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Foto(s) Friday

Remember I promised to post snaps from last week’s training? I finally got the time to download those images from my cellphone to my PC!

Without much ado, ladies and gentlemen, Let me present toΒ you the collection of snaps taken from a fatigued mind and restless body –

Testing the ‘Effects’ option on my Nokia –

False Colour


Black & White


There were a zillion bottles of Bisleri consumed. It was surprising, because the training hall was a close cousin of the Tundra. I suspect the victims consumed all that water in order to take extra loo breaks and escape the chill πŸ˜‰


More bottles

Some more bottles

That snazzy orange purse belongs to me. Gifted by Aapa when she used to live in the land of the Sheikhs! Alas, she’s back! And the stock of snazzy handbags depletes 😦

For a better view of the bag –


I like the curly design πŸ™‚

Our table had a martini glass piled with mentos. The best part was that after every break the hotel staff kept replenishing the glass. LOVE them πŸ™‚

Orange Mentos on Day1

Pink Mentos on Day2

My only grouse was that they didn’t change the flowers from Day1. So by Day2, the charming little flower pot had droopy carnations and orchids struggling to hold their head high! For the record, they looked like this on Day1 –


I think I fell in love with the ceiling lamp holders. They had a zig-zag pattern and looked like draped cloth around light bulbs. Very pretty πŸ™‚ –

Ceiling lamps

Close-up of the lamps

Also loved the chandeliers in the Buffet hall. They looked expensive at the first sight. But on closer inspection, found that they weren’t really that heavy. The glass balls were delicate, but definitely cheap. Nevertheles, it looked pretty and bounced off colorful light all around –

The chandeliers

I must have clicked a hundred snaps of my Kada, trying my best to get a clear pic of it. But somehow my cellphone just couldn’t capture a clear image. The nearest I could get to is this –

Sparkly kadas gifted by Shital

An oh, in case you guys were wondering whether I did anything other than going click-happy, let me state that I did raise a few poignant questions which the trainer gladly answered

The microphone

And since I’ve been rather lax in posting lately, let me come out of hiding and show you all what I look like. A walking advertisement for dental fixtures, thats what –

Thats me

By the way, this snap is from Day2 and let me tell you, those socks were much needed. I survived because of them πŸ˜€

Mucho hugs and love to all of you who keep dropping by even though I rarely oblige with a post these days!

Life’s rather tough lately and am just crossing my finger,toes and eyes and hoping that this phase passes by soon. Frankly, I’m tired……………

And oh, I’m rather in the dumps today. Suffering a severe case of migraine, headache, whatchamacallit. I rarely get headaches and by that measure, I’m unable to understand why my head screams in agony when I move it even an inch. I dare not turn my head all of a sudden, rather, I slowly swivel my neck. Creepy, I agree, but what to do 😦

Remedies anyone??

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