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No, please don’t think I’m posting something gross here.

Trust me, I’m not πŸ˜‰

Its just that lately, I’ve been observing and reflecting on office washrooms, reason being, I came acrossΒ  a distant cousin sister of the BF who is working in a nationalized bank, which, hold-your-pee, does NOT have a washroom. The women are expected to work from 9:30AM to 6:30 PM without a loo break! Luckily for her, a doctor’s clinic nearby provides a little relief, albeit only till 3 pm. After that, it is pure self-control till the time she gets back home! The commercial complex where the bank is located, does have a common washroom, but like all public toilets, it is not worth even a dekko (let alone a visit!!)

I’ve been working in the IT sector for nearly 8 years now. Changed around 4 companies in that duration (It has been a long journey). There is something very similar about the IT set-up. The cubicles are more or less the same (Sometimes, even the colour scheme is the same ) . The coffee rooms don’t have much of a difference, and all cafeterias smell alike. I guess, except for the external facade (glass front or plain cemented) , they all look alike, feel alike. Also, all IT offices have one thing in common. They have sparkling washrooms!

Surprisingly though, all offices I worked in had very different kinds of washrooms. They all had their common features, the wash-basins, the WC cubicles, the tissue dispensers and the like. Yet, they were different. For instance, my first company had a 2-room washroom with a single wash-basin in one room and a single pot in the other. This catered to about 15-20 women in that wing! There was another larger washroom on the other side, but when you have to go, I’m sure you would rush to the one nearest to you. So this one washroom had constant traffic. It was fun. Being a tiny confined space, it always had at least one or two women awaiting their turn, catching up on the office gossip in the meanwhile. I don’t remember a single instance when anyone came in there to make calls. No, that never happened. The space just didn’t permit it.

The second place I worked for, had basic washrooms. Nothing fancy, no unnecessary bright lights. No reams of tissue rolls, it just had blow-dryers to dry our hands. And a wall poster in the washroom advised us to use our handkerchiefs if we ever washed our faces (Yes Teacher 😐 ). There was no fancy carpeting and only two large mirrors per washroom.  The WCs were separated by solid walls on three sides and a wooden door on the fourth. Some would say it was miserly, but I personally liked this type of non-fussy, but efficient facility.

The third company I worked in , had washrooms which were – believe me – difficult to access πŸ˜€ . Yes, one had to go through 5 doors (4 in a row) to reach the single commode at the end. Whew! That was tough. The other option was to walk all over to the other end of the work-hall, exit it and then visit the ladies washroom there. In times of urgency, the nearest one usually came to our rescue, except, if you could just barrel through those 4 doors πŸ˜€

The office I work in currently has two buildings. One is owned, the other leased. Obviously then, the leased one seriously lacks the sparkle and shine of the owned one! And I sit in the leased one. Sheesh!!

Okay, so this washroom isn’t really bad, it is clean, has enough mirrors and doesn’t run out of tissues or hand-wipes.


This washroom has a stall set-up , where each commode is separated from the other by a partition, which starts about half a foot above the floor. Obviously, then, there is no top covering except for the roof 😦 . Until I started working here, I had no idea how much I would come to hate stall set-up!! Call me finicky if you will, but I prefer to be closeted from all sides before I do my business. I know that no one will actually do it, but I simply freak out on the idea that someone might bend down to look at me from under the door 😐 Creepy as hell and it gives me the jitters 😦 .

Luckily for me, I sit closest to the washrooms (Okay, so its not the best location ever! But then, I have the quickest access when nature calls πŸ˜€ ) and I know when it is empty. So I dash in there when no one’s around and then dash back. Clearly, I’m one who doesn’t like spending much time in washrooms listening to others flush!

Which is why, it surprises to me to see the number of girls who’ve made this washroom their favorite hang-out place 😐 . At certain times of the day, the washroom is packed with girls hanging on to their cellphones, either talking nineteen to a dozen, or whispering secretly in a corner. It always amuses me to see them there, spending the better part of an hour at times, talking incessantly. Some call their boyfriends, others their parents, friends or in-laws. Sometimes they make official calls to banks, maybe for a loan or call up telecom call centres complaining about some service or the other. Whatever the case, I HATE sitting in there listening to all the chatter! All the more reason for me to keep an eagle eye on the vacancy status of the washroom!!

Almost makes me feel the most useless – HEY!! HOLD ON AN EFFING MINUTE!!!

You know what?!!

I just had the weirdest  feeling that I did something rather abnormal by writing an entire post on office washrooms!An entire post 😯


I REALLY need to get a life, don’t I ?!!

On the other hand, I think I’m just grateful I’m not in the shoes of the BF’s cousin. That would definitely be the test of my control.

(On a tangent, sincerely wondering how come guys are NOT affected by the lack of sanitary facilities 😐 . Its not as if all guys love hugging a tree or a wall ! Any inputs from male readers?! )

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