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Twins Speak

The one stark difference between the twins, is how they speak.

Lui speaks in a garbled way, too fast, too much, lisping, fighting-for-words.

Shobs thinks over, frames his sentences and then speaks out. Needless to say, he is more coherent, has a better vocabulary and can communicate better.

One such gem from him this morning :-

The BF got ready for work before me today. He had to leave early nad so went for a bath first. Unused to seeing his Dad getting dressed before his mother, little Shobs walks up to his father.

Shobs : Abu, Kiddar ja rahe?

BF : Office betu.

Shobs : Aap office nahin jao.

BF : Kyun?

Shobs : Aap mumma ko chhodke nahi jao.

BF : 😐

Me : 😐

Shobs : Mumma aapko naashta deti hai na?!

We burst out laughing πŸ˜€

Shobs was warning his Dad not to leave unless I give him breakfast first πŸ™‚

A similar conversation with Lui a couple of days back went like this :-

Lui : Mumma aap office nai jao.

Me : I have to dear. Kaam hai na.

Lui : Aap kaam nai karo.

Me : Karna padhta hai. Nahin to mummy ke manager ko gussa aayega.

Lui : (thinking over this scenario deeply) Aapke, aapke…. *looking up* aapke aapke *looking lost now* aapke aapke aapke Β manje ko cary monther marega. Ha-aaan!!

Me : 😐 Oh! Ok πŸ™‚

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