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Because in all likelihood, I’ll probably chew off your head for no fault of your’s.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve had a rotten weekend. And a not-so-good beginning to the new week. I want to wail and scream, wallow in self-pity and have oodles of it showered on me. I want to be pampered silly and told that like ain’t all that bad after all and life can be rosy and so on. I want a giant Fish-o-Fillet burger and a jumbo coke right now!!

But since all that isn’t gonna happen, I guess the only way out is to vent out my woes and release the pressure building up in my head. Or heart! Frankly, I have no idea why I feel so hurt, when nothing is actually paining, if you get what I mean!!

Anyway, here’s a brief summary of what all went wrong :-

Saturday :-

1) The nanny came in late.

2) Had visitors the whole day.

3) The twins turned up the crank-factor up by several notches.

4) I was PMSy (another painful story here, but not elaborating for obvious reasons 😀 )

5) Had a lot of shopping to do, could make time for it only around 1pm. In the heat!! I’m grilled tender !

6) More guests in the evening. Coffee, tea, biscuits, cool-drinks for the kids. New guests – Coffee, tea repeat.

7) Got dinner ready.MIL and FIL went out for a family function in the night. BIL called to say he wont be home for dinner. BF said he wasn’t interested in what was prepared at home.

8) The young doctor who stays two floors up wasn’t available to administer GMIL her injections. Got chided (albeit mildly) by the FIL for not paying attention and booking her time earlier! Yeah right! I wonder why such responsibilities aren’t given to the two other men in the house who spent the day glued to the TV?!!

Sunday :-

1) Made Uttappa and chutney for breakfast. BAD idea. Was standing at the gas stove for more than an hour, serving hot uttapas to 8 adults (excluding me) and two kids.

2) Made lunch, washed dishes.

3) Maid on leave. That resulted in 2).

4) The twins fought over me. *gasp!!*  Let me repeat – they fought over me! Just when I wanted to take a break and rest my head for a few minutes!!

5) Guests. Guests. More guests. Chat, smile, talk,smile.

6) Coffee, tea, biscuits. Repeat.

7) FIL brings in 2kgs of carrots.”Gajar-ka-halwa”, everyone screamed. “Who’ll take up the grating work”, I asked of everyone. Believe me, I’ve never seen people disappearing before 😐 .Grate, grate , grate. Cook.

8) The in-laws went out for a wedding. The BIL said he wont be home for dinner (again) . So I thought of resting for a while. The BF mentioned he had to buy shoes. I told him to go out and do the needful. He insisted that I accompany him. This decision was taken at 8pm. Close to the twin’s dinner time. I said we should feed the kids first. He said the store would be closed. We’ll feed them something outside. I acquiesced. BIG mistake.

9) The twins were cranky 5 minutes after stepping into the mall. Took us a while to hunt for the shoes section in Shopper’s stop. One confession here – Even BigBazaar is better managed in terms of space than Shopper’s Stop!! Anyhow, while the BF was busy choosing his footwear, I was being driven nuts by two kids clamouring to be carried in my arms. Lui issued threats, shouting my name out aloud. I got loads of raised eyebrows and “cant-she-manage-her-children” looks. A few were kind enough to throw a bit of pity my way 😐

10) The BF chose shoes which I hated on sight. He refused to exchange them.

11) The twins were howling by this time and we made quick for the basement parking. Lui tried to outrun us and fell down, bruising her knees badly in the bargain. But my angel girl (YES!! I call her an angel here) who cries if I don’t wash her bum, was mighty controlled .She didn’t cry or whimper, just said plainly that she was hurt and it was paining 😦 . I assured her that we would go home soon and wash the wound. By now, it was way past the twin’s dinner time.

12) The BF suggested dropping by a burger joint and grabbing some burgers. I reminded him that there was plenty of cooked home at home, stuff which I had spent time and effort in preparing and he better have it. We even thought of stopping by McD’s and grabbing some fries for the kids, but Lui was beginning to scratch at her wound and I wanted to wash it as soon as possible. So we headed back home.

13) By the time we reached home, Shobs was so hungry that he became irritable and angry. But he had his food, thankfully 🙂 . Lui had a little too, but then suddenly, she started throwing up. And threw up everything she had since evening 😦 . She started crying, Shobs was crying, the BF got more irritable by the minute. My guess is he was feeling guilty for the kids’ plight, but was too proud to admit it. I was exhausted after the long day and was barely in a condition to manage the two. The BF took over Lui and I took over Shobs. We went into separate rooms and tried to put the kids to sleep.

14) By the time my head hit the pillow, it was 12.

Monday :-

1) Maid on leave 🙄

2) Decided on making gobi-parathas for breakfast. BIG mistake. Thud thud thud *banging my head on the wall* . WHEN will I learn?!!

3) Cranky kids, level 100x .

And as I type this, I get a call from the nanny that the twins are both suffering from loosies 😦

Am rushing off home people. And yeah, if you meet me on the way, AVOID!! Take a detour, turn back.



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