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(I staretd writing this post yesterday, but never got a chance to complete it . Thought of updating the first paragraph, but then thought, what the hell, you guys should know what I wanted to write yesterday !! So, without any corrections, I present – )

Hiya People, its Monday morning once again, but by the time I finish this post and hit publish, you’d be just getting ready to slip into your pyjamas and call it a day. Nevertheless, my good wishes stay 🙂

The weekend update post is not as busy (or long)  as it was a couple of weeks back. Apart from the nanny who bunked both days and the MIL who wasn’t home on Saturday to the BF , who was home, but totally useless, I’ve had my hands full. But I survived to write this post,  didn’t I?

I initially thought of listing all the events of the weekend, but then better sense prevailed and I’m now just categorizing all that I did and didn’t 🙂

What I Did Do

Cooking. Nimkis and pooris to Mutton Curry to Desi ghee (yeah, including the churning butter part. Quaint, isn’t it 😀 )

Minding the kids. No comments 😐

Minding the Fort (aka the household)

Minding the mood swing (drat that bluddy India-SA match!!)

Washing clothes (the washing machine went KAPUT 😦  and I don’t give my clothes to the maid)


What I Didn’t Do

Shopping for essentials (grocery and stuff which was HIGH priority for the last two weeks. Blame the nanny for bunking and ruining my plans 😦 )

Visit the parlour (*ahem* this is kinda rare activity, but since the BF commented not so kindly that I resembled a grizzly bear, me thought some TLC at the neighbourhood beauty spot was much needed)

Make biscuits (which I’ve been planning for ages….err…make that 2.5 years or the time since we bought our microwave!)

Operation Cupboard-Clean-Up (planned for months now. The strategy is in place, execution is pending!)

The twins were good as gold and stuck to their routine of pulling off the hair on my head, strand by strand.  I’m rather immune to the pain by now. As for the BF, the lesser said, the better. I’ve never understood the fanaticism behind cricket, but I’m sure I hate the game for what it makes of my man.Grouchy, grumpy, grunty. Stuck to  the couch and not even getting up for a loo break. Lunch, tea and dinner, all served at a fixed spot in front of the TV. The kids can holler like red-indians for all he cares. The wife can wail piteously, wring her hands in frustration and threaten to leave the house with the kids forever and all he’ll do is ask her to shut the door as she leaves. Because menial jobs like that cannot be carried out during crucial matches.

So the wife took out her anger on a BIG lump of maida (mixed with salt, kalonji and dried methi) , pounding it for all she was worth, rolling them out, cutting out small circles with a steel glass and then deep-frying them. The twins LOVED them, which was a big high, given that Shobs rarely chews anything and Lui has a sweet tooth.

Snack time 🙂 *


Sunday turned out as usual sans the guest list of the previous few weeks. The BF vented his ire on India’s loss by storming out of the house at 7 AM to play a match at the stadium near our place. It didn’t help. His team lost the match. He stormed right back in and didn’t come out of the room for the rest of the day.

The twins were better today, and by that I mean , they allowed me to spend some time cooking and washing my clothes. In fact, the twins assisted me in drying the wash 🙂 (there’s this small matter me needing to rinse a couple of them twice after the kids dropped them). It was fun 🙂

BTW, did I tell you about how enlightening it is to churn butter? I didn’t? Ok, well, here goes – You collect oodles of malai. When the box can take no more, you add a dash of curd to it, mix it well and kept in a warm corner. Also, make sure you transfer the curd-mixed malai to a larger container. You wouldn’t want to clean up the resulting mess otherwise! Next morning, you have two options –

a)  make the butter this way*

b) or use technology*

Guess which route I took 😉 ?!!

Once you’ve got the butter separated from the buttermilk, dump it into a vessel, load on the gas-burner, ignite and leave it alone to simmer and cook for ages (believe me, it took an agonizing 2 hours for the final ghee to materialize 😦 )

That said, I think the best part about the weekend was the super-duper time spent with the pests. They got in the way, stole the nimkis, bawled for apples when there were none, peed all over the place and generally had a good time. I had a good time too, because seriously, one can howl and rant over the mess which needs cleaning up, but its all worth it when your kids jump on your back and give you an impromptu kiss, or say ,”Mamma…Aa lau too” in their most serious voice!!

Yes, it’s totally worth the mess 🙂

* All images sourced from Google Images :)


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