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Jab Baap Beti Raazi…..

I’m in the drawing room, enjoying a cup of tea with the newspapers, when I hear a loud scream from my bed-room.

Dropping the cup and papers, I rush inside to find Lui sprawled on the bed with her father mock-gnawing at her arm. Lui is screaming in agony, thrashing her legs and the BF refuses to let go. Shobby sits nearby, cheering his father on.

I yell at the BF and order him to let go of Lui’s arm RIGHT NOW!

The BF doesn’t bother to reply to me. He just looks up at his daughter.

Abhi yeh haath“, says the brat, looking up wickedly at her father and extending her other arm to be gnawed at!


The BF gives me a triumphant look before doing his daughter’s bidding!

This baap-beti jodi will drive me mad one day!!


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The Road to Nowhere

Saw this Challenge on ObsessiveMom’s blog and it looked so inviting, I just had to do it. Specially, since I have this LOVELY photograph taken by my brother a couple of years back. There is something very unnatural about this snap. Though it is a real photograph, it looks more like a painting. And I plan to frame it to adorn my bedroom wall one day 🙂

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