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The Airport Saga

I had a two-week vacation in Bangalore from which I returned on 22nd May. The bookings were done way back in Feb (when the tickets were cheaper)

I traveled to B’lore with the twins. Sans the Hubby. By air. How wise was that??

Luckily, mother dear and elder sister were there to give me company, not that the twins listened to them one bit (and we know how much they listen to me 😐 ) . If you were there at Pune airport at 05:30 AM on 7th May, then that was me you saw running after one kid while balancing another on one hip and lugging a baby bag on the other.

But this was not the best part. The best part was when we were coming back to Pune. The flight scheduled to leave B’lore at 09:50 PM on 21st May, got delayed to 11:30 PM. So instead of leaving the house early at 7:30 PM, we stayed put and left by 9PM. We reached the airport at 10 PM where we came to know that the flight was further delayed till 12:15 AM. Groaning aloud, we tried to pass time outside the airport with the parents, who refused to leave until they saw their munchkin grandchildren enter the building. By 10:30 PM, there was another update that the flight was further delayed to 01:15 AM. By this time, Dad was ready to call off our departure and ordered us to pile back into the car and go home. But since we are sane people, we decided to wait for the flight, however late it might be.

By 11PM, the security clearance call came up and we bid a teary good-bye to the parents and walked in. Now came the horrible part. Till now, the kids were quiet because they were busy with the luggage trolley (I guess ALL kids love to ride a trolley 🙄 ). But once the luggage was checked in and we moved to the next floor, the kids got cranky. I’d brought along food and milk to keep them fed and happy. But they refused to eat anything and insisted on running around the waiting lounge. Now, when you have two toddlers running helter-skelter in an airport lounge, you don’t get very nice looks directed your way. I think I spent a good deal of the time in the washroom when the kids got cranky and started howling. Aapa felt sorry for me, but since she herself wasn’t feeling any better and had a baby to look after , I didn’t want to trouble her with my woes.

By 01:15 AM, which was the final departure time, the queue to exit the building was yet to form. We waited and waited and waited….each passenger as restless as the other. Lui took this chance to start wailing aloud all over again. Shobs, who tried to console his sister, climbed a chair and promptly stumbled down. So I now had two hollering babies to look after and VERY little stamina to carry them both around. Luckily, a passenger took pity on me and diverted Lui’s attention by waving a box of mints at her. This kick started Aapa’s sleepy mind and she remembered that she had a box of Cadbury’s gems in her purse 🙂 . Thankfully, the sight of that colourful box was enough to make the kids

Once we were in, the kids quieted down a bit, but only by a slight margin. The minute I buckled them up, they started yelling loudly for all to hear that they didn’t want to be buckled up! “Belt kholo”, they screamed in unison. “Husssssshhhhhh”, I hissed at them, aware that all the people in the flight were just as cranky after the long wait and wanted some peace and quiet (maybe some shut-eye) before they reached Pune. The kids wouldn’t listen, so I loosened up the belt a bit. By the way, all this while, in trying to make sure the two were seated and not hopping off their seats, I hadn’t belted myself. I guess it was because of the late hour that the flight attendants didn’t bother to point it out to me 😀 . Once we took off, Lui was out like a lamp. Shobs took some time, but gradually sleep overtook and finally there was some respite. I couldn’t sleep myself as Lui was sleeping on two seats and Shobs was on my lap. By the time we landed in Pune, I was as cranky as the kids!

BTW, if you were at Pune airport at 03:30 AM on 22nd May, then that me you saw who was lugging two wailing toddlers who were interrupted in their sleep by their heartless mother!! This time, Aapa was busy with her own baby and there was no mater around to lend a hand. I had a tough time waking up the twins, who simply refused to open an eyelid. When they did get up, it was with a lot of wailing 😦 .I was the last to leave the plane, as Shobs dove under the seats and started howling from down there, reluctant to come out. Lui hung on to my leg, begging to be lifted, thus disabling my movements. The flight attendants stood by politely and shook their heads in collective sympathy while doing nothing else to ease my trauma. I somehow managed to herd the kids out of the plane and down to the tarmac. Now began the looong walk to the terminal. I’m still hazy as to how exactly I managed to cross that long barren patch. I remember the kids screaming, refusing to walk another step, I remember Aapa gently coaxing Lui along and her son trying his best to divert Shob’s mind. Once inside, I heaved a sigh of relief. Because, right there, in front of me, just at the entrance was…….not the BF!! It was the trolley.  I swear, at that moment I loved it almost as much as the twins 😀 . Needless to say, the minute they laid their eyes on it, they cheered up and raced each other to it. After that, it was one happy homecoming 🙂

And oh, need I say how the twins and the BF reacted on seeing each other??

Thankfully, the kids were much behaved since we returned.

Next time, I’m taking the BF along. Or not making that trip myself!! Or better still, leave the brats back home for their father to handle 😉

(But I doubt I’ll be able to sleep a wink a single night without them 😦 )

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