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Pardon Ma Enlish!


"...because we know exactly what the Iraq goverment surface tastes like! And Oh, never mind our butter. He does stuff like that when he takes a beating!"


Because they don't like to have the Soup for the un-sluts!


"Well!!Corn's not all that sweet these days, you know!!"


Just what your toddler would LOVE to do !! Buy it, I say!


" Kindly leave your address at the reception. We'll send them witches as soon as possible."


Any other price is O' so passé


"As if the window of your corporation wouldn't be disturbed!!"


"Looks like our corn has competition!!"


"Am still figuring out this one 😐 "


"If it weren't for those pretty illustrations, I would've got it all wrong. Seriously."


More crazy language tranlations here.

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