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My Name is Lui


My name (as you ALL know by now, is ‘LUI’. Well, it isn’t really, but my mum insists you guys know me by that name. Not that I mind, since you see, I’m the HAPPIEST kid in town. See my shirt? It says, “Happy”. Not once or twice,but THREE times. Thats how happy I am 😀

Could I be any more happier??

I’m also a fashion freak. I love good clothes, good hair and make-up. I guess you all have already seen my recent escapades with the talcum jar *giggle*. Mom went ballistic, I swear 😀 , but I did look a peach *simper*. Anyhow, I’m now into fashioning my hair and if you look at this next snap, you’d be booking your time in my yet-to-be-opened-parlour

I LOVE combing my hair (or whats there of it)!

There are times,when I’m a good girl and can keep myself busy with some toys for hours (what did you say mum? its minutes?? Oh well, hours,minutes, its just the same for a lil’ ol’ toddler like me). Just lookit me sitting like an angel and minding my own business

And when I’m done playing, I go off to sleep like a –  you got it 😀 – angel.

How comfy is that ball?!!

You know what?? I think my mum does a rotten job of clicking me. She blames the camera ALL the time 🙄

But I do look cute at times, like the time I saw a frog for the first time

See how sooopa excited I am?!!


Thats all for now folks. I really need to get back to the pater and complain about that camera. Or the mater. Whatevs!

*blowing kisses*

Will be dropping by often henceforth, now that I’m all grown up and have a tendency of voicing my opinions for all to hear. People compare me to my much-silent brother. But I care two-hoots 😀 . Ta- ta.



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