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Ummm… Am not really sure if anyone’s reading this, but in case you are, here’s a big “HI!!” from me 🙂

Regular readers would know that I’ve been kind of occupied lately. Its been a torture, staying away from the blog for so long. There are a zillion thoughts and ideas which are practically bursting out of my head and I’m not able to get that small slice of time in which to put them down. Anyhow, now that I’ve made some time today to login to my account, I might as well tell you what’s been the latest update in my household.

The GMIL is much better now (Alhamdulillah!). She’s still in the hospital though. But her mood is far peppier than before and she’s quick to curse the absconding maids. Yup! She’s getting better alright  😀 . Alas, the granny who stays on the ground floor of our building fell down the other day and had a similar hair-line fracture on her hip. luckily, she doesn’t need an operation. Just plenty of bed rest. I guess this is the season for bad falls 😦 . The FIL doesn’t miss reiterating why exactly tiled floors are a health hazard. I sure see his point now. Though the house looks smart, it’s not the safest when you have kids and older people around. Spilled water is more difficult to see and slipping on it is a common activity. Its one of the reasons we haven’t moved to any of the new apartments. Tiled floors are in fashion these days and the FIL just doesn’t want to risk it. He’s right, of course .

There is a spate of weddings going on (I guess I’d mentioned that already ) and its again rather hectic, hurrying from home to office to wedding to hospital and then back home. Unlike other times, I’m not much involved in the weddings now. I care a hoot about what to wear and what accessories to pile on. Not sure if this is a good change or a bad change, but I’m seriously put off by weddings. Though I drag poor Prachi (the nanny) around, I end up spending time with her and the kids outside the venue rather than inside it. I no more enjoy discussing the bride’s outfit or what other people have worn. I attend, play with the kids, feed them, have dinner myself and then leave before the others. I guess most relatives have noticed that I’m not as involved as the MIL. But my argument is that when there are already a hundred older relatives to look into the matters, what is the need for me to butt my head in and pester others with my ideas. I did get a few coy comments on leaving early and every time, I take refuge in saying that I need to drop Prachi back home and that’s why the hurry. Lately, I don’t even need to ask the MIL. She herself (or sometimes the FIL or BF) come up to me and ask me to feed the kids and leave early. I’m GLAD I have such an understanding family 😀

Since I’m not involved directly with the crowd, I’m taking pleasure in observing people these days. So whether it is at the hospital, or weddings or trainings, I’m getting my kicks out of watching people go about their business and wondering why they do the stuff they do. Like at a recent wedding, why did the groom’s sister make the big fuss about the food and practically throw her plate at the waiter? Why did she do that when she was all hugs and kisses with the bride’s family and even the bride throughout the evening and even afterwards?!Why did another groom-party create a scene after the wedding when it was time for them to go. Maybe they felt bad that the groom, instead of bringing the bride home, was taking her to his new apartment. But this decision was taken before the wedding. Why didn’t they object then?! Why bring it up after? What was the purpose in humiliating the bride’s family when they had no hand in this decision?

The training I attended last week was conducted by an Ukranian. This guy must have requested the crowd a zillion times to enter the training hall in time after breaks. But alas, we Indians only understand IST. So people were happily walking in even as he began the session 15 minutes after the scheduled time. The trainer looked at his watch pointedly whenever anyone walked in mid-way, but being thick-skinned, it just didn’t matter to the late-comers!! We didn’t make a good impression, I’m sure. At least, going by the way he cracked a couple of un-funny jokes at our tardiness. Unfortunately, most of the jokes were for the benefit of us people who were on time, who were punctual! Reminds me of the line I once had as my Gtalk status – “The problem with being punctual is that there is no one around to appreciate it”. True!

What do you say about hospital authorities whose attitude changes with respect to who’s paying? Since the GMIL’s treatment is being covered under the FIL’s medical insurance, we don’t have to pay for the surgeries and other treatments. I remember how the staff was fawning over granny when we first brought her in. Maybe it had something to do with the private room we booked for her. But once the staff came to know that we aren’t really spending from our pocket (we pay for the room charges, nothing more), there’s been a marked change in attitude. We now have to pester the nurses or the housekeeping staff to administer granny’s saline or to change sheets or to attend to her. They have stopped responding to the bell call. The only way to get anything done is to walk up to the nurses station and make sure the needed person walks back with us. Kind of grating, we even pondered about reporting this callous attitude, but to whom?!! All of them are alike, doctors included 😦

Anyhow, I’m enjoying this silent spectator mode for a while. Sometimes, its good to keep oneself away from the big picture and see things from a general point of view. I’ve become rather contemplative lately, but it can easily be attribute it to workload at home and work. Hope this phase doesn’t last long, because its, you know, so out-of-character for me 😀 . I have to be there, do that!! And I’m not there doing anything right now.

How I’ve changed 😐

Is this called growing old?

If yes, then someone please rescue me.


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