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……..And we’re back!

Because we still have to wrap up all that I did on Sunday (not that anyone cares, but just because, you know 🙂 )

Sunday was relatively more relaxed than Saturday, in the sense that there weren’t as many events packed into one day. But I did manage to do my bit and use up every minute I had 🙂 . So without much ado, lets start :-

Event 1 :-


This time, they were my relatives 😀 . Aapa had dropped by with her kids and MIL to check up on GMIL. The twins were tickled pink to see their cousins and I guess they went a tad too overboard with expressing their love 😀 . Shobs wanted to hug and kiss Baby Simu throughout whereas Lui demanded that the baby be placed on her lap to be rocked to sleep!! Nephew Bojo, now a strappy, lean boy kept himself busy with the BF, as usual  (whom he secretly hero worships, I dread!) .

Aapa was shocked to see the twins so grown up (she had come by after a long time) but she confessed that though Shobs had grown a little in height, he still looked like the baby he was a year ago 😐 . Hmmm…that did seem true actually. My boy still looks a little innocent (though he isn’t) even as his sister now looks like the biggest rogue on this planet!!

I tried to convince Aapa to stay back for lunch, but she had to go because baby Simu had to be administered oral polio drops. Which reminded me that the twins had to be taken too! So after bidding goodbye to Aapa, I got the kids ready and waited for the nanny to come (She had taken a half-day off since some marriage proposal had come for her). Once she came, we piled the twins on my bike and off we went.

Event 2 :-

The polio drop event was pretty uneventful. Except for the twin’s being pretty charged up at the idea of having ‘medicine’!! Where other kids have to be cajoled into taking their medication with promises of chocolates, my kids have to be cajoled into having their meals with the promise of medicines. The bitter, the better 🙄 !!

Anyhow, when we reached the venue, there was a lady struggling to hold down her year-old baby who was howling pink! One look at her and little Shobs had the worry frowns fighting for place on his forehead. Lui, being the elder and more caring of the two, immediately called out to the baby, “Nai ro baby, plish nai ro” . If I wasn’t carrying her, she would have launched herself at the poor unsuspecting baby to wipe the tears!

The other mother and I shared a smile, silently acknowledging the pain of handling a toddler in the throes of a tantrum. The twins, on their turn were too good to be true. They smiled at the nurse, opened their mouths wide and after she was done, asked for more !! Of course she couldn’t give more and was firm and polite in her refusal. Luckily, the twins were in a good mood and because they behaved well, I took them back home via a longer route (since they LOVE bike rides 😀 ) .

Event 3 :-

Shital is was back in Pune.

Which obviously meant I met up with her. She was down in town for her brother’s wedding and because of the short duration of her stay, I met up with her only twice. Once was after she touched down in Pune and the other time was on last Sunday.

After the kids had their lunch and everyone was settled for their afternoon siesta, I sneaked out to meet up my dear friend. We spent barely two hours together, catching up on all that’s happening in our lives, on friends, families, work, etc. Another good friend, SK joined us shortly and we just got into the flow. The time went by so fast, I still regret that I didn’t get a chance to stay longer with her 😦 and though we chatted nineteen to a dozen, I frankly don’t remember a single thing of relevance 😀 . *Sigh* I guess I’ll be missing her even more now 😦

One more thing to make me guilty – Shital brought me gifts and for the kids too. And I didn’t get the time/chance to get her anything 😦  . I feel like a wretch. She’s too magnanimous to even notice the slight, but I’m cringing within 😦 .

She left for the US this Monday.

Event 4 :-

After bidding good-bye to Shital, I made my way to BigBazaar to get a few groceries for home. I usually carry a list with me whenever I enter such stores. I pick u p stuff that’s on my list and don’t linger around shelves that don’t figure in it.

Alas, this time I didn’t have a list. BIG MISTAKE!!

So I ended up buying stuff that I didn’t need. Seriously. I bought two kilos of washing powder when there was already loads of it at home. And also socks. Four of them.Because they came in a pack with discounted rates. One look at them and the BF tossed them into the pile in his cupboard which already has two of such packs 😦 . Looks like I haven’t registered the fact that the BF does NOT like these socks 😦 *Sigh* I think I should just gift them to the BIL then 😐

Some more such trivia-shopping later, I made my way back home. To find it full of guests once again. Ta-Da!!

Event 5 :-


Looks like my weekends will be spent around serving the above mentioned stuff. Luckily, the last of the guests left around 7:30 pm. The MIL and FIL had to visit a relative’s place. I implored the MIL to take at least one kid along. She chose Shobs (not surprising, given little Shob’s good behavior in public) .

The cook had already prepared dinner, so that was one worry off my list 🙂 . I just had to manage Lui, her father , the aunts and GMIL. I can do that, I smiled to myself.

Or so I thought!

The BF was glued to the TV. I swear he didn’t blink even once. What was the big deal about the India-England match anyway? The last I asked, he said India was already qualified for the next round. This cricket business is seriously over my head.

Anyhow, since he could not tear his eyes away, he ordered that snacks (deep fried chicken nuggets with extra sauce) be served to him.


“Go fry yourself”, I yelled back at him. Not a dainty thing to do, but still, one has to make one’s position clear. Makes the relationship stronger,I’m told. The BF didn’t bother to reply. I came back to my room, played with Lui a bit, answered her questions on where Shobs was and when the grandparents will return. After a while, I got bugged up and went and fried those nuggets! Served them to the BF, who just grunted in appreciation, and without even looking at me once, started munching loudly 😦 . The BIL joined him shortly and the two brothers were kept busy for the next hour. Surprisingly, Lui joined her father and was still as a mouse. She neither yelled or shouted or cried, which was totally against character for her !

The only time she really screamed out loud was after Shobs got back. I’m amazed at how much the two are affected by each other’s presence/absence! God Bless and touch wood 😀

I fed the GMIL her dinner, then the aunts and me got together to have our’s. By the time we were done, the in-laws returned. It took the better of an hour and a half to get the kids to sleep after that. And once again, after my head hit the pillow, I was out like the light 🙂

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the saga of the very hectic weekend I had. I’m surprised I managed to get so many things done in two day’s time, stuff I was planning on carrying out for ages!!

Hopefully now, the next weekend will be a little relaxed . Or maybe not! Its the granny’s first visit to the hospital after the surgery. Big event, I guess. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping she’s able to walk soon 🙂

Do pray for her.

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