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Old is Gold. Period.

There’s something about old monuments. They speak in a way no modern architectural wonder can.

The silent dignity of holding themselves together at the helm even as their edges threaten to fall off, carries far more grace than the marvel of technology used for today’s structures.

This snap was taken by the BF on his trip to Hyderabad last December. It was sunset time when he was walking around the old city with his friend. One look at the Juma Masjid and he had the strong urge to click it, which speaks a LOT about the power of this structure. The BF happens to be one of those guys who just can’t go CLICK even for his own kids 😐 !!

The hazy image can be contributed to his blackberry (though good for everything else, taking pictures is not its forte) .

The while circular spots under the big minaret are loudspeakers for the Azaan (call for prayer).

I had been to Hyderabad in 2002. Being a student and with limited gadgets (no cellphone or digital camera those days for us middle-class students), I had no opportunity to click the wonderful sights I got to see. This picture urges me to visit that city once again. Maybe I will…..once the kids are old enough to come along and understand the beauty of the place for what it is (Yes. I’m definitely implying that I’ll get to go there only when I’m hitting my 70’s).

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m in no mood to work today 😦 . Am seriously looking forward to getting away from the city for a while.

Hmmmm…..time to wake up from my dreams, I guess. Have a meeting in the next 15 mins. Have a nice day folks (or what is left of it).

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