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I’m taking a keen interest in green leafy things lately.

I guess my little money-plant has a lot to do with my change of mind 🙂

It now has 12 leaves and has finally breached the cubicle wall 😀 .

Scaling heights

This, and also GMILs plants which I managed to keep alive in her absence have made me a mite confident of raising a few plants on my own 😀

When I visited B’lore a couple of weeks back, I was shocked to see how high the Frangipani trees had grown, and how absolutely enormous the lily plant had become. All the plants were a healthy shade of green and sprouting new leaves. Mom says it doesn’t take much effort. She just spends some time digging around and watering the plants. The fertilizers are nothing but used tea leaves or potato/onion peels. I asked her if there are earth-worms in her pot, she just shrugged and said, “maybe!” 😐

Since I’m not putting my hands where there are cold slimy things roaming about, I guess I need another workaround to bring up the greens 😀 .

Today, we have a sapling distribution drive at work. We’ll be given saplings only if we are sure we can bring them up properly. As expected, I’m totally apprehensive. Looking after existing plants with firm roots is one thing. But bringing up a fledgeling of a plant is a new ball game altogether. I have a bad history with plants, yet a part of me wants to go ahead and join that line of people extending their hands for one. But another part of me keeps on reminding me about the dead pots of yore 😦

What do I do??

I too dream of having a house full of greens like mum does. In her limited space, she is managing  a thriving garden. I have so much space at home. D’ya think I should take the plunge and bring a plant home?!

Here’s a look at what mom’s plants look like . All the plants, bushes and trees you see here are planted by her. She’s been tending to them for years and the results show.They are my inspiration, if not anything else 😉  –

On her balcony. That is Shobs coming in the way.

Left of the gate.Thats a lily plant. It flowers sometimes

Right of the gate.The Frangipanis.

Inside the gate

On the boundary wall.Assorted collection.

I guess I’ll just take the leap and get that sapling. Wish me People. Or pray for the plant. This will be one scary journey 😐

(Somehow, I’m more petrified of raising plants than raising babies. I used to think babies were tougher!! But I think its worse with plants. You just don’t know how they feel 😦  )

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