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Lui : Mumma…..woh powder ka dabba do.

Me : No baby.

Lui : do naaaaa

Me : Nopes. Aap waste karte ho.

Lui : Nahin karti. Plish do.

So the mumma relents and hands over the talcum powder jar to her darling daughter. The little munchkin upturns the bottle and sprinkles some on her palm. Little Shobs hops over to his sister and is immediately engrossed in what his sister is upto. I’m glad to see the two occupied and go ahead to the drawing-room to catch up on some newspaper.

There’s silence in the house.

Ten minutes later, I’m queasy. Weren’t the kids a tad too quiet?! But then I chastised myself for thinking the worst of them. A little time by themselves won’t hurt anyone, I consoled myself. So I dug in my heels and stayed put. Twice more,  I almost got up to check on them and both times, I had to put a restraining order on myself. Until I could bear the suspense no longer and just had to take a peek at what the kids were busy with.

So I crept up to the bedroom and with immense stealth (any FBI agent would be proud of), took a quick look.

And almost fainted with shock!!

My kids had turned my room into the Antarctic !!

There was white powder everywhere. Everywhere!!

On the floor , the bed, table, clothes, towels.

One look at the twins and I did another double-take.

Egad!!! Lui was drenched in talcum, head to foot. Only two little beady eyes escaped the white-onslaught! Shobs was a little better, but then I guess it was because he was the one wielding the talcum powder jar!! The MONSTER!!

I gingerly walked towards my purse to grab my cellphone and almost slipped twice!! Goodness! People, hear this advise loud and clear – Talcum powder is not to be tread on by the faint hearted. There is equal probability of you suffering a stroke or breaking your bones. Either way, avoid!!

So I managed to grab the phone, focussed on the brat and went click! Lui didn’t like to see her brother stealing her thunder, so she shoved at him and demanded that I click her snap first. Oh well! So I asked her to stand facing the lights and focussed on her.

Lui immediately ran out of the room. Hey!! I yelled, don’t you want your snap taken?

She returned shortly with a pair of plastic goggles bought by the nanny. Donning the frames, my daughter turns around to face me and demands that I click her now. Oh well, well. If that’s how you like it, I grumbled.

That is how, ladies and gentlemen, my kids turned out to look like this :-

Check out that smugness!! the bugger !!

He did dab some of it on his face. But the chunk of the white stuff went on Lui.

"Hope you like this pose Mumma...As you can see, I'm doing my damn best to get selected for the next Ms.India contest"

 Frankly, I admit I get spooked each time I take a look at this snap of Lui 😦

The best part? After the photo shoot, Lui crawls up to me and simpers , “Mumma, mai goli goli ho gayi”. 🙂

Laughs apart, am really ticked off with whoever put this thought in her head that she needs to be fair. Looks like there are a LOT of invisible demons to battle in this parenting jig 😦

Anyhow, the bigger issue here is to give my kids a crash course in the beauty business. I gotta buy me some compacts and blushers soon 😀

Edited to Add :-

There were two important points I missed out on while I was hastily scribbling this post. Thankfully, watchful readers Raghu and Sheetal pointed them out to me  🙂

Firstly, I did have the urge to spank the monkeys, but they looked so remorseless, I guess the effort would be lost on them 😦 (there was also the small matter of me being barely capable of reaching  them without slipping and fracturing my spine!!)

Secondly, there was  a maha-yudh for the cleaning process. Careless people like us keep only one broom in the house. Obviously, there was a major screamathon in progress with both tykes wanting to do their bit to clean the room 🙄 .It doesn’t help that they can’t sweep in one direction and instead, just swipe the broom all over the place. So the talc went into places which were earlier clean! I did think of vacuuming,but seriously, was too tired to bother 😦

Just picked up the bed-sheet and replaced it with another one. As for the rest of the room, well…..it turned out to be a  looong night 😦

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