

Lui was thoroughly disturbed at this site (since till now, the only other person she’d seen crying, was Shobs). So she goes up to the nanny, and tries to wipe the tears with her frock, all the while saying, “nai ro Plachi, nai ro. mai davai nai peeta“. And she patted the nanny on the head, muttering her apologies and even showering her face with kisses.

Needless to say, the nanny was deeply touched and she stopped crying  immediately 🙂

3) I was having breakfast with the BF , hurriedly gulping down my upma. The BF was lazily spooning his breakfast while browsing through the day’s papers.

Shobby comes up and tries to snatch the spoon dangling from his father’s fingers. BF tries to wrestle back his spoon, Shobs howls louder, the BF placates him but Shobs refuses to let go . I try and convince the kid that the spoon belongs to his father and that Shobs should get himself another spoon from the kitchen. The BF does his bit in convincing his son (frankly, the BF tried to show that he had a better ‘understanding’ with his son 😉 ) . Shobs just howls louder.

Little Lui ambles in on her cycle, takes a look at the tiff between father and son, scoots over to her brother, pats his shoulder and says, “Yeh Abba ka spoon hai“.

Abba ka spoon hai?”, Shobs asks, head tilted to one side.


Totally convinced with this reply, Shobs lets go of the spoon and hops over to his toy car.

The BF is bewildered beyond words.

“The bugger believes his sister, but not me”, he fumes 😀 .

4) I’m putting in some extra efforts for toilet-training and to a certain extent, my son is doing exceptionally well. Can’t say the same about Lui though. Going by what happened recently :-

Shobs comes over to me one day and says, “Mamma, shoo aayi“.

“Great”, I say and jump off the bed to lead him to the loo.

But not so fast. Lui grabs at Shobby’s hand and asks me to let go of him.

Mai leke jaata“, she orders. So the poor mamma meekly lets go.

Lui leads her brother till the bathroom, bends down to remove his pyjamas, gently shoves him inside and orders him to pee.

While Shobs is busy with his job, Lui stands guard and promptly pees in her pyjamas 😐

5) I bought a few picture books for the twins some time back. Even bought a story book which had a few fairy tales in them. The idea was to let the kids get comfortable with the idea of books.

Little did I know then, that my kids would take to the books like fish to water!

They can now be found wandering around the house with those little books tucked in their arms. They can now recognise all the animals in the picture book (though they have trouble pronouncing “elephant” and instead call it “emeta”. Both of them 😐 ).

Anyhow, the problem now is that the kids want me to read a story from the whatever book they happen to be ‘reading’, which means, I point out the different coloured animals/flowers/items and name them. But their favourite pastime is to demand of me, “tiger batao” and the slave that is me, has to hunt for the tiger page and show it to them. “Emeta batao“, and I have to hunt for the elephant page. And so it goes on.

The only good part is that I see the beginnings of a book-worm in both of them and am secretly tickled! For all their other traits that mirror their father, there is at least one thing the twins have inherited from me  . I stand redeemed 😀 .

      Last year (ok, make that last week 😀 ), I poured out my woes and worries regarding  the twins. About how they were yet not ready to let go of the bottle and how I’m struggling with toilet training. The nightly feeds didn’t show any signs of abating and I wondered if my kids would be babies forever!!

But then, like genuinely concerned people, so many of  you stopped by to offer help and suggestions. I can’t express how useful your tips have been and how very effective 🙂

It was a tad difficult initially, but the twins are getting the hang of the changes.

I’ve discarded their bottles and bought new sippy cups. Though the twins refused the cup and bawled their hearts out for the bottles, I didn’t give in. It didn’t help that the GMIL succumbed to the pressure and gave them bottles, which made my attempts even more futile. But I finally took the decision and threw away the bottles for good. The twins, surprisingly adjusted pretty soon and now take their feed from the sippy cup only 🙂

As for the toilet training, we still need to train them for the early morning poop-time, but given that it is rather cold in the morning and the kids balk at entering the bathroom, we’ve decided to hold back the training for a month. Meanwhile, on the suggestions given by you all, we took the kids to the loo every hour. This has helped immensely. Shobby now informs us if he has to visit the loo and has also learnt to control himself until he reaches the bathroom. Which obviously makes me one proud mamma 🙂

Lui’s case is a little different. She’ll meekly be lead when we ask her, but she won’t ever inform us herself. We still have accidents , but nothing serious. Last weekend, I took the twins to cousin L’s place and the only time they wore diapers was in the night. And the day was accident free 🙂  (I can’t really express how much grateful I am to all you wonderful people who gave me the right tips . Take a bow Lavs, AA_Mom, RRMom, HC and Shail 🙂 )

As for the nightly feeds, do you think I’m jinxing myself when I say that the twins have slept throughout the night for the last 3 nights in a row?!!


I already said it 😀

Anyway, I guess its okay if the twins have one or two occurences of getting up in the night. Their two-year-old habit will take some time in breaking off…..and I guess, if I have reached this far in just a period of 10 days, who knows, what all the twins will achieve by next weekend?!

*Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes on this one 😀 *

Thanks everyone, for making my life so much simpler  🙂

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