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Foto(s) Friday

Remember I promised to post snaps from last week’s training? I finally got the time to download those images from my cellphone to my PC!

Without much ado, ladies and gentlemen, Let me present to you the collection of snaps taken from a fatigued mind and restless body –

Testing the ‘Effects’ option on my Nokia –

False Colour


Black & White


There were a zillion bottles of Bisleri consumed. It was surprising, because the training hall was a close cousin of the Tundra. I suspect the victims consumed all that water in order to take extra loo breaks and escape the chill 😉


More bottles

Some more bottles

That snazzy orange purse belongs to me. Gifted by Aapa when she used to live in the land of the Sheikhs! Alas, she’s back! And the stock of snazzy handbags depletes 😩

For a better view of the bag –


I like the curly design 🙂

Our table had a martini glass piled with mentos. The best part was that after every break the hotel staff kept replenishing the glass. LOVE them 🙂

Orange Mentos on Day1

Pink Mentos on Day2

My only grouse was that they didn’t change the flowers from Day1. So by Day2, the charming little flower pot had droopy carnations and orchids struggling to hold their head high! For the record, they looked like this on Day1 –


I think I fell in love with the ceiling lamp holders. They had a zig-zag pattern and looked like draped cloth around light bulbs. Very pretty 🙂 –

Ceiling lamps

Close-up of the lamps

Also loved the chandeliers in the Buffet hall. They looked expensive at the first sight. But on closer inspection, found that they weren’t really that heavy. The glass balls were delicate, but definitely cheap. Nevertheles, it looked pretty and bounced off colorful light all around –

The chandeliers

I must have clicked a hundred snaps of my Kada, trying my best to get a clear pic of it. But somehow my cellphone just couldn’t capture a clear image. The nearest I could get to is this –

Sparkly kadas gifted by Shital

An oh, in case you guys were wondering whether I did anything other than going click-happy, let me state that I did raise a few poignant questions which the trainer gladly answered

The microphone

And since I’ve been rather lax in posting lately, let me come out of hiding and show you all what I look like. A walking advertisement for dental fixtures, thats what –

Thats me

By the way, this snap is from Day2 and let me tell you, those socks were much needed. I survived because of them 😀

Mucho hugs and love to all of you who keep dropping by even though I rarely oblige with a post these days!

Life’s rather tough lately and am just crossing my finger,toes and eyes and hoping that this phase passes by soon. Frankly, I’m tired……………

And oh, I’m rather in the dumps today. Suffering a severe case of migraine, headache, whatchamacallit. I rarely get headaches and by that measure, I’m unable to understand why my head screams in agony when I move it even an inch. I dare not turn my head all of a sudden, rather, I slowly swivel my neck. Creepy, I agree, but what to do 😩

Remedies anyone??

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Ummm… Am not really sure if anyone’s reading this, but in case you are, here’s a big “HI!!” from me 🙂

Regular readers would know that I’ve been kind of occupied lately. Its been a torture, staying away from the blog for so long. There are a zillion thoughts and ideas which are practically bursting out of my head and I’m not able to get that small slice of time in which to put them down. Anyhow, now that I’ve made some time today to login to my account, I might as well tell you what’s been the latest update in my household.

The GMIL is much better now (Alhamdulillah!). She’s still in the hospital though. But her mood is far peppier than before and she’s quick to curse the absconding maids. Yup! She’s getting better alright  😀 . Alas, the granny who stays on the ground floor of our building fell down the other day and had a similar hair-line fracture on her hip. luckily, she doesn’t need an operation. Just plenty of bed rest. I guess this is the season for bad falls 😩 . The FIL doesn’t miss reiterating why exactly tiled floors are a health hazard. I sure see his point now. Though the house looks smart, it’s not the safest when you have kids and older people around. Spilled water is more difficult to see and slipping on it is a common activity. Its one of the reasons we haven’t moved to any of the new apartments. Tiled floors are in fashion these days and the FIL just doesn’t want to risk it. He’s right, of course .

There is a spate of weddings going on (I guess I’d mentioned that already ) and its again rather hectic, hurrying from home to office to wedding to hospital and then back home. Unlike other times, I’m not much involved in the weddings now. I care a hoot about what to wear and what accessories to pile on. Not sure if this is a good change or a bad change, but I’m seriously put off by weddings. Though I drag poor Prachi (the nanny) around, I end up spending time with her and the kids outside the venue rather than inside it. I no more enjoy discussing the bride’s outfit or what other people have worn. I attend, play with the kids, feed them, have dinner myself and then leave before the others. I guess most relatives have noticed that I’m not as involved as the MIL. But my argument is that when there are already a hundred older relatives to look into the matters, what is the need for me to butt my head in and pester others with my ideas. I did get a few coy comments on leaving early and every time, I take refuge in saying that I need to drop Prachi back home and that’s why the hurry. Lately, I don’t even need to ask the MIL. She herself (or sometimes the FIL or BF) come up to me and ask me to feed the kids and leave early. I’m GLAD I have such an understanding family 😀

Since I’m not involved directly with the crowd, I’m taking pleasure in observing people these days. So whether it is at the hospital, or weddings or trainings, I’m getting my kicks out of watching people go about their business and wondering why they do the stuff they do. Like at a recent wedding, why did the groom’s sister make the big fuss about the food and practically throw her plate at the waiter? Why did she do that when she was all hugs and kisses with the bride’s family and even the bride throughout the evening and even afterwards?!Why did another groom-party create a scene after the wedding when it was time for them to go. Maybe they felt bad that the groom, instead of bringing the bride home, was taking her to his new apartment. But this decision was taken before the wedding. Why didn’t they object then?! Why bring it up after? What was the purpose in humiliating the bride’s family when they had no hand in this decision?

The training I attended last week was conducted by an Ukranian. This guy must have requested the crowd a zillion times to enter the training hall in time after breaks. But alas, we Indians only understand IST. So people were happily walking in even as he began the session 15 minutes after the scheduled time. The trainer looked at his watch pointedly whenever anyone walked in mid-way, but being thick-skinned, it just didn’t matter to the late-comers!! We didn’t make a good impression, I’m sure. At least, going by the way he cracked a couple of un-funny jokes at our tardiness. Unfortunately, most of the jokes were for the benefit of us people who were on time, who were punctual! Reminds me of the line I once had as my Gtalk status – “The problem with being punctual is that there is no one around to appreciate it”. True!

What do you say about hospital authorities whose attitude changes with respect to who’s paying? Since the GMIL’s treatment is being covered under the FIL’s medical insurance, we don’t have to pay for the surgeries and other treatments. I remember how the staff was fawning over granny when we first brought her in. Maybe it had something to do with the private room we booked for her. But once the staff came to know that we aren’t really spending from our pocket (we pay for the room charges, nothing more), there’s been a marked change in attitude. We now have to pester the nurses or the housekeeping staff to administer granny’s saline or to change sheets or to attend to her. They have stopped responding to the bell call. The only way to get anything done is to walk up to the nurses station and make sure the needed person walks back with us. Kind of grating, we even pondered about reporting this callous attitude, but to whom?!! All of them are alike, doctors included 😩

Anyhow, I’m enjoying this silent spectator mode for a while. Sometimes, its good to keep oneself away from the big picture and see things from a general point of view. I’ve become rather contemplative lately, but it can easily be attribute it to workload at home and work. Hope this phase doesn’t last long, because its, you know, so out-of-character for me 😀 . I have to be there, do that!! And I’m not there doing anything right now.

How I’ve changed 😐

Is this called growing old?

If yes, then someone please rescue me.


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Back after some training

Hello people 🙂

A VERY Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all of you .

Just in case you were wondering, I was away for a two-day training conducted by the client side. I’m back in office today and I MUST say this – Hotel food sucks BIG time. Specially the starry, high-end uppity ones which cater to the white crowd. So we had chicken curry which was sweet, pasta that was practically raw, boiled potatoes which were just that – boiled. No spices, no salt. Roasted fish had only butter and lemon for seasoning, Shahi-paneer looked like chunks of paneer dipped in Cerelac (yes, it was white,gooey AND  sweet!!) and Dal Makhani did not have any rajma in it (can you believe it?!! No Rajma 😐 !!) . As usual, the desserts saved the day . What would we do without strawberry soufflĂ©, brownies and hot gajar-halwa dropped over Vanilla ice-cream laced with hot chocolate sauce and fresh fruit on the side ?!!! Yummmmm 🙂 . To be fair, the breakfast was reasonably satisfactory. The sandwiches were crisp and not soggy, the Upma was full of flavour and right consistency and one can never go wrong with cereal. It was the tea that ruined an otherwise perfect meal. It was watery and bland, no aroma, no taste. After the first sip, I vowed to stick to coffee for the rest of the two days.

Anyhow, the training was on Agile Scrum ( I’ll not bother you all with the technical details) and there were around 120 people involved. It was good because unlike regular classroom trainings, this was very interactive. Even the seating was good, with us sitting on round tables team-wise. It helped that we could talk, chat, crack jokes and do our best NOT to fall asleep in the second half 😛 . It also helped that we had Martini glasses piled high with Mentos and Hershey’s to keep us awake (tell me frankly, did you really think they served us Martinis in that Martini glass 😉  ?! They generally don’t do that for trainings you know  😀 ) .


 This was how the room looked when I dropped by early –


Spot me !!


This is how it looked after everyone was seated –

Thats me the trainer's(standing on the left) talking to


It was a good two days, though tiring, because the venue was miles away from my place. The only grating part was that after a full day of training, I had to report back to work in the evening to complete some deliverables. Arrgh!! But I liked the experience. The trainer, Alex Yakyma was very technically sound. He’s Ukranian and speaks English so clearly, enunciating each word for its impact, that it almost made it difficult to follow him initially. I guess it would take an enormous amount of self-control on my part to speak that slowly and clearly, being so used to blurting out stuff at break-neck speed no matter if someone got it or not 😩

By the way, in one of the interactive sessions, I lost out on the matryoshka doll to another guy even though I had found the answer to the trainer’s query. Alas, that guy was quicker and answered first. Am still in envy of him 😩

At other times, when I was done with the activity (and others were still at it) I took some time to go click-happy with my cellphone. I’m yet to download them, so apologies. I may post them sometime this week, though let me warn you, they are mostly snaps of Bisleri bottles because that is exactly what our tables were piled with. I even tried out the different picture modes on my cell 🙂

Gotta get back to work now peeps 😩

There’s a LOT to be done before EOD today and I think I’m already lagging behind schedule.

PS : As you can see, the dark clouds of despondency have lifted a wee bit. They haven’t completely dispersed yet, still hanging up there reminding us that its not all over yet!!  GMIL is better, but it would take another week to get her home. We’ve come this far…..I think another week won’t really eat into my reserve of patience 🙂

Thanks to ALL of you who came up with some really supportive comments. I felt oodles better right away 🙂

A BIG Muaaah!! to you all.


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!!(Long post alert)!!

I’m not sure if the word ‘Trap’ is appropriate for what I think, but then you decide at the end fo this post if there could be an alternative word that could best describe the circumstance.

For the last 3 months now, the GMIL is bed-ridden. A freak fracture, followed by two major operations and one minor has left her rather weak. The first operation was to place metal plates and screws around the fracture to support it.  The stitches had healed admirably and she was back home after a 2-week stay at the hospital.The first month after that, she was bed-ridden. After that, the doctors suggested that she start walking, which she did. It had come to the stage where the granny could hobble to the bathroom using a walker and bathe herself. It was an achievement of sorts, given her age and weight (she is a little on the heavier side).

But the constant pain in her leg would not subside. One day, her leg started swelling up once again. A scheduled visit to the hospital and a couple of x-rays later, it was revealed that the screws were eating up into her bones which were heavily afflicted with osteoporosis. The doctors suggested removing the plates, cutting out the existing joint and replacing it with a steel ball-and-socket hip joint . Why this suggestion didn’t come up earlier, we will never find out. Anyway, the operation was a long one ( 6 hours) and by the end of it, it took a toll on granny’s stamina. It took her more than three days to come out of the after-affects of the anesthesia. For nearly 10 days after the operation, her condition was just the same as was post operation. This, obviously worried the family to bits.  The third operation was to perform skin debridement, remove the staples which had become loose and stitch up the wound the conventional way. This was needed because granny’s wound continued to seep pus and blood and refused to fuse. But the worst part that disheartens us is that the normally upbeat granny is no longer her self. After the first operation, she was raring to get up and about. She ate as was ordered, had medicines on time and was essentially, an ideal patient. It would take her 15 minutes to get up from a chair. She would struggle for those 15 minutes, but not take help from anyone.

This time around, things are different. The GMIL is no longer peppy. She is exhausted, tired and just simply frustrated with her state. She refuses food and even protests when being medicated. The eager conversations of before have stopped. She barely talks to anyone and only replies if asked a question. Her eyes are dull and we can see that this time, the pain is beyond her comprehension. She just wants a way out, at her age (heck, at any age), this kind of pain is not worth going through. But it has to be this way. It doesn’t give us any pleasure to see her like this. Its hard on the family, specially the men, who’ve been pampered silly by the old lady. And sometimes, when the FIL stands besides her bed, stroking her hair, we can see him struggling to control his tears. Sometimes, when he thinks no one’s watching, a couple of them escape.

I know that the GMIL is a tough cookie. The MIL knows it too. We do because we haven’t been pampered silly. We know that she’s tough, because she’s been like that all her life. And maybe thats why, the MIL is so clinical about this situation. She has done all that she could for granny. Everything that was in her hands. I’ve seen MIL being very practical about granny’s situation. If she gets emotional, its only because she sees the FIL or her sons get upset.  I see her performing the role of a daughter-in-law with devotion and dedication.  Her actions speak more about a sense of obligation and duty, than love. Because after years of abuse, it is difficult to ‘love’ a person, however much ill they might be. Don’t get me wrong and assume that the MIL hates the GMIL. On the contrary, MIL is grateful to GMIL for looking after her kids in her absence when she was out working. I’m talking about the kind of love that comes from within. The kind we reserve for our mothers. The kind we hold dear for our kids, for people close to us. Slowly, but surely, I’ve come to realize that the MIL does not love the GMIL that way. At least not in a way that would make the MIL give up her job, her other responsibilities to look after the GMIL personally.

Unfortunately, the GMIL realizes this fact too. So though we were ready to keep a full-time nurse for the GMIL, she insisted that we call her daughter to stay with her. Thankfully, the aunt accepted our request. The last few months have been trying on everyone. Though the aunt tends to granny, there is the other matter of someone to look after the kids (other than the nanny). For the last two weeks, we have all been juggling our time to accommodate work, home, kids and hospital. The MIL is the biggest casualty because she had to take the maximum number of leaves from work. I couldn’t, given the stringent timelines set by the new Project Management people. The men had their own share of professional commitments, but still, we all bent the rules and made sure we were able to give time all around (this is one reason for the limited posts on this blog).

Last Friday, I went to the hospital after work and found all the other family members there. The third operation was unscheduled and the GMIL was just brought back to her room when I walked in. Seeing the grim faces of the men, I feared the worst. But it was the look on the BF’s face that broke my heart. I know he’s rather close to his granny. He was the one patiently waiting outside the operation theatre all the three times. He’s the one who’s pestering the doctors about granny. And each time, he looks a lot more despondent. This last time, he hugged his granny close and murmured into her ears. He wouldn’t confide what he told her.I’m okay with it, really. They do have a secret bond and I’m happy to stay out of that sacred circle. Thankfully, the GMIL is much better now (relatively) (Alhamdulillah). We hope to bring her back home by this weekend. After that, its going to be another couple of months before she can venture out independently again.

To be honest, I find myself rather detached from this scene. I know I care for the old lady, but my eyes refuse to stream tears looking at her plight. I’m serious, grim, but not morose. I know that the people related to her are fawning over her. She has showered so much love on her people that they all want to be besides her when she is unwell. But as daughters in law, me and my mother in law share a mutual camaraderie in our distance. Surprisingly, I’m as clinical and practical as she is. Which again brings me to the question, what holds the granny back when it comes to us two. Why couldn’t she give us the same love and affection which she showered on her relatives. Clearly, we are outsiders…..and at a crucial time like this, we are still treated the same. The reason granny wanted her daughter by her side is that she always vehemently claimed that she would never be dependent on the MIL. So though the MIL is doing everything she can for the granny, the old lady continues to claim that it is her daughter because of whom she was able to get up and about the first time. I don’t want to dis-credit the aunt. She has also invested a lot of time and effort for her mother, but it hurts to see the MILs efforts shunned so easily. I know that the MIL could have easily given up on her MIL and let the men and aunt handle everything. But she doesn’t. Even though its a thankless job, she does everything she can to make life easier for the granny.

Which brings me to the situation between me and the MIL. Till date, God Bless, we haven’t had any arguments. Being treated her whole life the way she was, MIL made it a point to NOT repeat any of granny’s mistakes. So for anything and everything, she treads cautiously, making sure that I’m not hurt by any of her actions/words,the way she had been hurt. I’m grateful to her that in case of any disagreement, the channel to discuss it with her is open. I don’t need the BF to take my complaint to her. She is approachable and affable. And it also hurts me to see the amount of effort she puts in to make sure I never experience how being in her shoes feels like. Why does she do it? Why does she work so hard on maintaining relationships when no one else cares. The FIL, being an only son, has always kept his mother above his wife or kids. Obviously, this did not bode well with the MIL , yet, she put up with it. She put up with all of granny’s tantrums, abuse and humiliation. GMIL, on her part, belongs to the era when it was fashionable to dominate the DIL, lest she turn around dominate them! I’m surprised the MIL didn’t run miles away by now, the wayI felt like doing the same after staying for one month with the GMIL after my marriage. I swear I accepted the offer from my company only because it arrived at a time when I was ready to call off my marriage to the BF 😐 . Obviously, better sense prevailed and I now live in a state of peaceful acceptance, if not harmony. Here, I must thank the BF profusely, for standing by me and at times, when needed, deflecting GMIL’s ire towards me. It is because of him (and also the MIL) that life at home became tolerable.

But I still wonder…….Why do we do it? Why do we hang on and put up with situations we dont like? Why do people like the GMIL despise us just because we are daughters in law? Why do the men in the family refuse to hear a word against their beloved granny/mother? Why, in spite of doing the best we can for them, we are made to feel lacking? Why do we love our men to the extent that we bear it all?

I guess I’m not making the best arguments in favour of joint families. I know it has its benefits, like the way there are people around to look after my kids while I’m away at work. People who love and care for the kids as much as I do. The FIL gave up on many a job offers because he wanted to stay with and look after his parents. The BF is doing likewise (He is all for staying together , believing in the sanctity of unified families) . I don’t grudge him. If I was in his place, I would possibly do the same for my parents.  The problem being, maybe he isn’t all that aware about the kind of effort it takes to keep the family together. When too many temperaments collide, there is bound to be discord. I’ve seen the MIL struggling valiantly to fight it off and even succeed. It just scares me because I don’t have what it takes to do the same. Alas, I’m not as strong-willed as her. I don’t look forward to having the onus of keeping family together on me. I know I’ll try my best and I also know I’ll fail miserably. And that thought scares the hell out of me!!

Anyway, I guess it all boils down to the blood-and-water theory. At the end of the day, they are all related.

Me and the MIL aren’t. We are just caught up in their relationship web 😐 

( I’m not even sure if this the right anomaly, but at this point, I can’t think of anything closer.)

PS : This is one of the most depressing posts I’ve done and though it looks very dark, do forgive me if I bring out my family in a bad light. That isn’t the intention. They are good people, all of them. Its just that certain social conditioning is tough to break and though I think I’m working on it, fact is that I’m more or less going with the flow. Also, I guess the stress of the last few weeks, coupled with extra work (at home and office) and little sleep is making me miserable and dejected. I might just get up tomorrow, look at what I posted and scream in mortification!!

So help me lord 😐

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Twins Speak

The one stark difference between the twins, is how they speak.

Lui speaks in a garbled way, too fast, too much, lisping, fighting-for-words.

Shobs thinks over, frames his sentences and then speaks out. Needless to say, he is more coherent, has a better vocabulary and can communicate better.

One such gem from him this morning :-

The BF got ready for work before me today. He had to leave early nad so went for a bath first. Unused to seeing his Dad getting dressed before his mother, little Shobs walks up to his father.

Shobs : Abu, Kiddar ja rahe?

BF : Office betu.

Shobs : Aap office nahin jao.

BF : Kyun?

Shobs : Aap mumma ko chhodke nahi jao.

BF : 😐

Me : 😐

Shobs : Mumma aapko naashta deti hai na?!

We burst out laughing 😀

Shobs was warning his Dad not to leave unless I give him breakfast first 🙂

A similar conversation with Lui a couple of days back went like this :-

Lui : Mumma aap office nai jao.

Me : I have to dear. Kaam hai na.

Lui : Aap kaam nai karo.

Me : Karna padhta hai. Nahin to mummy ke manager ko gussa aayega.

Lui : (thinking over this scenario deeply) Aapke, aapke…. *looking up* aapke aapke *looking lost now* aapke aapke aapke  manje ko cary monther marega. Ha-aaan!!

Me : 😐 Oh! Ok 🙂

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Hello hello.

I’m back, if you’d like to know.

A lot tired and worn out. But back 🙂

Things have been awfully hectic these past few days and I seriously don’t know where to begin. GMIL is still in the hospital, the nanny was ill for the last 4-5 days and I wasn’t keeping well either ( Not that anyone was paying attention to poor ol’ me ).

I spent the weekend cooking, some more cooking and then minding the twins (which I swear, is the most daunting task ever!!) In between, I did take a break and attend a house-warming function held by a dear friend at work. Took the kids along , since I rarely take them out these days. Thankfully, they weren’t unruly. Just mischievous and full of love for another friend’s baby. Other than that, they ate their potatoes and papad and jalebis and didn’t fuss much when I sneaked in mouthfuls of rice. Excellent progress in public behaviour, if I say so myself 🙂

My friend, the host, had her family over for the function. She is the eldest of three daughters. One of her sisters is also married and the other one is studying. Now the point I’m getting to is that her mother has adopted a three-month-old baby boy ! What a fantabulous thing to do! I mean, at an age when most parents hang up their boots, here is one couple who’s taking the plunge in baby-rearing once again! What stamina, I tell you!!

Obviously, since her mom has set such a shining example, my friend has decided to adopt a baby herself! I swear, we need more such people like them.  It helps that they have a supportive family around them. These are the small examples which make all the difference 🙂

I guess it was the first office-friends get-together that the BF attended. As usual, he was his shy, reserved self, more mindful about the kids than his bumbling, chattering wife (towards whom he was most ignorant). We couldn’t stay there long as he had a society meeting to attend. A hasty goodbye later, we left for home.


Took the kids out to meet the GMIL last Sunday. Now once in a  while, the BF insists on taking the kids along on the bike. The weather being sultry, a cool dash on the bike seemed the right thing to too. Settling ourselves together,off we went. What a ride! Shobs shrieked in pleasure as the wind whipped his cheeks. He hollered and yelled and I suspect even yoddled!! Lui, meanwhile updated me regularly on the many buses she saw on the road.

While returning, Shobs sat between me and the BF and Lui sat in front of her father. A couple of minutes into the drive, Shobs asks me, “Mumma, moon dekho. Woh kiddar se aaya?”

So I went off into a litany of how the moon is always accompanying us and how God has sent it down to look over little kids and the like. A decent mixture of science and fiction. Because they are too young to understand the real truth 😀 !!

Anyhow, two minutes after my answer, Shobs stares up at the moon solemnly, point a finger upwards and asks, “Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

Clearly, he wasn’t paying attention the first time! the bugger!

So I started off all over again. Gave him the script once again. He just looked serious through it all. As I was done, he asks, “Mumma, moom kiddar se aaya?”


I gave a one-liner.

“Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

“From hell”, I replied.

“Nai nai mumma. Moon kiddar se aaya??”

By this time, I was ready to call it quits. Though we were a very short distance from home, I asked the BF to swap the kids. Once again, Shobs went back to spreading his arms and shouting out loud and I was happily cuddling up with Lui.

“Mumma, woh dekho moon!!” She exclaimed.

GOSH!! Not again, I moaned. But before I could answer, we were back in the parking!

Thank you God. THANK YOU 🙂


Its been awful at work lately. I mean, it isn’t the work that’s to blame. Its the hectic schedule between home, hospital and work which is to blame. Though the operation went well this time too, the GMIL is not as peppy as before. She lost a lot of blood too. The docs had to remove the steel plates and screws and cut out the hip-joint itself. She now has a shiny new hip-joint in place but its not giving her any relief either. Severe osteoporosis is taking a toll on her bones and recovery is slow. We’re doing our best to cheer her up. Frankly, she’s just tired of the agony of it all. God knows we would do everything in our capacity to relieve her pain. Its just that she now feels guilty of causing trouble and goes into further gloom 😩

Thankfully, the BF’s aunts are staying back to help us out. Unfortunately for the MIL and me, it is that time of the year when we are both neck-deep in work. The MIL did take a few days off from her school, but it was to stay with the kids at home than with GMIL in the hospital. The nanny’s been rather ill lately and we gave her leave to recuperate in peace. Thankfully, she’s back to work now 🙂

I now prepare the meals for GMIL and the aunts and also drop the lunch box at the hospital before proceeding to work. The only problem is that the hospital and the office are at different ends from my place and it becomes a very long drive by the time I reach office. Once at work, I’m so bushed that its difficult to concentrate. It doesn’t help that I’m still sniffling because of that dratted cold 😩

I have loads to do, and so little inclination 😩


Appraisal time is here.


Time to fight for my rights and better pay.

Time to make my managers aware of all that I’ve achieved this last year (not much).

Time to bring out the swords and the shields, brasso them and keep them handy.

Time to rummage through the archives, hunting for all the appreciation mails I’ve received.

Time to stop expecting anything to go my way (if it does go my way, I’ll have more reason to celebrate, right?)

Time to log in to the VPN and fill out that Self-Appraisal form.

Time to bid y’all good bye.

For today .

Have a great day people 🙂


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Out of Action

I’m down with the cold.

Plus cough.

Plus fever.

Didn’t report to work today.

The twins are driving me crazy. Can’t blame them. They rarely get their mother to themselves 😀

Since they too are suffering from cold (I got it from them), I’m not shying away from contact games. Though frankly, I’m awfully tired and can barely talk.

They, on the other hand, are full of beans and energizer batteries 😩

Sniffles cant keep them down, whereas I’m drowning in misery!

I hope they appreciate the benefit of age !

I, for one, am sorely missing youth!!

And the BF.


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Hiya Friends.

I’ve been pretty busy at work lately and have very little time to blog 😩

Yesterday was a day of recharged citizens and cricket conversations. For the record, I took an active participation in all the cric-conversations  though I know zilch about the game. You couldn’t have figured that out if I hadn’t told you, I was that good 😀

Today is no better. I’m neck-deep in work and now, after coming back from a lunch with BFS, I’m stuffed to the gills and need cellotape to keep my eye-lids open.

Anyhow, I’ll take the effort and update you about the weekend 🙂

This weekend was much like the ones before it, though I have mixed reactions to all that was/is happening around me. Quite a mixture, I admit. Read on, if you aren’t bored already 🙂

We had our fair share of cricket craziness on Saturday. The BF glued himself to the couch in front of the TV and changed from a silent, charming gentleman to a profanity-spewing, frothing-at-the-mouth species (which I would NOT relate to anything human!). Thankfully, by Sunday morning, he recovered enough to be back to his normal self.

As for me, well……..frankly, I don’t dig cricket much. Win-win lose-lose, it’s all the same, it’s just a game!! I used up the time by making sure the twins stayed out of the BF’s way, cotton balls firmly clogging their ears (wouldn’t want the kids to hear too much swearing, you know!) and I personally got down to making ‘besan ke laddoo’ with my own two hands. Alas, right after I was done and was doing the rounds of the house, I found, to my utter dismay, that NONE of the family members is keen on besan-ke-laddoo,whoever’s hands they might be made from! The MIL was encouraging though. She claimed they were purrrfect and had a couple to convince me. I had a couple myself and was convinced. They were damn good, I must say 😀

Next time, I’ll stick to Gulab-Jamuns which are everyone’s favourite. Plus, they come in ready-made packs. Saves me half the trouble 😀

PS:  a snippet of conversation with the BF :-

Me : SL is batting first?

BF : *grunt*

Me : (pointing to Indian team) They lost the toss??

BF :  (glaring ) WE lost the toss 👿

Point noted, M’lord.


The nanny bunked on Sunday (I’m drafting a BIG post on why we are still not kicking her out. Will post it soon. I promise). I had a hundred things on my shopping list , but once again, it’s on hold. I’m taking a 2-week break in May to visit the parents and wanted to buy some stuff for them. But as usual, looks like I’ll be dumping last-minute bought stuff in my luggage 😩 .

But hey, I made Pongal for breakfast on Sunday and guess who LOVED it??

The GMIL!!

“Hey Bhagwan!! Mera jeevan safal ho gaya” 

Jokes apart, for once, the GMIL really, really liked what she was eating, in spite of her never seeing it before in her entire life! For the record, the ONLY cuisine the granny likes is what she knows how to cook. Everything else is worthy of the trash can!

Needless to say, I’m tickled pink since Sunday 🙂


While on Granny, guys, the poor dear is hospitalized today. By the time I hit publish, she would have come out of the op-theatre. Apparently, the metal rods in her thigh were causing her much grief. Though she had started walking a bit using the walker, it wasn’t without much pain. The last X-ray revealed that the metal rods and screws were digging into her flesh the wrong way . The operation today is to remove the rods and place some other contraption in its place (not sure exactly what it is).

At her age, I can only imagine the agony of going through another thigh-long cut and stitches. Hopefully, this time the operation will be better and healing as good as before. Unfortunately, the GMIL is not as peppy this time as she was before. She even sobbed last saturday because she hated being dependent on others. I hold myself to blame partially. Actually, with India winning the match and the fire-crackers and hooting and loud music everywhere, I didn’t hear the granny calling out to me. She needed to use the bed-pan and by the time I heard her and responded in the like, it was almost 40 minutes. She cried then, because she had to hold on till someone heard her. I felt like a sack of rotten eggs then.

But I was glad when she cheered up the next morning after the pongal breakfast. Pat-on-the-back, if I say so myself 😀

Do pray for her. She needs all the prayers and love you people can send across.

Thanks 🙂


We took the twins to a park on Sunday (Sarasbaug, for the Puneites). This park is famous for having loads of fun rides and eating joints lining the street outside. The twins had fun on some of the rides, though they refused to show their pleasure!! If you see the snaps, they look like the cheeriest couple of kids this side of the GMT.


They look like this :-

While riding elephants

While driving a jeep

Awfully pleased with the ball

Bursting with joy at the idea of posing!

In my defense, I can say that the kids refused to get off once the rides were over. Its just that they aren’t very expressive about it, are they?!

Or maybe, they are just hungry!

(Or was it me?)

The BF refused to buy anything other than a ball and a balloon for the two.

Cotton candy?, I cooed.

No, he said.

Paani-puri?, I wheedled.

Of course not. Not from here, he reasoned.

Bhutta?? I squeaked, glancing longingly at the roasting maize.

And who will look after the kids, he countered.







I returned home as grumpy as the kids. Swore to the MIL that I’m NEVER taking that man to a park again. The MIL was equally aghast at the no-food n0-drink curfew set by the BF. She wiped the tears off my cheeks and consoled that henceforth only the two of us shall take the kids out to Sarasbaug. I sniffled back in pleasure 🙂

And so folks, that’s how I’ve been busy. How about y’all?? Do drop me a line about your weekend 🙂

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Today’s post is VERY random.

There are a hundred things I feel I need to write about now, but, given the fact that I’m busy and also a born procrastinator, am taking the easier route and updating about some latest happenings from the MomOfRS householdï»żï»żï»żï»ż. Also, I need to put down stuff about what I think about issues (which otherwise, NO ONE bothers to listen to!!).

1) It’s the season of marriages! There are three lined up within the next two months itself. Whats more, they are all first cousins of the BF, so attendance is a MUST.

What I’m ticked about is the fact that all are love marriages 🙂

Finally, finally, I see the barriers breaking. Me and the BF feel vindicated. Am sure these kiddos must be thanking their Bro for opening up the gates for them 😀

2) We were asked to wear BLUE to office today, in support of our Indian Cricket team (I know, the match is tomorrow, but then, we wont be in office tomorrow, right?)

When I came in this morning, there were only a handful of people who had remembered. Alas, I was one of them. Can you believe it? A non-cricket-lover actually turning up to cheer the Indian team?!

But then, the mail said, “Cheer the Men in Blue”. I was kinda doubtful about me loyalties. You see, the SL team wears blue too!! So which team are we really rooting for?!

BTW, I kinda look like this today –

As you can see, I’m happy. Actually I’m not. That’s my regular grin. When I’m REALLY happy, I look worse. Thankfully, I don’t have any snaps in that emotion. You are saved , I guess 🙂

3) A few days back, I’d posted about Dad and the golf-ball joke.

Well, for people who’ve been asking, Dad didn’t suffer a fracture. But he’s now suffering something worse!

A root canal.

Apparently, some blood got clogged in one of his molars which resulted in acute pain. The only option was a root-canal surgery (which people who’ve been through it once , will empathize with). The op was yesterday and Dad’s doing fine. Except, he can’t talk (a fate worse than death for me 😐 )

Anyhow, thanks y’all for the good wishes 🙂 . Much appreciated 🙂

4) Tomorrow’s the day when we take the GMIL to the doctor’s for another check-up.

Tomorrow’s the day I promised Aapa I would go shopping with her.

Dilemma. Priorities. And what not!!

I’m going to play the sentiment card on the BF and see if I can cajole him to accompany Gran tomorrow. After all , I’ve been with her for ALL her visits, can’t I be spared this one time?

And also, isn’t he her most laadla pota, the guy she pampered senseless (and poor me have to face the brunt of it!). She’s the one for whom he rejected a dozen onsite offers.

As for me, I’m the notorious girl who ensnared her darling boy. An outcast for most occasions, but useful at others.

Sigh. I have my plus points 😀

But I guess this is the time for him to prove the blood-water-thickness-theory! Wish me luck as I go at him today!

5) Its 6pm now and though I’d planned to leave early today, I’m still stuck in office. You know why??

Because I HAD To blog. There. I confessed. Am addicted.

Woe me 😩

Anyhow, I think I’ll bid adieu now and catch up with y’all next week (of course I’ll be unavailable for the weekend!!)

Take care folks. And have a great weekend ahead.

(Also, hoping that India wins. I swear 😐 )

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