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Have Fun Bro!!


Tomorrow, my brother leaves for a long bike expedition to Leh/Ladakh, starting from Delhi. Being a member of the BikeNomads , rarely does he spend a weekend home.

Sometimes, I envy him, because he gets to visit amazing places  –


Just hang around with buddies, ponder over life’s mysteries  –

Imagine the fun!!

Walk around without a care in the world  –

The Bike Nomads

Go  far and wide, becoming one with nature –

A Looong Drive

Note : Pics stolen from Bro’s Buddy’s Photolog. But naturally 😀 . What are Brother’s Friends for?!

I envy him his enthusiasm. If he can be so energetic post 35, me, at a safe 31 shouldn’t be so lazy, no?!

But then, he doesn’t have the constraints I have (Drat you Bro!! Wish you had Quadruplets!)

Anyhow, so he leaves tomorrow. I’m SO excited!! Leh Ladakh! I mean, its almost like heaven on Earth!

Have fun Bro….take loads of pics. And be safe.

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