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Good friend Srihari forwarded me this link –  My Son, the pink boy.

I hung on to each word, because it said a lot I’d have liked to, but only better. It also brought out memories of this post which I wrote when people started objecting to my son painting his nails red and playing with dolls 🙂

Its a pity that we are so strait-jacketed into thinking in a certain way that anything out of the blue immediately sets our alarm bells ringing.

Anyhow, do check out the link above (and also Sarah’s blog)


I wanted to post this particular news day before yesterday itself, but work and bad mood didn’t permit it.

Seriously,I want this woman to be awarded the highest civillian gallantry award!!!

Way to go girl! I wish the educated female populace had half the guts you have !!


Puss in boots  😀

I really have nothing to say here. Just thought the entire fiasco was pretty (un)funny.

Maybe the starlet should post a snap on twitter, posing with her ‘friend’ and ‘sister’ . That would answer all the questions , wouldn’t it?!!


I used to be a rediff regular.

That is, before they started posting tiny, sleazy video images on the home page under the guise of “follow”.


Do they really expect people to follow the innumerable “MMS scandals” and “car mein sex” rackets?!!

Err…..correction people. I just hopped over to check and found that people *gulp* actually do follow !! Really 😐


Rounding up, hats off to this guy. He’s practically managing a little village by himself.

The best part?? This news gets publish in a UK tabloid before it hits the Indian media 🙂

India. Population.Yeah, we are synonymous like that 😀


Last but not the least, do the body-painted men-in-blue gross you out as much as they do me?!

This particular image makes me go “Ewwwww” !

I did hear some tidbits on these snaps being photoshopped to slice off the flab and pump up the ‘ceps. But not able to find the related links.

Never mind.Will post them as soon as I find them.

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