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Hello hello.

I’m back, if you’d like to know.

A lot tired and worn out. But back 🙂

Things have been awfully hectic these past few days and I seriously don’t know where to begin. GMIL is still in the hospital, the nanny was ill for the last 4-5 days and I wasn’t keeping well either ( Not that anyone was paying attention to poor ol’ me ).

I spent the weekend cooking, some more cooking and then minding the twins (which I swear, is the most daunting task ever!!) In between, I did take a break and attend a house-warming function held by a dear friend at work. Took the kids along , since I rarely take them out these days. Thankfully, they weren’t unruly. Just mischievous and full of love for another friend’s baby. Other than that, they ate their potatoes and papad and jalebis and didn’t fuss much when I sneaked in mouthfuls of rice. Excellent progress in public behaviour, if I say so myself 🙂

My friend, the host, had her family over for the function. She is the eldest of three daughters. One of her sisters is also married and the other one is studying. Now the point I’m getting to is that her mother has adopted a three-month-old baby boy ! What a fantabulous thing to do! I mean, at an age when most parents hang up their boots, here is one couple who’s taking the plunge in baby-rearing once again! What stamina, I tell you!!

Obviously, since her mom has set such a shining example, my friend has decided to adopt a baby herself! I swear, we need more such people like them.  It helps that they have a supportive family around them. These are the small examples which make all the difference 🙂

I guess it was the first office-friends get-together that the BF attended. As usual, he was his shy, reserved self, more mindful about the kids than his bumbling, chattering wife (towards whom he was most ignorant). We couldn’t stay there long as he had a society meeting to attend. A hasty goodbye later, we left for home.


Took the kids out to meet the GMIL last Sunday. Now once in a  while, the BF insists on taking the kids along on the bike. The weather being sultry, a cool dash on the bike seemed the right thing to too. Settling ourselves together,off we went. What a ride! Shobs shrieked in pleasure as the wind whipped his cheeks. He hollered and yelled and I suspect even yoddled!! Lui, meanwhile updated me regularly on the many buses she saw on the road.

While returning, Shobs sat between me and the BF and Lui sat in front of her father. A couple of minutes into the drive, Shobs asks me, “Mumma, moon dekho. Woh kiddar se aaya?”

So I went off into a litany of how the moon is always accompanying us and how God has sent it down to look over little kids and the like. A decent mixture of science and fiction. Because they are too young to understand the real truth 😀 !!

Anyhow, two minutes after my answer, Shobs stares up at the moon solemnly, point a finger upwards and asks, “Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

Clearly, he wasn’t paying attention the first time! the bugger!

So I started off all over again. Gave him the script once again. He just looked serious through it all. As I was done, he asks, “Mumma, moom kiddar se aaya?”


I gave a one-liner.

“Mumma, moon kiddar se aaya”.

“From hell”, I replied.

“Nai nai mumma. Moon kiddar se aaya??”

By this time, I was ready to call it quits. Though we were a very short distance from home, I asked the BF to swap the kids. Once again, Shobs went back to spreading his arms and shouting out loud and I was happily cuddling up with Lui.

“Mumma, woh dekho moon!!” She exclaimed.

GOSH!! Not again, I moaned. But before I could answer, we were back in the parking!

Thank you God. THANK YOU 🙂


Its been awful at work lately. I mean, it isn’t the work that’s to blame. Its the hectic schedule between home, hospital and work which is to blame. Though the operation went well this time too, the GMIL is not as peppy as before. She lost a lot of blood too. The docs had to remove the steel plates and screws and cut out the hip-joint itself. She now has a shiny new hip-joint in place but its not giving her any relief either. Severe osteoporosis is taking a toll on her bones and recovery is slow. We’re doing our best to cheer her up. Frankly, she’s just tired of the agony of it all. God knows we would do everything in our capacity to relieve her pain. Its just that she now feels guilty of causing trouble and goes into further gloom 😦

Thankfully, the BF’s aunts are staying back to help us out. Unfortunately for the MIL and me, it is that time of the year when we are both neck-deep in work. The MIL did take a few days off from her school, but it was to stay with the kids at home than with GMIL in the hospital. The nanny’s been rather ill lately and we gave her leave to recuperate in peace. Thankfully, she’s back to work now 🙂

I now prepare the meals for GMIL and the aunts and also drop the lunch box at the hospital before proceeding to work. The only problem is that the hospital and the office are at different ends from my place and it becomes a very long drive by the time I reach office. Once at work, I’m so bushed that its difficult to concentrate. It doesn’t help that I’m still sniffling because of that dratted cold 😦

I have loads to do, and so little inclination 😦


Appraisal time is here.


Time to fight for my rights and better pay.

Time to make my managers aware of all that I’ve achieved this last year (not much).

Time to bring out the swords and the shields, brasso them and keep them handy.

Time to rummage through the archives, hunting for all the appreciation mails I’ve received.

Time to stop expecting anything to go my way (if it does go my way, I’ll have more reason to celebrate, right?)

Time to log in to the VPN and fill out that Self-Appraisal form.

Time to bid y’all good bye.

For today .

Have a great day people 🙂


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