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Motherhood Lessons

* I’m making the bed in the morning, folding all the blankets and bed-sheets. Shobs offers to help, so as a joke, I hand him a particularly heavy blanket and ask him to put it on the side-table. Shobs lugs the blanket a short distance and then promptly drops it.

 Turning to me, my tiny, spindly son proudly claims,”Mumma, mai body-builder hai”. “Of course you are babes”, I laugh 🙂

Lesson : It doesn’t mind what size or shape your child is. What matters is what they think of themselves. They better they think, they better they’ll be 🙂


* I’m standing at the gas stove cooking. Lui comes up to me and says, “Mumma, idhar nai khade raho. Udhar aao *points to the room*. I tell her that I’m busy cooking and will come after I’m done. She sticks to her statement and yells at me to stop cooking. I don’t bother to reply and ignore her. In the most shocked tone, Lui says, ” Mumma, mera nai sunti ?!!”

Lesson : Never expect your child to do what you wont do. So if you want them to listen to you, you better learn to listen to them too 🙂


* Its night-time and I’m coaxing little Shobs to sleep. I start with a story which sees no end because Shobs has a habit of not listening to the actual story. He goes off into a tangent about some silly doubt and then I have to start all over again. By the third repetition, I’m sorely bugged and yell at him.

Shobs scurries under the covers. I’m immediately ashamed of myself and call out to him.

“Sorry baby. I love you”.

“A-la-too”, says a voice from under the covers.

Lesson : Teach your kids stuff you’d LOVE to hear when you are down 🙂


* Punishment for the kids is one sound spank on the bottom. Unfortunately, my kids LOVE the spanking 🙄 . So when I’m annoyed, the two fight over whose bum I should spank first!!

“Bum pe maaro”, is a common plea at home 😐 . When we play, I playfully pummel their tushies which brings out loud guffaws and giggles from the two 🙂 .

One day, there were guests at home, some male relatives of the in-laws. I served them water and stood aside, asking about their families. The twins shot out into the drawing room with war-cries of “Bum pe maaro” and proceeded to pummel their mother’s ample posterior in the presence of guests 😐 !!

I could only gasp in shock and embarrassment and yell at them to stop!

Lesson : Don’t teach your kids stuff that you would HATE if it came back to you 😦


* Lui and Shobs adore nail-polish. They sit like angels with their hands and feet extended for their momma to polish it 😀 . One day, they pestered me for the nail-polish. I told them that I’d just painted their nails the previous day and there was no need for another coat. Obviously, that reasoning fell flat with the 2-year-old’. So to stop them from whining, I said, “Ok, we’ll do it tomorrow”.

What did I know?

So every time I want the kids to do something, say eat or visit the loo or have their milk, their constant response is, “kal karta” 😦

Lesson : Kaal kare so aaj kar philosophy works. Make any other excuse with kids (except lies. These are the easiest to latch on!!), but never post-pone!!


Life’s rather interesting these days. As the kids observe and absorb, I’m finding that even I’m doing much the same. It’s a constant learning process with its fair share of pitfalls. But we’ve been climbing out and making progress every time 🙂

I guess I’ll be actively adding to the “Lessons Learnt” category henceforth. Chip in with your inputs , O Wise Mommas 🙂

And ohh, if you aren’t a Momma (yet) and still have nuggets of wisdom handed down from friends, relatives, etc, please do share 🙂

(ex: This one tip from dad when Aapa was diapering her new-born son – Aapa stood at the feet of her son and lifted his legs to slip the diaper under them. As she put his feet down, little Bojo let out one long stream which landed bang on Aapa’s mouth. While I sniggered and Aapa looked mortified, Dad chipped in, “You gotta know that when you diaper a Boy, you have to stand besides the baby and not in front of him”. “Thanks Dad”, squeaked Aapa, “Just wish you’d have told me that earlier”!! “I could have, but then, experience is the Best teacher, isn’t it? “, smirked dad 😀 )

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