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Hiya Peeps,

Things have been rather busy at the home front these days and as a result I’m forever rushed at work too 😦

But like every silver lining to the black cloud, there’s some good coming out of all this mayhem 🙂

Anyhow, coming to the latest updates, for all those of you who called/messaged/pinged and commented about the GMIL, I have good news. GMIL is back home. Yay 🙂 . The twins are super-kicked to have their favourite Gran back and holler to be allowed to sit besides her on her bed. But given the stitches that run down half her thigh, we don’t oblige. Obviously!

Granny, on her part is a much softer person these days. Gone are the sharp admonitions and the stubbornness. You can say, the fire has dimmed and we can almost see a halo over her head 😀 .  She’s raring to start walking again and putting in all the effort she can (kudos to her!!) . Believe me, it isn’t easy at her age, but she’ll be damned if she has to spend the rest of her life tied to the bed. That thought scares her far more than it does us. We are waiting for the stitches to heal before we can start her on her physiotherapy. Currently, we just help her move her leg a bit just to keep the blood circulation going.

I got promoted.

I didn’t.

I got a designation change (one level up), but the same grade as before and no salary hike. Gloom 😦


The BF got promoted. Again 🙄

And I’m really ticked off!!

I mean, the guy who was earning less than me while we got married, is now miles ahead. Dunno what happened to my kick-ass drive!! As he gloats, I groan in dismay. Poor performance, he says. Twins, I point out. I had them too, he reminds me. Not from there, I say, glancing at his tummy.You’re jealous, he smirks. Peeved, I correct. *giggle*, him. *Ouch*, him, after a hard bonk on the head with a pillow.

Peace prevails currently.

I haven’t uploaded any pics of the terrible-two in AGES!!! Any guesses why??

Because, after the last time I posted their pics, I was careless enough to misplace the memory card. With no time to buy a new one, I’m left memory-less when my kids do something cute and I have no way of capturing it 😦 . Sure, I go click-happy with my cell, but you know how those pics turn out 😦 . Buying a memory card is HIGH priority now!

In another news, Mom called up to say that she’s planning to drop down to Pune some day. Yippeee 🙂 . After ages, I shall have the comfort of sobbing my heart out on my mom’s lap 😀 (not that I have anything to sob about, but it looks like just the right kind of mushy thing to do 😉 ) .

One quick excerpt from a conversation at dinner time :-

Attendees : Me, MIL and BIL.

MIL : One of Abba’s friend’s has sent a bio-data.

BF : (busy munching) We have no openings at work currently.

MIL : Its for marriage.

BF :  *munch munch* Tell Abba not to bother.

MIL : (bewildered) Why?? Its a good proposal.

BF : Am not interested. (pointing to me) I can barely handle one.



(That’s me banging down my glass as I get him)

MIL : LOL!!! You wish 😉

Context of the above conversation : We are looking for a match for the BIL. Poor guy was silent throughout he conversation.

Thats all for now.

Will come back with more updates once I’m done with this task at hand. Till then, me hearties,

Ciao 🙂


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