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Boot Polish and Bandook

By now, we’ve all heard/read reports the  Great shoe-cleaning incident .

Going by Mayavati’s total nonchalance while the security officer went about his ‘job’, we can safely assume that it wasn’t the first time Maya Devi had her shoes cleaned publicly. If the media snapped up the event this time, their bad luck!! After all, what’s the big deal about this case anyway?!!

Anyway, I came across this rather caustic letter addressed to Padam Singh, the boot cleaner. Sorry, I meant, retired Deputy SP. Do read it if you have the time.

In another Police related news, how horrifying is this news?? 

And so totally unforgivable this one?!!

In both these cases, even if the men recover, I’d say, just shoot them and make sure they don’t get up this time!!

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