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…….your Hubby knows you better than the back of his own hand 😐

Conversations which corroborate my above statements :-

1) The BF wants to hang up an extension box for my ironing convenience. I stand by, observing him going about this household task. The reason being, my hubby’s not much of a handyman. I mean, not that he can’t do anything, but he just doesn’t want to. There’s a difference, you see 😀 .  But there are times, like last Sunday, when he’s pumped up and raring to go. During such times, all leaky drains will be fixed, hanging wires will be rolled up and kept in place, potted plants would be dug up and watered. But these instances are few and far between 🙂

Anyhow, that particular day, he was going about his work, when he asked me if I had some cellotape. Me, the one accused of cluttering forever, usually has everything from a pin to a drilling machine which is presented to the  M’Lord when he so desires. So I brought out a big roll of cellotape and handed it over to him. He started hunting for the open end of the tape.

Me : (looking on intently and thinking to myself –  Hmph!! He can’t find the end. Look at him floundering! Bet he will turn and ask me to find it for him!! )

Meanwhile, the BF found the end, tugged at it and pulled out some length.

BF : Do you have scissors.

 (Now, I did have the scissors, but I wanted to punish him for starting something without the necessary tools and then making me run around fetching stuff)

Me : No. (Thinking to myself – Now he’ll ask me to rip off a length with my teeth! )

The BF  meanwhile uses his teeth to cut the tape, uses it where we needed it and hands back the roll to me. I’m a bit peeved because he proved me wrong. I put the tape back in its place and head back to him.

BF : You know, for a moment there, I almost gave in to your expectation.

Me : Huh? What expectation?

BF : You were sure I was floundering for the tape end and I knew you expected me to hand it over to you to find it 😀

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : Moreover, when you didn’t have the scissors, you thought I’ll ask you to cut the tape with your teeth. Didn’t you?!

Me : (weakly) Wherever did you get that idea from ?!

BF : Don’t tell me I was wrong, because I know just what you were thinking. Its not yesterday that I met you 😀

Me : *groan* 😦

2) Its bed-time and I’m herding the kids into the room. Now, we have an arrangement where the kids and I sleep on the bed and the BF sleeps on a mattress below. Save your sympathy in case you were directing some his way. The reason he sleeps below is that the BF needs LOADS of space even in his sleep. He loves to sprawl all over the bed, irrespective of whether his arms and legs are getting in the way of wife or kids. He’s been banished to his own mattress below, where believe me, he sleeps like a baby.

Well, when in the process of getting the twins ready for sleep, I generally lay down the mattress for the BF (IF I’m feeling generous 😀 ) and spread the sheet. Sometimes, I even roll it up in the morning if he is particularly rushed. This night, I was in no mood to do the bed-spreading, so I diverted my attention towards the twins. The BF walks in, pulls out the mattress and lays his bed. I watch keenly, slyly. He tries spreading the sheet, but somehow, the folds refused to open and he had to struggle a bit with it.

Me : (to myself – Goodness!!! He can’t even spread a single sheet. I’m sure he’ll accuse me now of not helping him out. Let him even try it!! Am so gonna give him a piece of my mind!!).

As I watched, the BF finally spread the sheet right, fluffed his pillow and plunked himself on his ‘bed’.

BF : Disappointed??

Me : (surprised) Disappointed??For what??

BF : You thought I’ll blame you for not laying my bed, right?

Me : *gasp* 😯

BF : (big grin in place) AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!! You were just waiting with your curt reply if I had accused you. In fact, I even know exactly what you were going to say.

Me : (feebly) Seriously now. I really wasn’t going to say anything.

BF : Get real babes. You would have said, ‘You sleep on that bed, you make it up! Why should I?’

Me : he he. Of course not. You’re so wrong……..


But, he’s right , of course!!


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