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Back after some training

Hello people 🙂

A VERY Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all of you .

Just in case you were wondering, I was away for a two-day training conducted by the client side. I’m back in office today and I MUST say this – Hotel food sucks BIG time. Specially the starry, high-end uppity ones which cater to the white crowd. So we had chicken curry which was sweet, pasta that was practically raw, boiled potatoes which were just that – boiled. No spices, no salt. Roasted fish had only butter and lemon for seasoning, Shahi-paneer looked like chunks of paneer dipped in Cerelac (yes, it was white,gooey AND  sweet!!) and Dal Makhani did not have any rajma in it (can you believe it?!! No Rajma 😐 !!) . As usual, the desserts saved the day . What would we do without strawberry soufflé, brownies and hot gajar-halwa dropped over Vanilla ice-cream laced with hot chocolate sauce and fresh fruit on the side ?!!! Yummmmm 🙂 . To be fair, the breakfast was reasonably satisfactory. The sandwiches were crisp and not soggy, the Upma was full of flavour and right consistency and one can never go wrong with cereal. It was the tea that ruined an otherwise perfect meal. It was watery and bland, no aroma, no taste. After the first sip, I vowed to stick to coffee for the rest of the two days.

Anyhow, the training was on Agile Scrum ( I’ll not bother you all with the technical details) and there were around 120 people involved. It was good because unlike regular classroom trainings, this was very interactive. Even the seating was good, with us sitting on round tables team-wise. It helped that we could talk, chat, crack jokes and do our best NOT to fall asleep in the second half 😛 . It also helped that we had Martini glasses piled high with Mentos and Hershey’s to keep us awake (tell me frankly, did you really think they served us Martinis in that Martini glass 😉  ?! They generally don’t do that for trainings you know  😀 ) .


 This was how the room looked when I dropped by early –


Spot me !!


This is how it looked after everyone was seated –

Thats me the trainer's(standing on the left) talking to


It was a good two days, though tiring, because the venue was miles away from my place. The only grating part was that after a full day of training, I had to report back to work in the evening to complete some deliverables. Arrgh!! But I liked the experience. The trainer, Alex Yakyma was very technically sound. He’s Ukranian and speaks English so clearly, enunciating each word for its impact, that it almost made it difficult to follow him initially. I guess it would take an enormous amount of self-control on my part to speak that slowly and clearly, being so used to blurting out stuff at break-neck speed no matter if someone got it or not 😦

By the way, in one of the interactive sessions, I lost out on the matryoshka doll to another guy even though I had found the answer to the trainer’s query. Alas, that guy was quicker and answered first. Am still in envy of him 😦

At other times, when I was done with the activity (and others were still at it) I took some time to go click-happy with my cellphone. I’m yet to download them, so apologies. I may post them sometime this week, though let me warn you, they are mostly snaps of Bisleri bottles because that is exactly what our tables were piled with. I even tried out the different picture modes on my cell 🙂

Gotta get back to work now peeps 😦

There’s a LOT to be done before EOD today and I think I’m already lagging behind schedule.

PS : As you can see, the dark clouds of despondency have lifted a wee bit. They haven’t completely dispersed yet, still hanging up there reminding us that its not all over yet!!  GMIL is better, but it would take another week to get her home. We’ve come this far…..I think another week won’t really eat into my reserve of patience 🙂

Thanks to ALL of you who came up with some really supportive comments. I felt oodles better right away 🙂

A BIG Muaaah!! to you all.


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