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Today’s post is VERY random.

There are a hundred things I feel I need to write about now, but, given the fact that I’m busy and also a born procrastinator, am taking the easier route and updating about some latest happenings from the MomOfRS household. Also, I need to put down stuff about what I think about issues (which otherwise, NO ONE bothers to listen to!!).

1) It’s the season of marriages! There are three lined up within the next two months itself. Whats more, they are all first cousins of the BF, so attendance is a MUST.

What I’m ticked about is the fact that all are love marriages 🙂

Finally, finally, I see the barriers breaking. Me and the BF feel vindicated. Am sure these kiddos must be thanking their Bro for opening up the gates for them 😀

2) We were asked to wear BLUE to office today, in support of our Indian Cricket team (I know, the match is tomorrow, but then, we wont be in office tomorrow, right?)

When I came in this morning, there were only a handful of people who had remembered. Alas, I was one of them. Can you believe it? A non-cricket-lover actually turning up to cheer the Indian team?!

But then, the mail said, “Cheer the Men in Blue”. I was kinda doubtful about me loyalties. You see, the SL team wears blue too!! So which team are we really rooting for?!

BTW, I kinda look like this today –

As you can see, I’m happy. Actually I’m not. That’s my regular grin. When I’m REALLY happy, I look worse. Thankfully, I don’t have any snaps in that emotion. You are saved , I guess 🙂

3) A few days back, I’d posted about Dad and the golf-ball joke.

Well, for people who’ve been asking, Dad didn’t suffer a fracture. But he’s now suffering something worse!

A root canal.

Apparently, some blood got clogged in one of his molars which resulted in acute pain. The only option was a root-canal surgery (which people who’ve been through it once , will empathize with). The op was yesterday and Dad’s doing fine. Except, he can’t talk (a fate worse than death for me 😐 )

Anyhow, thanks y’all for the good wishes 🙂 . Much appreciated 🙂

4) Tomorrow’s the day when we take the GMIL to the doctor’s for another check-up.

Tomorrow’s the day I promised Aapa I would go shopping with her.

Dilemma. Priorities. And what not!!

I’m going to play the sentiment card on the BF and see if I can cajole him to accompany Gran tomorrow. After all , I’ve been with her for ALL her visits, can’t I be spared this one time?

And also, isn’t he her most laadla pota, the guy she pampered senseless (and poor me have to face the brunt of it!). She’s the one for whom he rejected a dozen onsite offers.

As for me, I’m the notorious girl who ensnared her darling boy. An outcast for most occasions, but useful at others.

Sigh. I have my plus points 😀

But I guess this is the time for him to prove the blood-water-thickness-theory! Wish me luck as I go at him today!

5) Its 6pm now and though I’d planned to leave early today, I’m still stuck in office. You know why??

Because I HAD To blog. There. I confessed. Am addicted.

Woe me 😦

Anyhow, I think I’ll bid adieu now and catch up with y’all next week (of course I’ll be unavailable for the weekend!!)

Take care folks. And have a great weekend ahead.

(Also, hoping that India wins. I swear 😐 )

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