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Ho Hum Yaaawn.

Another day, another match (India-Pak, to be precise) and another round of questions. Clearly, my being a muslim puts a BIG question mark on my loyalties.

I guess I started hating this game when a colleague at work asked me to go back to Pakistan because India had lost a match to them. “Aap to wahin ke ho, wahin jao”.

Sigh. Sometimes, education is not enough. Sometimes, the hatred for us kinds is so inbuilt, that no amount of education (or free-wheeling around the world ) is enough to uproot it.

I’m no longer upset. Though I think I should be.

Because each time a match comes up, I’m judged.

I’m judged on my choice.

I’m judged on my patriotism.

I’m judged on my loyalties.

And by people, to whom I owe nothing.

I guess I’m better off washing my hands off the game. I don’t want a part of its victory. Or its loss.


Yours Ultra-Sad,

Edited to add :-

I got some very heartening response to this post. It sure made me feel good :) . But what I wrote is what I guess most muslims in India feel.Whenever it is an India-Pakistan match, the muslims have to go overboard in displaying their loyalties. They have to try harder to let the others know that they are rooting for their own country and not the other one. It is something I've seen all people close to my family doing. What I face is nothing new. The BF has faced it, so has my brother. In their case, it was much worse. Of course it makes us seethe inside. It makes us rue the injustice of it all.

But there's not much we can do about it. And that, is the bottomline.

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