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Have Fun Bro!!


Tomorrow, my brother leaves for a long bike expedition to Leh/Ladakh, starting from Delhi. Being a member of the BikeNomads , rarely does he spend a weekend home.

Sometimes, I envy him, because he gets to visit amazing places  –


Just hang around with buddies, ponder over life’s mysteries  –

Imagine the fun!!

Walk around without a care in the world  –

The Bike Nomads

Go  far and wide, becoming one with nature –

A Looong Drive

Note : Pics stolen from Bro’s Buddy’s Photolog. But naturally 😀 . What are Brother’s Friends for?!

I envy him his enthusiasm. If he can be so energetic post 35, me, at a safe 31 shouldn’t be so lazy, no?!

But then, he doesn’t have the constraints I have (Drat you Bro!! Wish you had Quadruplets!)

Anyhow, so he leaves tomorrow. I’m SO excited!! Leh Ladakh! I mean, its almost like heaven on Earth!

Have fun Bro….take loads of pics. And be safe.

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Having a love-marriage can be tough! Specially so when you have an inherent desire to trot around with a tray of tea and biscuits for prospective in-laws, all coy and shy, head bent to almost touch your tummy and manners gracious enough to be grating 😀

I SO missed out on the fun 😦

I mean, since I was a kid, I had  planned out exactly what I would say to prospective bride-hunters. I recited to myself the questions that I would ask them, the quips I would retort back with and the floundering-and-dropping-tea-on-the-MIL-in-case-I-didn’t-like-her cases.  Clearly, I’m one person who thinks deeply about the future 😐 (going by another truth that at the tender age of 10, my biggest ambition in life was to be a mother! So there !).

Anyhow, I then met the BF and all my dreams went down the drain. No chai-nashta party for me *sob* . In fact, I was so unfortunate that I didn’t even receive a single marriage proposal!! I mean, it was like I was TOTALLY ineligible 😦 . No wonder I took my own route and hitched up with the BF. He’s a guy who wasn’t  interested in looking out for a bride himself. I swear he would have stayed a bachelor if I’d let him go 😐 .

The above context gives an explanation (somewhat) of my Zero experience in  the matter of Bride-Hunting. So what happens when me, the Clueless One is asked to conduct a Bride-Hunt myself?!

Okay, for starters, we are looking out for a bride for the BIL (who is LEAST interested in this topic and any prospective bride’s Bio-Data that we show him). Taking the new-fangled way out, I created a Shaadi.com profile for him and asked him to do the hunt himself. There! Doesn’t that give you an idea my problem-solving skills?? I’m fast, I confess. I catch on to a trend and make the best possible use of it 😀

So whenever the MIL asked me for updates, I checked up with the BF and he replied back saying that he hasn’t found anyone interesting yet. The MIL believes it. I don’t. Frankly, I KNOW that he hasn’t checked his account in ages 🙄 . But then, if a guy isn’t interested, then what’s the whole point in battering your head over bride-hunting for him , I say!! He’ll toe the line whenever he feels right. I’m not the one to push. Never 😐

Does that give me some reprieve then??

Apparently NOT.

The MIL, by virtue of being MIL is not the kinds to leave me alone. Though she knows my views about the process, she continues to question me about the updates on my hunt (which, truly speaking, I had abandoned ages ago 😦 ) . So this weekend, when her sister dropped by, I was asked to accompany the sister to a neighbors house. The aunt was interested in the neighbors daughter for her son. They are a fine family, the neighbors. I wished the aunt good luck. “Not so soon” , said she, “you are coming with me”.


*EGAD* 😯

ME??!! I whimpered?!! (the scream was in my head)

I turned to the MIL to moan my protest, but she brushed aside my protests as though swiping at cobwebs.

What about the kids? I protested.

I’ll look after them, she replied calmly.

What about evening tea?

I’ll make it, piped in the Nanny. I glared at her. Damn girl.Grrrr!!! 👿

What about my beauty sleep? I begged.

What beauty? The MIL inquired.

(Okay, so I totally made up the last two lines. But what the hell. They sound fun 😉 )

Anyhow, crux of the matter was that at 5 pm sharp Sunday evening, me and the aunt strolled over to the neighbors house. I vowed to stay mum (tough task, that. But seriously, what could I talk about?)

A tiny background on the neighbor’s girl-  She’s a doctor (Ayurvedic) same as the aunt’s son(Thats all I know about him). The girl’s parents have set up a clinic for her in their parking area. It’s a pretty big and smart clinic, with all amenities required for a practicing Ayurvedic  doctor (including steam baths, massage tables and traction tables). Obviously, they are pretty well-off.

The girl’s mother opened the door , which directly led us to the clinic. She asked us to sit there while she went back in to call her daughter. Since the aunt was there for her son, I was a tad surprised to see her fidgeting. She looked nervous as hell and kept wiping her face with her hanky.

“Any problem?”, I asked.

“No”, said she.

I was busy tapping my feet when the mother came back in again and served us water. Funny, because we hadn’t even walked 50 yards to reach her place, but still. Its called Mehmaan Nawazi 🙂

The mother of the girl (henceforth referred to as MOTG) sat down with us and asked the aunt about me. The aunt gave the necessary details after which, the MOTG asked me about my kids. Okay now, there is one topic one should NEVER ask me, specially when one is least interested in it. That is, ask me about my babies. I happen to be one of those women who go off into an epic description of their children’s activities right from the time they get up from bed to the time I put them to sleep. Yes, I even talk about their potty habits. So if you are going to glaze out after about 15 minutes, better not ask the question in the first place!! A lesson which I’m sure, the MOTG learnt very well that day. Another reason I refused to stop talking was that, the aunt had surprisingly clamped up. She refused to utter a word. The MOTG didn’t know what to talk about. A rather uncomfortable silence preceded her question about my kids. Naturally I hung on to the topic as long as I could.

Just as the MOTG was ready to fall off her chair out of sheer boredom, her husband walked in.

So the said father, all upright and stern, looked at me questioningly. He knew the aunt, but had never seen me before. Once again, I was introduced to the gentleman.

“So, are you from Pune”, he asked.

“No, not really. My mom’s from Pune, but my Dad’s from Chennai, but they are now settled in Bangalore….”,

“So, you are not really from Pune?”, he clarified

“Err…umm…I was born here…so I guess…..”, I said lamely.

“Where were you before you came here”, he barked

“Bangalore”, I retorted.

“Why is your father in Bangalore and not Chennai?”

“He likes Bangalore”.

“What about your mom?”

“Guess she likes it too”

“What does your father do?”

“He’s a retired Colonel. But he’s into a lot of activities…”

“Which unit?”


“Which Sapper ?”


“What was his last posting?”


By now, I was sweating profusely! I mean, even my In-laws never asked me those many questions in one go. Moreover, I wasn’t the reason why we were there. Just when I was ready to give the old man a piece of my mind (I wanted to , but couldn’t. Of course!) , the aunt chipped in, “We’d like to see the girl , please”.

Oh well. Some other time maybe. I’m not the kinds who take to third degree interrogation lightly. I thought up of a hundred witty remarks to the old man’s questions. I didn’t reply to him with those though 😦 . Pity, because I still seem to be coming up with witty quips . Alas, I doubt we’ll be coming together again for me to use those lines.

Anyway, so this girl comes in with a tray with cups of tea and biscuits (I kid you not!) and I could just look on with envy!! I mean, I ALWAYS wanted to do that!! But the girl….I swear she was the sweetest little thing this side of the country 🙂 . She wore specs but one look at her charming face and you forget that she has glasses on. I mean, the glasses suited her so well. Moreover, I had a real hard time believing she was a practicing doctor. She was so young and fragile 🙂

The girl sat down in a sofa. I looked at her and then looked down. She looked at me and then looked down. The aunt looked at her and looked down. The MOTG and the FOTG looked at us keenly. They didn’t look down.


That was me tapping my feet, albeit silently. I mean, I had NO idea what to do next. If the aunt had clamped up earlier, now she had gone into hiding in her shell. She totally disappeared into herself (she’s shy that way) and the parents of the girl continued to look at me.

“*Cough cough* Ahem. So what are your hobbies?”

Hobbies?? Gosh! Did I actually ask her that?! Hobbies? Really??

She looked a tad unnerved, but calmly replied, “I read when I get the time, but then, I don’t usually get the time to read. I’m rather busy with my practice”.

Point noted. Self-kick inflicted. Lesson learnt.

The MOTG and FOTG continued to stare.

“Err….umm…(Lightbulb) What are your expectations from the boy’s family?”, My palms felt a little damp then.

Here, I tried to look keen and interested. I must have passed , because before the girl could answer, her father quipped,

“We are looking for a decent family like ours. We have no sons. Everything that we have, belongs to our daughters. I have given them the best of education. Now it is up to the other parents to encourage her further in her pursuits”.

I almost applauded. I mean, it was well said, even though he spoke out of turn. I turned back to the girl.

“Well, it is indeed important for in-laws to support a DIL’s career.  I have supporting in-laws who have helped me a lot and took care of my kids and my extended work timings and blah…blah…blah…..”

“Yaaaaawwwnn”, went the aunt. Discreet she was not 😦

The FOTG turned to me and asked,

“What’s the boy’s name?”

“Z*****”, I replied.

“What does he do these days?”

I looked at the aunt. She kept looking down.

“Err …umm….aunty?”

The aunt finally gave her inputs. (Thank God!) The FOTG snapped  a few more questions, and the aunt replied as quickly as she could. I swear, I wasn’t the only one feeling the heat 😐 . Once the aunt was done, there was this uncomfortable silence again. We ALL were looking down, wondering what to say next. All, except the FOTG, whose eagle eyes were keenly scanning the expressions on the aunt’s face and mine. Spooky!!

“Want to see the clinic?” the FOTG barked suddenly.

The aunt and I literally jumped at his words.

“Sure”, I smiled weakly.

So he led us to the cabin and the traction room and the massage room and the steam bath. The latter was our last stop. The old man opened up the steam bath lid. I half expected him to order me inside. He didn’t. On hind-sight, it wouldn’t have been that bad. I’d LOVE to have a steam bath once 😀

“Do you know how much this costs?” he barked again.

“Umm no, not really.”

“Take a guess”

“Huh? Actually, I’ve never bought furniture before……so I…..”

“Furniture? ” He looked blank. Obviously. Since the steam bath was made of wood, I put two and two together and decided this kind of stuff is made in furniture show-rooms. Apparently not. As was evident from the old man’s confused look.

“He he…I was just joking” I said.

That line nearly got me killed. The three of them glared at me hard. And I mean REAL pierce-my-heart-and-see-me-bleed hard.

Cheery family this. Not!!

“How much” I finally caved.

“Fifty thousand”, he boomed proudly.

This time, I made the right noises of approval. He nodded his approval at my approval. Finally, we were getting on the right track of communication 😛

Once done with the steam bath, we trooped back to the main cabin. It was really well done. There was this shelf full of jars of ayurvedic pills and tree barks and stuff that looked like fungus. Impressive! The place also had a very pleasant smell of Multani mitti, sandalwood and camphor. It was pleasant all right. The MOTG handed the aunt and me little jars of pain-relief balm that her daughter had made personally. The aunt I can understand, but me?? Seeing the tiny jar in my hand made me give up my slouch and straighten my back for a change. I know now why she got the impression I needed it 😦

And oh, as we were bidding goodbye at the door, the FOTG comes up to me and hands me a packet.

“This is for you. Try it”.

I thanked him profusely and headed back home. On the way, I turned the packet over. It said FACE PACK.

Yes people, I have horribly pimply skin and the kind FOTG bothered to notice and provide a solution. How kind!! I’m still not sure how I feel about this 😐

Anyhow, the aunt loved the girl (as expected) and there will be a next meeting with the girl’s family when the aunt’s daughter comes from Dubai next week. I sincerely hope this match gets through. I would have snapped her up pronto for the BIL myself, but then, they wanted only guys who were doctors!! Alas, its our loss.

But hey!

I’ve gained a little experienced in Bride-hunting now 🙂  . I mean, I can recognize the signs, when to keep quiet, when to talk and what to ask. I’ve learned that its not always the bride’s family that is apprehensive. The grooms side could be equally apprehensive too. I’ve learned that educated daughters are their father’s pride and joy and that the parents are right in  expecting the best for the apple of their eyes. I’ve learned that sometimes, the boy’s family considers themselves extremely lucky just to have a well-educated daughter-in-law. I’ve learned that though matches are made in heaven, it is how we treat each other that makes those matches happen. I’ve learned that the boy’s family is not always in a position to pick and choose. Sometimes, the girls side are just that much better than them.

Best of all, I’ve learned that I’ve now grown up. After this, now this.

I feel ancient. Maybe its a good thing 🙂 .

(But I still miss my popsicle 😦 )

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University Selection

Am not sure whether the following mail thread is real or not, but it surely is amusing 🙂

Got it in the mail today. Sharing it with you all :-


Who wouldn’t want to be in MIT ,a place where you would find more Noble laureates  than drug addicts. So given below is an amusing exchange of letters between MIT and a prospective student. The letter was first sent out to the student, whom the college thought ,was supposedly MIT material, but the student mistook this letter as a parody and the reply left MIT red-faced.

The Letter

Mr. John T. Mongan
123 Main Street
Smalltown, California 94123-4567

Dear John:

You’ve got the grades. You’ve certainly got the PSAT scores. And now you’ve got a letter from MIT. Maybe you’re surprised. Most students would be.

But you’re not most students. And that’s exactly why I urge you to consider carefully one of the most selective universities in America.

The level of potential reflected in your performance is a powerful indicator that you might well be an excellent candidate for MIT. It certainly got my attention!

Engineering’s not for you? No problem. It may surprise you to learn we offer more than 40 major fields of study, from architecture to brain and cognitive sciences, from economics (perhaps the best program in the country) to writing.

What? Of course, you don’t want to be bored. Who does? Life here is tough and demanding, but it’s also fun. MIT students are imaginative and creative – inside and outside the classroom.

You’re interested in athletics? Great! MIT has more varsity teams – 39 – than almost any other university, and a tremendous intramural program so everybody can participate.

You think we’re too expensive? Don’t be too sure. We’ve got surprises for you there, too.

Why not send the enclosed Information Request to find out more about this unique institution? Why not do it right now?

Michael C. Benhke
Director of Admissions

P.S. If you’d like a copy of a fun-filled, fact-filled brochure, “Insight,” just check the appropriate box on the form.


The reply
Michael C. Behnke
MIT Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions, Room 3-108
Cambridge MA 02139-4307

Dear Michael:

You’ve got the reputation. You’ve certainly got the pomposity. And now you’ve got a letter from John Mongan. Maybe you’re surprised. Most universities would be.

But you’re not most universities. And that’s exactly why I urge you to carefully consider one of the most selective students in America, so selective that he will choose only one of the thousands of accredited universities in the country.

The level of pomposity and lack of tact reflected in your letter is a powerful indicator that your august institution might well be a possibility for John Mongan’s future education. It certainly got my attention!

Don’t want Bio-Chem students? No problem. It may surprise you to learn that my interests cover over 400 fields of study, from semantics to limnology, from object-oriented programming (perhaps one of the youngest professionals in the country) to classical piano.

What? Of course you don’t want egotistical jerks. Who does? I am self-indulgent and over-confident, but I’m also amusing. John Mongan is funny and amusing – whether you’re laughing with him or at him.

You’re interested in athletes? Great! John Mongan has played more sports – 47 – than almost any other student, including oddball favorites such as Orienteering.

You think I can pay for your school? Don’t be too sure. I’ve got surprises for you there, too.
Why not send a guaranteed admission and full scholarship to increase your chance of being selected by John Mongan? Why not do it right now?

John Mongan

P.S. If you’d like a copy of a fun-filled, fact-filled brochure, “John Mongan: What a Guy!” just ask.


That’s some reply 😉

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Dear Lui and Shobs,

Of all the things I wanted to put down regarding your admission to Nursery, I’ll just be honest and selfish and confess that my first most sentiment is that ……….. I survived.

I survived your first day at school.

Your  FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL!!!! Yoo Hoooo!!


(Ok, I’ll quit the Maori dance. But only because the image of your FAT momma dancing ain’t all that pretty, is it?!)

After all the dress-rehearsals, practicing how to sling the bag over your shoulders, hanging the bottles around your necks, opening your lunch boxes, it was finally time to take you where you would have to do all of this and more by yourself. Needless to say, I was a jittery mass of nerves, worried if my babies could handle themselves without the protective arm of their family around them! Lui, my darling, you threw my worries to the wind when you helped your brother with his bag yesterday morning. It filled my heart with pride to know that you, my little angel, were there to look after your little (by a margin) brother 🙂 . Shobs dear, you couldn’t have asked for a better sister, even if  you had asked God for one personally 🙂 !

The very first day, both of you woke up early when I called out to you, which was totally out of routine. Your sheer excitement at going to school was so infectious, I could actually breathe at the thought of letting you both stay away from the house, albeit for a short while 🙂 . Believe me, I’ve been having much trouble in that department lately. Every time the topic of your schooling came up, I used to get choked up, breathless, an invisible knife would pierce my heart and my guts would coil up and ache :(. I’m sure your Abba felt the same, but he’s too stoic to word it, so I’ll just let you both know that your parents were crying themselves silly over you 😀 . Contrary to our sentiments, you both were cheery, chirpy, full of enthusiasm and VERY cooperative. What else could a mother ask for?!

It took me less than half an hour to get you both dressed up and ready. How fast is that?! Once the nanny came, we all headed towards the school. Believe me, I couldn’t stop praying throughout, though on hindsight, I wasn’t really sure what I was praying for, except that God should keep my kids safe and happy in this new place. Though it is a matter of only 3 hours, it would be a time when you would be away from your comfort zone, where you don’t have spongy sofas to jump over, water to spill all around and people to boss over 😀 .

It has been 8 days now since your school started. The first few days, you had either me or your nanny for company. The next week, you were there by yourselves. There are teachers and other kids at the school, of course, but none that you know. Dropping you in the school van was an exercise in self-control. Part of me wanted you both to get into that bus and get going. The other part wanted to bundle you both back home to warm cups of milk and cookies 😦 . If you were apprehensive, I was petrified !

The only time you both kicked up a fuss was on the third day, when you realized that your mom or Abba were definitely not getting into the vehicle with you. The first day, after I packed you in, you both were too dazed by the turn of events to question my absence. On the second day, you pleaded with me to join you. But it was on the third day that Lui, my doll, you clung on to your father like vine. You refused to let go and even after he settled you in and closed the door, your chubby arms popped out of the window, beseeching your father to take you back in his arms. Like the weak-hearted mother that I am, I just watched from the window of my room and sent a silent prayer your way. That day was very difficult on both of us. Your abba called me up a million times to see if I was calling up the school and getting minute-by-minute feedback of you two 🙄 . So disturbed was he that that night he even broke his own rule of No-Chocolates and bought you two big bars of Dairy Milk!!

The next two days were better, a breeze actually. Last Friday, you two even waved me good bye after jumping into the van 🙂 . I swear I did a little hop as I went back home. Nothing gladdens the heart more than knowing that your child has taken a liking to school. I know the place you attend has some very good teachers. Your class teacher is a very gentle young woman and I know how well you both gel with her. It will take you both some time to realize that your parents wouldn’t be attending school with you, since you both keep requesting me and your abba to come to school with you. It will take some time, but I’m not in any immediate hurry for that to happen. The needy mother in me loves the fact that you still crave for me.

In fact, I’ll confess here that I’ve followed your van till the school, seen the driver and the teacher in your van escorting you inside and never once did you both turn to look back or try to escape. You walked in calmly and if the teacher’s reports are anything to go by, both of you have got on exceedingly well with the rest of the children. I know you two are very sociable. I know that you both love other little children. But the faint worries that I do have , are about how other kids will treat you two. For that, I’ll just have to wait and see.

We are getting into a routine now, thought at times, I’m still skittering around, totally apprehensive and have a lump the size of an ostrich egg in my throat. I’m queasy, scared, exhilarated and over the moon. I’m also sad, morose and a tad upset that my tiny little babies have grown up to be nursery kids!!

Last week, we had some fun doing up your lunch mat. The lunch mat was the school’s idea. They gave us drawing sheets and asked the parents to let their children doodle over the sheets and mark their identity. We could later add the child’s name in one corner and then get the sheet laminated. In the first three days of school, I saw a lot of submitted sheets, where it was obvious that the parents had worked on it and not the child. I wanted you both to have nice colourful lunch-mats, but I also know that you both suck at doodling 😦 . You would have torn the sheet to bits before even drawing a single line! So taking inspiration from TheMadMomma, we three came up with this :-

Lui's mat

Shobby's mat

I really should have clicked the snaps while we were at it, but we were so immersed in our fun that it never ‘clicked’ me at that time 😀 . Luckily, I remembered to take a snap just before I had to submit it to your class teacher. The pic was taken at the Lamination center right opposite your school. As expected, she loved it 🙂

Here are a few pictures from your first day at school :-

Lui on the slide

Shobby showing off his stunts

Lui calling out to Shobs to join her. He didn't 😦

I want you both to enjoy these days as much as possible. I want you to make friends and enjoy the company of children your age and height 😀 . I want you both to find new friends, but not lose the friendship that blooms between you two. When I had once asked you Lui, “who plays with you in school”, you promptly replied, “Shobby”.  I felt glad then, that my children have each other for company. But I also want you two to learn that life may not always send you on the same boat. You might both take up opposite paths as you grow up, but for now, stick together. You are a family, the two of you and you fill my heart with pride with everything you do.

No matter how this year goes by, you’ll still be my much loved babies. Frankly, even when you grow up to be parents yourself, I’ll still call you my babies. So just get used to it, will ya 🙂

Have fun, munchkins.

(I confess I’m having it since I had you both.)


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…….your Hubby knows you better than the back of his own hand 😐

Conversations which corroborate my above statements :-

1) The BF wants to hang up an extension box for my ironing convenience. I stand by, observing him going about this household task. The reason being, my hubby’s not much of a handyman. I mean, not that he can’t do anything, but he just doesn’t want to. There’s a difference, you see 😀 .  But there are times, like last Sunday, when he’s pumped up and raring to go. During such times, all leaky drains will be fixed, hanging wires will be rolled up and kept in place, potted plants would be dug up and watered. But these instances are few and far between 🙂

Anyhow, that particular day, he was going about his work, when he asked me if I had some cellotape. Me, the one accused of cluttering forever, usually has everything from a pin to a drilling machine which is presented to the  M’Lord when he so desires. So I brought out a big roll of cellotape and handed it over to him. He started hunting for the open end of the tape.

Me : (looking on intently and thinking to myself –  Hmph!! He can’t find the end. Look at him floundering! Bet he will turn and ask me to find it for him!! )

Meanwhile, the BF found the end, tugged at it and pulled out some length.

BF : Do you have scissors.

 (Now, I did have the scissors, but I wanted to punish him for starting something without the necessary tools and then making me run around fetching stuff)

Me : No. (Thinking to myself – Now he’ll ask me to rip off a length with my teeth! )

The BF  meanwhile uses his teeth to cut the tape, uses it where we needed it and hands back the roll to me. I’m a bit peeved because he proved me wrong. I put the tape back in its place and head back to him.

BF : You know, for a moment there, I almost gave in to your expectation.

Me : Huh? What expectation?

BF : You were sure I was floundering for the tape end and I knew you expected me to hand it over to you to find it 😀

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : Moreover, when you didn’t have the scissors, you thought I’ll ask you to cut the tape with your teeth. Didn’t you?!

Me : (weakly) Wherever did you get that idea from ?!

BF : Don’t tell me I was wrong, because I know just what you were thinking. Its not yesterday that I met you 😀

Me : *groan* 😦

2) Its bed-time and I’m herding the kids into the room. Now, we have an arrangement where the kids and I sleep on the bed and the BF sleeps on a mattress below. Save your sympathy in case you were directing some his way. The reason he sleeps below is that the BF needs LOADS of space even in his sleep. He loves to sprawl all over the bed, irrespective of whether his arms and legs are getting in the way of wife or kids. He’s been banished to his own mattress below, where believe me, he sleeps like a baby.

Well, when in the process of getting the twins ready for sleep, I generally lay down the mattress for the BF (IF I’m feeling generous 😀 ) and spread the sheet. Sometimes, I even roll it up in the morning if he is particularly rushed. This night, I was in no mood to do the bed-spreading, so I diverted my attention towards the twins. The BF walks in, pulls out the mattress and lays his bed. I watch keenly, slyly. He tries spreading the sheet, but somehow, the folds refused to open and he had to struggle a bit with it.

Me : (to myself – Goodness!!! He can’t even spread a single sheet. I’m sure he’ll accuse me now of not helping him out. Let him even try it!! Am so gonna give him a piece of my mind!!).

As I watched, the BF finally spread the sheet right, fluffed his pillow and plunked himself on his ‘bed’.

BF : Disappointed??

Me : (surprised) Disappointed??For what??

BF : You thought I’ll blame you for not laying my bed, right?

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : (big grin in place) AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!! You were just waiting with your curt reply if I had accused you. In fact, I even know exactly what you were going to say.

Me : (feebly) Seriously now. I really wasn’t going to say anything.

BF : Get real babes. You would have said, ‘You sleep on that bed, you make it up! Why should I?’

Me : he he. Of course not. You’re so wrong……..


But, he’s right , of course!!


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Comes from a colleague of mine in office, an engineer by education and an IT personnel by profession. Age,22-23 years.

I’m grateful to my father for letting me live. He always wanted a son. So he had my mother tested when she was pregnant. When he found out it was a girl, though others asked him to get it terminated, he allowed my mother to have me. I’m thankful to my father for giving me life”.

Tell me people, am I wrong in feeling completely offended by this sentiment?

I wonder why we take the effort to educated women from the poorer strata of society on women empowerment when its the educated, affluent women themselves who are yet to see the light of day!!


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Wordy Wednesday

There’s two to wash, there’s two to dry,

There’s two who argue, there’s two who cry.

One’s in the mud having a ball,

The other holds a crayon, another marked wall.

Some days seem endless, my patience grows thin.

Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear at the end of each day,

As I tuck them in bed and to myself say,

There’s two to kiss, there’s two to hug,

And best of all, there’s two to love!


~ Anon



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Things have been a wee bit morose on the MomOfRS blog lately…..so here’s some lighthearted reading for today  🙂

After a long time, I found something funny in my inbox. Sharing it with you all –


The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his  life in his own hands!
This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver’s licence in the wallet of every husband or boyfriend.

DANGEROUS: What’s for dinner?
SAFER: Can I help you with dinner?
SAFEST: Where would you like to go for dinner?
ULTRA SAFE: Have some chocolate

DANGEROUS: Are you wearing that?
SAFER: Wow, you look good in brown.
SAFEST: WOW! Look at you!
ULTRA SAFE: Have some chocolate

DANGEROUS: What are you so worked up about?
SAFER: Could we be overreacting?
SAFEST: Here’s my pay packet.
ULTRA SAFE: Have some chocolate

DANGEROUS: Should you be eating that?
SAFER: You know, there are a lot of apples left.
SAFEST: Can I get you a glass of wine with that?
ULTRA SAFE: Have some chocolate

DANGEROUS: What did you do all day?
SAFER: I hope you didn’t over-do it today.
SAFEST: I’ve always loved you in that robe!
ULTRA SAFE: Have some more chocolate.


Am taking a printout for the BF right now 😀

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………….kept me away from blogging these last few days.

Though I have loads to share about the twins and their time at school, somehow, I’m unable to come out of the gloom and do those posts.

It doesn’t help that the lady who died was a gentle soul, much loved by all. She was too young to die, we think (Is 41 too young or old enough? Who decides?). It hurt  more that she died alone, with no family member around her. Her husband was out at work and her son was out with his friends. She did have low blood pressure once in a while, but it was not serious enough for her to take daily medication. When it struck her this time, she passed out and possibly knocked her head against a wall. She lay there for hours before the husband and son returned and broke down the front door. Though she was rushed to the hospital, it was already too late. We got the news early in the morning last Friday. Since then, there have been loads of tears spent and much consolation given, to the bereaved children as well as the uncle. They were a tightly knit family, maybe that’s why her dying alone has shocked and upset the family so much.

The timing was plain misfortune. OR it was just Allah’s will.

Whatever the case, may her soul rest in peace. 

PS : On a side note, I bathed a corpse for the first time. Nothing, and I mean nothing can ever prepare you for death than seeing one dead. The cold cold body, the stiff hands and legs which will never move, the eyes which will never flutter open, how much ever you will them to, the mouth that will never smile again….gone for ever, never to return.

Makes one think of all that one wants to do before the final call comes, to have lived without regrets, to have loved and be loved in return. Makes me think harder about being around for the twins. I may have joked about my diet plans earlier, but I guess this incident has just hardened my resolve. I have to be around for my children…..at least as long as I physically can.

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Guess Where We Are Off To ??

Packed up and ready to go.

Okay, so thats didn’t come out right.

 How about if we smile for you all??

Say cheese 🙂

There, thats better, isn’t it??



The twins started school 😐

Please give me some time to wipe my tears before I do a post on this humongous turn of events.

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