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Shobby says …….

Two quick conversation gems from Shobs :-

1) Lui is throwing a tantrum just before I leave for office. She wants to accompany me and made sure she made all the noise she could. I walked to my bedroom and told her that I wasn’t going anywhere. Lui just bawled and repeated that she wanted to go to office, irrespective of whether I wanted to go or not 🙄

Shobs was following this little drama . He was observing my exchange with Lui seriously. At one point, I turned to him and said, “Shobs, Lui ro rahi hai. Please tell her ‘nai ro’ “.

So Shobs walks up to Lui , peers at her closely , clucks loudly and claims, “Ankhi mein paani nai hai”.


Me : “Woh ro rahi hai beta. Usko bolo  nai ro!”.

Shobs : Aash-ashu nahi ro rahi hai.


One had to cry with tears to be genuine, right 😉

2) The BF was getting ready to leave. I remembered to ask him to buy a hot-water-bottle for the GMIL (who’s been rather ill lately). He said he would get it immediately and set his lap-top bag aside to go and do the needful.

Meanwhile, Shobs comes up to me.

Shobs : Mummaa….Abu kaaaan hai? Abu opich gaye?

Me : No babes. Woh neeche gaye hain. Abhi ayenge. Woh dekho Abu ka bag (pointing to the lap-top bag).

Shobs : (with the most woeful expression on his face) Maine Abu ko bye nai bola!!

Me :  (Grabbing my son with both hands) Aww baby!! You’ll get your chance soon. I promise .


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