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I’m a girl.

I read.

Which works very well for me. But then there are a hundred other women out there, achievers, home-makers, career-women, who do NOT read. I don’t grudge them. Whatever rocks their boat is fine with me. Which is why, when I read articles like the one below, I’m flummoxed. More than 80% of the text applies to me. And yet, I can’t help feel slightly uncomfortable at the judgemental tone of it all. I know so many awe-inspiring women who have no interest in books. Does that make them bad dates?? Are they not worthy of someone’s time and affection?

I think it is very difficult to handle a compulsive reader if the other partner is a non-reader. I know. I read voraciously, whereas the only thing the BF can read are mounds of official documents. Hand him a novel and see him shudder. Talk about fiction and he looks like Alice of Wonderland. He has no idea who Vikram Seth is 🙄

It does not make our relationship easier. On more counts than one, I’ve been accused of living in fantasy land and assuming that all the wrongs would right themselves. He’s right. I’m guilty of it. And because he’s the rooted in reality type, I’m still connected to the real world. Else I would have drifted off ages ago. He’s my anchor, and not the other way round.

What I say above applies to me alone. I’m not categorizing or generalizing the reading-women populace here. I’ve met some awesome people and friends because of our common love for books and for that I’m grateful. It is similar to a cricket-loving guy being attracted to a group of other cricket-lovers. This does not mean that they are better than other non-cricketers? Does it?

Anyhow, do read the piece “Date a girl who reads.”

I didn’t have words to express why exactly I was peeved with this write-up. I thought of putting down my thoughts , but the words eluded me.

And then, someone else felt the same. And came up with this brilliant post 🙂

Do read it folks. Its hilarious , without being mean (just a tad. But with the right amount of spice 😀 )

Am still grinning 😀


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