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Dear Ishaan,

You don’t know me, but I guess I can safely say that I know you 🙂

You are Kid#1. The Pilot. The doting husband. The caring Son.The apple of your Mamma’s eye. And while I was eagerly waiting for Ritu’s book to get published, out comes this news that you’ve beaten your mom to it 😀 . Once again, you’ve managed to surprise your mom, but this time, I’m sure her eyes gleam with pride 🙂 .Though she rues that you stole her thunder, I swear she couldn’t  keep the love and joy out of her words 😀 .

I haven’t read your book yet, but I’m hearing some really good word-of-mouth publicity going around. Definitely, your book is on my reading list.

Here’s wishing you all the very best in ALL your endeavours (I hear you’ve started work on your next book. Already!!)




Dear folks, I got tagged by Shail to answer a few questions related to “Bracelet” (the jewellery, NOT the book 😀 ) . So here goes :-

1.  What does the name suggest?  Could be anything you know, even “Oops its my wife/girl friend’s birthday, what do I get her” Just put it down.

“Hathkadi”.Handcuffs 😐

Or maybe that secret thing around the wrist that can do a thousand different things like opening doors, switching TV channels, microphone, watch, etc.

2. If your loved one presented you a bracelet, what would you want it to be made of?  Alternatively if you had to present a bracelet to your sweetheart, what would you pick?

a.) Gold

b) Gold and rubies

c) Diamonds babe, just diamonds

d) Whateva, its gotta be expensive and look it!

e) Simple iron kada, or a silver one.  Not showy.

Iron, for strength. And an iron kada worn around the wrist will never rust. It shines as good as silver and looks just as grand.

3. Suppose your bracelet (or kada) had magical qualities (Like Aladin’s lamp) what magical qualities would you want it to have?  Let your imagination run riot … anything, money, power, world domination, elixir of youth …. Just pen it down – or punch them keys…

I would want it to secrete the aroma of wet earth after the first rainfall, forever.

4. Do snakes scare you or do you get strangely fascinated by them?

Strangely fascinated, I would guess. At least when I watch them on Animal Planet with my kids 🙂

But I’m sure that the moment I’m faced with one, I’d go screaming for my life 😀

5.  Harry Potter could speak Parseltongue.  Do you wish you could?

I wish I could speak any tongue other than  English and Hindi 😦

6.  What do you dream about?  No this is not about day dreaming, it’s not about wishful thinking, its about being in dreamland.

The BF’s wedding. Yes, complete with a picture-perfect bride (who’s not me!!) and all the sho-sha. My future daughter-in-law.My son-in-law. My friend’s weddings.

I guess I dream a LOT about weddings. What to do, it is the national time pass after all 😀

7. Do you remember your dreams?

Of course!! How else do you think I know I dream of weddings ?!!

8. Ever had your dreams interpreted?



Should I ??

9. Do you keep a dream diary?

Does anyone??

I mean, unless one is of the kind who hops out of their bed first thing in the morning and starts punching into their laptops!

I can safely say I’m not one of them 😀

10.  Your favorite wrist jewelery?

a). Bangles

b)  Bracelet

c) Expensive Watch

d) Friendship band

e) Taveez or sacred thread (mouli)

Tough one this. Being in IT, I’ve given up wearing bangles or bracelets or even wrist watches!! My wrists are as bare as they were when I was born. But when the mood strikes, I like a bunch of bangles jingling on my left wrist 😀

I now tag thee :-






C’mon girls, take it up 🙂

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