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I’m neck-deep in work.

Suffice to say, blogging is taking a backseat these days. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that the I keep the draft open throughout the day, updating my inputs as and when I get the time to punch in a few words, but mostly, I leave it like that till the next day (which is no better than the previous one!). There is so much to write about the twins, but I don’t have the time 😦 . By the time I reach home, am too bushed to pull out the laptop and finish what I started (people yelling procrastinator, desist!)

Anyhow, I’m kind of cranky today. The last few days have been awfully hectic and I’m just counting my lucky stars to get me through the week without any major incident.Ameen. I guess the bad mood stems from a bad experience yesterday morning. No, not bad, slightly unpleasant, or maybe unexpected, but I’m feeling low because of it. Sometimes, I feel that my benchmark for classifying people as ‘good’ is SO low that I bow and scrape in front of anyone who shows a modicum of decency which others might see as minimum expectation. There are times when very close people have disappointed me big time, but I guess I never let them know about it. Sometimes, the relationships seemed more important than my petty feelings. But then, when you become a doormat and others don’t even look at you while walking all over you, I guess its time to let them know! 

But how?!

I’m petrified of speaking the truth if it hurts someone’s feelings. It’s a bad foundation for relationships I agree, and it helps that I’m honest with the BF and people who really matter ( read family). My hesitation also stems from the philosophy the BF keeps drilling into my head – we are on this earth for a limited period, we may or may not live as long as we think we will, so why not spend this limited time without any bitterness or hard feelings. If you feel bad about someone, forgive them. It may not change them, it’ll just make your burden lighter (seriously, I had NO idea I was marrying the Zen-Man himself. Sometimes, eight years are just not enough to get to know a person!!)

The one good thing that comes out of bad experiences is that one learns how NOT to behave with others. How NOT to take friends or families for granted. How NOT to hurt others.

Thank God for small mercies 🙂


Every morning, on my way to work, I see a lady on a bike. She ferries this young girl behind her, a girl around 14-15 years of age, fair, delicate to the point of being fragile and with the most awesome flawless skin (take that from someone who’s valiantly battling the pimples on her way from puberty to menopause).

The girl is also a special-needs child.

She sits behind the lady (who’s probably the mother) , facing the crowd behind the bike. She looks at me all bundled in my scarf,goggles and gloves and gives out a shy smile. She can’t see my face, yet smiles at me. Pity she can’t  see me smile back, which is good in a way, because it pales in comparison to the innocence and beauty of her’s. I wonder where the lady takes the girl everyday. I wonder if the mother is working and if, on her way to work, drops the young girl at a care center. I wonder if the young one is being looked after well. I wonder how the mother feels when she lets go of her young daughter, who apart from being a special needs child, is also blossoming into a stunning woman. What are the mother’s insecurities?What would I do in her place? And like always, I’m left clueless. And like always, when I think of such children, I rush to hug the twins and thank the Almighty for saving me the trauma. Because I know I cannot be strong like the lady I see everyday. God bless her and her daughter and keep the young girl safe!


There were two road incidents that happened yesterday and today. In both cases, I was on the correct side of the road and was being cut across by men who were on the wrong side. In both the cases, I had to brake hard to avoid a collision. And in both cases, the men yelled at me and sped off.

The absolute cheek!

I’ve seen men ranting against the driving skills of women. But I seriously fail to understand, what gives them the authority to claim ownership of the roads? What gives them the right to break the rules and yell at women who come in their way, women who are following the rules and keeping to their lane! Even with the BF, I’ve noticed that he wouldn’t blink an eye if a guy zig-zags on a bike through the traffic. But the moment he’s behind a car driven by a woman, he has to groan out aloud about her driving skills. A sharp jab in the ribs often silences him. But I can silence only one man. I can’t stand on the roads and yell at every other guy that his driving skills suck!!

Even in the two incidents above, the guys yelled out loud and one even called me *gasp* maushi!!


That bugger was easily two decades older than me!! Having the wit and speed of a land turtle, I came up with a fitting reply this afternoon. Hopefully, the next time I meet any such miscreant, I’ll remember this reply and blurt it out right then and there!


Last evening, I asked Little Shobs to run to the room and fetch my cell phone. He didn’t budge. I repeated my request. He still wouldn’t leave my side.

So I asked him a little sternly as to why he wasn’t making a move.

“Mumma…..Mai chhota hai na. Mujhe darr lagta hai na. Ishiliye mai nai jaata”.

Huh!! My kid is latching on to reasoning! Making excuses!

Is that an early grave I see in the distance?!


Last, but not the least, some good news to wrap up the rants!

One of BF’s best friend’s wife delivered twins – a girl and a boy!!

Co-incidence or what?!!

Reminds me of that Ad (Dunno what exactly it was ) where a bearded man (supposedly God) is busy with something and keeps clicking the image of twins on his monitor, which causes twin births around the world !

Anyone know what that Ad is??


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