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Did you hear about the movie promotion fiasco at our own Symbiosis college??

Apparently, the cast and crew of “Yeh Saali Zindagi” were invited to promote the film in the Symbios’ Viman Nagar campus in Pune. The event was “Maadhyam”, SIMC’s annual college festival.

At the event, the emcee joked about the number of kisses picturised on the lead actor Arunoday Singh. The actor, reciprocated by saying that he could kiss the first girl who came on stage.

Now picture this. A hall full of students pursuing their Master’s Degree, all of them above the age of 20, sharing a joke with the cast about ‘kisses’.

The actor throws a dare and one young girl takes it up. She walks up to the stage herself nd not because she was called there.

The actor kissed her for 15-20 seconds. The actor claims the girl did not mind, but college authorities say the girl was embarrassed by the incident.

The point (no, make that points!) I want to make here is –

1) By law, the girl is an Adult.

2) She took the initiative of her own free will. If she expected that she could walk up to the stage and NOT get kissed, then there’s something seriously wrong with her sensibilities.

3) If (and that’s a BIG if there) she was shocked, she could have pushed the actor away a) when he bent down to kiss her, b) when his lips touched her, c) a few seconds after contact. But she did nothing . The kiss ended when the actor was done. Believe me, 15 seconds is a pretty long while when you’re doing something you find ‘unpleasant’.

The seriously funny part about this entire fiasco is the way the college authorities are going around claiming that their image is tarnished!! Its time the management of the college woke up to find what all exactly happens in their campuses. And pray, what exactly is achieved by making such remarks :-  “One cannot transcend decency just for a publicity gimmick. I feel that people take advantage of the idea of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ and go ahead with such things. In fact, they, as celebrities of public standing, should know this better than most” ?

Point taken, Mr. Siddhartha.  But did someone point out to you that the topic of the kisses was pulled out by YOUR students. Left to their own, I doubt the cast would have bothered to rake up the topic themselves!!

It takes two to kiss. The college authorities shield the girl and accuse the cast. Is she an adult or a kindergarten student who needs to be protected from the evil intentions of movie actors??

I guess actor Arunoday best sums it up when he says, “……And they were not elementary kids, they are responsible for their actions”.

But then, the rules defining who’s an adult and who isn’t , is still hazy. What else could explain this news?!

By the way, I wrote this post because it is very rare for something sensational to happen in Pune (unlike Mumbai, where EVERY news is sensational 😀 ). And Thanks Symbi for putting up Pune in the front page news , scandalous as it may appear to you 😉

But frankly miss, did you mind the kiss?? Even if it was Arunoday Singh?? Gosh girl, you must be blind to his charms then 😐 !!


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