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After the title , I thought this post was a wee bit misleading, what with 7 Khoon Maaf round the corner and all.

But no.

Its about wedding outfits. And getting to wear not one or two, or three or four, but NINE wedding outfits on one day!!!


Do check out the outfits here . Mrs.Glass sure is one happy bride 😀

And I’m one grouchy woman today. Back-breaking work in office and a muscle pull in the neck!! And then I read about how people spend millions on weddings.


I wanna get married again.

I guess today, being Valentine’s and all that jazz, me just gotta propose to the BF once again (which doesn’t imply that I proposed to him the first time 😐 )

Leaving for the day folks. Hope you all had a better time than me 😀

Love ya all 🙂

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